6 Reasons Grocery Shopping Is Better Than Rideshare Gigs

Drivers are switching from the more “traditional” rideshare gigs to ones that are geared more toward deliveries. Let’s take a look at rideshare driving and why many delivery drivers are making the switch to Instacart, the well-known grocery delivery app.

This post is sponsored by Instacart but, as always, opinions are our own.

Here are some of the most popular reasons why drivers are making the switch to become Instacart shoppers instead of rideshare drivers: 6 Reasons Grocery Shopping Is Better Than Rideshare Gigs


Driving food is easier than people

In our experience, it’s much easier to drive food than people right now in the coronavirus/pandemic climate. With food, you don’t have to worry about the food wearing a mask. You’ll still have to wear a mask for the delivery, but you won’t have a stranger in your vehicle who may or may not want to wear a mask and follow the rideshare protocols.

Given the issues some drivers have been experiencing with passengers, this makes a lot of sense to me! It’s always been a running joke between delivery drivers and rideshare drivers, but it’s true: “food doesn’t talk back!”

It makes a lot of sense why many rideshare drivers have made the switch to delivery services like Instacart given the anxiety around driving people right now.

Location, Location, Location!

In our experience, Instacart jobs keep you closer to home, so you’ll spend less time on the road. Less time on the road tends to be safer than more time on the road, especially if you end up in neighborhoods and cities you’re not terribly familiar with. I know there’s been more than one time that I’ve missed a stop sign because it was mostly covered by a tree and I wouldn’t have known about it unless I lived in the area.

In fact, sticking ‘close to home’ and the grocery stores you already know is one of our top recommended Instacart hacks for making more money. All the top Instacart drivers say “shop what you know” – aka shop in the grocery stores you already know! Not only are these stores likely to be closer to where you live, you’ll also complete the shopping request faster because you already know where the meat aisle is, the spice aisle, etc.

More earnings opportunities

Ok, so who wouldn’t want to earn more? As you get to know the grocery stores in your area, you’ll become a faster shopper. As a faster shopper, you’ll be able to pick up more opportunities throughout the day to earn more money overall.

In addition, Instacart is offering guaranteed earnings for new drivers. With Instacart, guaranteed earnings promotions are offered in rotating regions!

Here are some notable geographies where guaranteed earnings are live this week:

One Instacart shopper I spoke with mentioned that he doesn’t like orders that have meat counter stuff—too many different cuts of roast!—so, he avoids those orders and chooses others that contain foods he’s most familiar with. You’re able to view the order up front, so you know how many items you’re shopping for and if there are things you’ve never heard of, you’ll know it will take longer to find them in the store. It’s fully up to you if you want to take that job or pass.

To go along with seeing the items in the order, you also see the earnings estimate and the tip that is attached, so you know up-front what to expect of your order.

More flexibility

You’re basically guaranteed to be busy on the weekends, when most people do their grocery shopping. In addition, with several people now working from home but not being able to get to the store, you’ll be getting requests throughout the week to keep you busy.

Depending on your location and the grocery stores in your area, you could even keep more regular hours if you wanted to. If the stores close before 10, you won’t be doing overnight shifts.

Frankly, Instacart shopping is an incredible opportunity for those who have kids or other people they take care of at home. Not only will you not be working late nights (no 2 AM rides to the bar!), but the most lucrative orders typically take place during the day (10 AM to 2 PM) or on the weekends.

For most people, this syncs up with school schedules, work schedules, and more. You’re able to shop during the times that work for you and don’t feel pressured to drive late into the night just to “make more.” You can work a “day schedule” and have your nights to yourself!

More relaxing than driving people

Let me just say this: Groceries don’t get mad. You won’t have an irate customer in your backseat at any time with Instacart. You may get a text or two asking about certain items in the order, but they won’t physically be in your vehicle.

You can play whatever music or audiobook or whatever you want in your vehicle at all times throughout your day as an Instacart shopper. You’ll be regularly getting out of your vehicle for the orders, so you’ll have built-in stretch breaks, and you’ll lead a more active life than sitting in your vehicle for 8 to 12 hours a day.

Go your own pace

Finally, you set the rules. You can shop as fast or slow as you want—while staying within the delivery expectation window, of course. If you want to take a break, you can easily log off and take a break. If you want to speed walk through the grocery store to see just how fast you can go—have fun! You are in control of your day.

What reasons make you want to drive for Instacart over rideshare delivery? You might find that you enjoy grocery shopping a lot more when you get paid for it.

-Paula @ RSG