Get Down to Business with Lyft Business

Have you ever heard of Lyft Business? As drivers, you may be shuttling around Lyft Business riders without even knowing it! Senior RSG Contributor Paula Gibbins outlines what you need to know about Lyft Business. 

As Lyft drivers, we’re used to regular Lyft ride requests. But have you ever seen anything for Lyft Business? It turns out, Lyft has created a separate platform for businesses, which enable them to offer business rideshare passenger accounts and more.

What is Lyft Business? 

Lyft’s website describes the Lyft Business portal as “your transportation control center. You can manage rides, update your team’s access to ride programs, get greater visibility into program spending, and more.”

One thing Lyft highlights is the ease of use, allowing businesses to create centralized accounts and giving certain employees access for expensing Lyft rides, and gaining visibility toward ground transportation.

Outside of allowing employees to expense rides, businesses can also use the concierge services to book a ride for anyone the organization would like to—including customers, patients, guests, etc.

Transportation solutions

Lyft business includes multiple services to allow businesses to solve transportation problems across their business in almost any way they can think of.


This option allows the business to provide reliable transportation to their business travelers. It offers automatic expense, improves policy adherence, sets up centralized payments, ensures duty of care, and provides Lyft rental availability.


Employees need to commute all day and night, and sometimes outside of the hours of traditional transportation options. The commute solution allows employees to use monthly ride credits toward their commute, fix the first and last-mile gaps in transportation, and offer reliable rides after dark when other options may prove unsafe.


This solution is geared more toward customers, patients, and guests of the business. It provides on-demand, scheduled, and flexible rides without needing access to the Lyft app or smartphones.

It can offer rides to and from job interviews with the business, give shuttle services, offer airport rides, and improve appointment attendance.


If the business is hosting an event, they can create custom codes and zones for using the code to provide free or discounted rides to their employees and/or guests. It can also include ground transportation specific to the event and even give people VIP treatment while avoiding the hassle of parking issues.

Lyft Pass

Lyft Pass is part of the Lyft Business product offerings. It allows businesses to cover the cost of rides for the employees, customers, guests, and more with built-in controls over budget and usage, so it’s only used for approved purposes.

Learn more about Lyft Pass with the webinar Lyft offers on their website.

What Lyft Business Might Loko Like for Drivers

The good thing for Lyft drivers is that these rides shouldn’t really look or pay any different from the average, everyday Lyft ride you are used to.

You’ll get a request through your app and receive the same info you usually do on the request screen.

New Lyft driver? Learn how the Lyft app works for drivers: How To Use Lyft Driver App

One downside that drivers may face is that with expensed rides, it could be less likely that the passengers will tip because tips are not an approved expense for business travelers. So, unless the passenger thinks ahead and brings cash, you might not see a tip on a Lyft Business trip.

Have you ever used Lyft Business? What was your experience? 

-Paula @ RSG