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    Get your Postmates Referral Code & Postmates Sign Up Bonus here:

    Drivers in certain cities are getting Postmates driver referral code bonuses of $700 – yes, $700! Current Postmates sign up bonuses are ranging anywhere from $325-700, which means you’ll receive an extra bonus amount on top of your regular earnings and tips.

    But how do you get a Postmates sign up bonus? By using a Postmates referral code, like ours! Sign up with our Postmates referral code here, and continue reading below for what you can expect with Postmates bonuses.


    I always recommend drivers sign up for a couple of services (Uber, Lyft, Postmates and other gig jobs including the best food delivery jobs), since it only takes a few minutes and can help you stay busy and profitable.  If you’ve been considering delivery driving but didn’t know where to start, consider signing up with a Postmates referral code, get the bonus in your city, and then see if delivery is a good option for you as a driver.

    Postmates Referral Code

    Postmates Referral Code

    Learn more about how to become a Postmates driver.

    Delivering for Postmates

    Signing up to deliver with Postmates is fairly easy, and you can check out our walk-through of becoming a Postmates driver along with Postmates driver pay.

    Currently, Postmates drivers are earning at minimum $20 an hour, and more depending on when and where they deliver. Add in customer tips, and you can get paid even more. You can also cash out instantly, every day you drive.

    Signing up to drive with Postmates is, in fact, easier than signing up to drive for Uber/Lyft, since Postmates isn’t nearly as strict on what type of vehicle you use to deliver food. You can have a two-door vehicle, a bicycle, truck, etc.

    After signing up, you’ll download the Postmates app and then:

    • Input information about yourself, the vehicle you’re using, etc.
    • Authorize a background check (yes, you will need a Social Security Number)
    • Review the Fleet Agreement
    • Upload a profile pic
    • Add your referral code (make sure to use our Postmates referral code to get the best bonus!)
    • Activate your Postmates Card in app

    Once all of this is done, then your background check is activated and off it goes. It could take up to a week to process, so it’s better to sign up as soon as possible.

    In the past, Postmates used to send you a ‘welcome kit’ and in some cases, it still does. It just depends on which market you’re in – not every market requires a Welcome Kit, which would include your Postmates Card.

    As far as getting paid, you’re paid according “to the formula for your city”. For Phoenix, my formula looks like this:

    postmates earnings in phoenix

    Postmates Delivery Earnings in Phoenix, AZ (2020 rates)

    Compare this to the rates Postmates had back in 2018, and you’ll see they’ve bumped pickup rates way up. Although the other rates went down a bit, that doubled increase in pickup rates makes up for it.

    Also, don’t forget to track your mileage – in 2020, you can deduct 57.5 cents for ‘business miles driven’, helping reduce expenses even more.

    2018 Postmates Delivery rates

    You can find the formula for your city here. Postmates couriers also keep 100% of their tips.

    Something important to note: Postmates still has bonuses… but only if you sign up with a referral code! This is the bonus I’m offered in Phoenix:

    postmates driver bonus

    Note that you’ll only get this extra bonus if you sign up with a referral code!

    You’ll get paid every Monday with Postmates, or you can get your earnings on demand with Instant Deposits.

    Postmates Sign Up Bonus: How Does Postmates New Driver Sign Up Bonus Work?

    Postmates recently began an incentive program that guarantees you will make a specified amount of money (a la Uber’s guaranteed earnings program). For example, after using my Postmates referral code to sign up in Phoenix, if I complete 85 deliveries in 30 days, I would earn a referral guarantee of $675.

    If I earn less than $675 on those 30 deliveries, Postmates will pay the difference. $675/85 is about $8 per delivery, which is right on par for what couriers typically make per order in other cities (see below for more information). Use this information to plan out your deliveries and maximize your earnings.

    This is similar to what Uber and Lyft have shifted to: guaranteed earnings vs. a flat bonus. On one hand, you know you will make X amount by the time you complete a set number of deliveries/rides. On the other hand, if you earn more than that guaranteed amount, you won’t earn anything additional.

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    The goal with guaranteed earnings, then, is to hit your required deliveries as quickly as possible (make sure to read what your time frame is!). You’re not looking for the delivery that earns you the most money – you want to do all, even the shorter, cheaper ones. Let’s say your guaranteed earnings is $500 but, after completing the deliveries within 30 days, you’ve only made $250 – Postmates will pay you the difference.

    How Do I Get My Postmates Sign Up Bonus?

    Getting your Postmates referral code bonus is easy! Just follow these steps:

    1. Be a new driver to the platform – these bonuses are only good for brand new Postmates drivers
    2. Sign up using our referral code – you won’t get any bonus money without a Postmates referral code!
    3. Meet the minimum requirement of number of deliveries within your first 30 days – to get the full bonus amount, you’ll have to accomplish a certain number of deliveries. When you sign up with Postmates using a referral code, you’ll see what your city’s bonus amount is and what the minimum required number of trips is.

    Postmates Referral Guarantees By City

    Good as of 2020 only if you use a Postmates referral code

    You can find your specific city and payout here, but a few stand outs include:

    • NYC: $450 bonus
    • San Francisco: $700 bonus
    • Seattle: $550 bonus
    • Los Angeles: $550 bonus
    • Denver: $450 bonus

    These bonuses are good as of 2020, so if you’re thinking of signing up for Postmates, now is a good time to do it! You can sign up with our referral code here to get your Postmates Sign Up Bonus.

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    There is a lot of competition in the delivery space though with Uber Eats, DoorDash, and other local companies getting in on the food delivery action. This is both good and bad, as it’s hard to say which one company you should go with it – it depends on what’s the most popular company in your market. On the other hand, it does encourage you to sign up for multiple companies to determine which one pays you the best and keeps you the busiest.

    As always, it makes the most sense to combine delivery with rideshare driving (Uber and Lyft) so you stay consistently busy during your driving hours. Postmates can help you do this by keeping you busy during lunch, which is typically a slow time of day for drivers (at least during the weekdays).

    At the very least, you can sign up with Postmates today, deliver the required number of deliveries for your city in 30 days, and get a guaranteed pay out! These amounts are good as of 2020, and you’ll need a Postmates referral code to get the guarantee. You can use our Postmates referral code here to sign up with Postmates.

    Are you considering driving for delivery? Which delivery company is the most popular in your city?

    -Melissa @ RSG

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