How the Top-Earning Delivery Drivers Are Crushing it on Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash

Since the pandemic hit over a year ago, the delivery business has been booming. However, are you making as much with delivery as you could be? Just because business is booming doesn’t mean you’re necessarily maximizing your profits as a delivery driver.

The Rideshare Guy team surveyed hundreds of drivers, studied the market, completed thousands of deliveries with a variety of popular companies, and from there created a comprehensive course specific for delivery drivers.

That course is called Maximum Delivery Profits.

What is Maximum Delivery Profits?

Based on the results of our delivery driver survey, we found delivery drivers struggling with the following issues:

  • Low paying requests
  • Difficulty finding the best days and times to drive
  • Customer hassles
  • Knowing which apps are worth your time

From this, the RSG team created a course that covers all of the major delivery apps, not just one. In addition to learning about the apps, delivery drivers mentioned they’d like to know best practices for each app, how to improve tips, and the best way to juggle multiple apps.

Maximum Delivery Profits is now live and available for purchase. MDP is a new course designed to help delivery drivers maximize their earning potential.

Whether you’ve been driving for a while or are new to the gig, this course is made to help you earn more.

Behind the Scenes of Maximum Delivery Profits

You can take a look at our behind the scenes video of Maximum Delivery Profits here: Behind The Scenes of Our New Delivery Course!


Your instructor is RSG contributor Elijah Bilel, who has been working with Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy, posting YouTube videos geared toward delivery drivers and tips and tricks of the trade. Elijah has completed over 4,000 deliveries and created over 200 videos about delivery.

maximum delivery profits
Maximum Delivery Profits instructor Elijah Bilel

The Maximum Delivery Profits course includes 35+ video lessons covering all aspects of delivery, and it teaches you how to maximize your earnings on Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, Instacart and Amazon Flex. It will also provide you with text message scripts to use when communicating with your customers, and Maximum Delivery Profits is a professional online course at

maximum delivery profits

The instructor, Elijah—having years of delivery experience—knows the pain points of delivery, such as avoiding low-paying work, hassles with customers, finding the best times to drive, and more. This course is specifically formulated to answer those questions, give you insight into which apps are worth your time and help you earn more, spend less, and save on your taxes.

Your course will be broken down into the following sections:

  • Getting Started: Delivery Essentials
  • How to Maximize Your Delivery Profits
  • Advanced Tactics
  • Mastering the Delivery Apps
  • How to Treat Delivery Gigs as a Business
  • Bonus! (Extra content)

Each section has videos related to that topic. Under each video, the key takeaways from that video are listed out, and under the videos there will be links to additional resources to learn more specific information related to the video you just watched.

maximum delivery profits
Image from the Part Time vs Full Time video in the course

You don’t have to sit down and take the course all in one sitting. You can come back in with your login information to start up from wherever you left off.

You also don’t have to take the course in order—you can skip around to the parts that you find most interesting. However, the course does get more advanced as you go, so it might be worthwhile to go in order, especially if you’re new to delivery driving.

Who Should Take Maximum Delivery Profits?

Maximum Delivery Profits is made for anyone from a newbie courier to those who have been doing the gig for a while and might want a refresher course, are looking for other app options or are just hoping to come across something new they haven’t thought of yet.

Of course, if you feel like you’re a pro and don’t have anything more to learn, you can skip Maximum Delivery Profits. But, keep in mind, your instructor goes over how to handle delivery taxes, so that might be worthwhile for everybody—unless you’re very confident you’re taking all the deductions you deserve and are filing everything properly.

If you’re new to the delivery game, Maximum Delivery Profits can help you determine which app or apps are best suited to your needs or what you want to get out of the gig. You might even learn that maybe delivery isn’t the best for you, which is OK! It’s not for everyone.

If you do decide to take the course, you’re guaranteed to learn strategies and tactics for the biggest delivery apps on the market. You can become a top earner and be a master courier in no time.

Should You Buy Maximum Delivery Profits?

The cost of the online course is $69 and includes 35+ videos, text message templates and more for you to take with you on your delivery journey.

The course is provided with closed captioning in English and is mobile-friendly, making it as convenient as possible for delivery drivers to utilize. All of the videos are less than 7 minutes long, which makes it easy for delivery drivers to take the course during the slower periods of their delivery days.

Once you complete the course, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Delivery Mastery.

One question we’ve received: “Why should I pay for a course when I can get all of this information for free on YouTube?”

Yes, you could find a lot of delivery information on YouTube. But is it up to date? Is it accurate? Is it coming from a reputable source?

If you want to do all the digging to find the newest information from the most knowledgeable people, you could… but how many hours would that take you? And why not get all the information in one spot, quickly and easily, then hit the road with your expert knowledge?

Bottom line: you can spend hours doing the painstaking research yourself. Or you can buy MDP and let us do it for you.

Get your copy of Maximum Delivery Profits here!

What questions do you have about Maximum Delivery Profits?

-Paula @ RSG