RSG012: Leveraging Rideshare To Promote Your New Business

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4 min read

    4 min read

    A lot of people judge their rideshare driving success by how much money they make.  And while I agree that money is definitely an important part of rideshare, I think drivers also need to take advantage of the networking opportunities that are out there for the taking.  If you were to stop someone on the street and start talking to them, they’re probably not going to be very willing to help you out.  But as soon as that passenger gets into your car, there is an instant connection and sense of trust that is instilled between the two of you.

    I have met some amazing people while driving and I’m always looking for ways that I can help my passengers and also for ways that they can help me.  Today on the podcast, I interview four drivers who are doing just that.  In addition to being drivers, today’s guests all have their own side businesses that they are able to promote while driving.

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    The goal of today’s podcast is to really get you guys thinking about ways to leverage your rideshare driving opportunities.  Sure it’s fun to drive people around and talk to them but what is your longer term goal for rideshare and life in general?  I’m a huge fan of starting your own business and working for yourself but it’s definitely a lot harder than working a regular job for someone else.

    All of the things you guys love about rideshare: the flexibility, setting your own hours, working for yourself, etc can be had with your own business though.  And I think the combination of being a rideshare driver and having your own side business is something that sounds very appealing.  So I hope you enjoy this podcast and feel free to leave a note below if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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    • Happy New Year!
    • Wrap-up of my Xmas gifts
    • Thanks for all the 5 star reviews!

    Today’s Show

    • Finding the perfect side hustle
    • Leveraging rideshare for new business opportunities
    • You’ve got to be willing to self-promote if you want to be successful
    • Marketing is key

    Derek: A Grant Writer From San Diego

    • Lyft driver since June 2014
    • Why did one of Derek’s passenger get naked in the back of his car?
    • How many Lyft passengers need a grant writer?
    • Steering the conversation towards grant writing when appropriate
    • Help yourself, help someone else
    • Networking is one of the hidden benefits of rideshare driving
    • Lyft driving always takes priority

    Janet: A Masseuse From Portland

    • A well-seasoned Uber driver
    • $215 on Janet’s first ride ever
    • Uber is the perfect job to fill in when things are slow with her business
    • Janet just likes to talk to her passengers
    • How easy is it to get massage clients as an Uber driver?
    • Selling gift cards as Xmas presents to her passengers
    • How to read your passengers

    (Update 1/5/15: Janet let me know that she ended up selling 4 gift certificates and gained 2 new clients during the month of December while driving)

    Peter: Do Your Park

    • Entrepreneur, Lyft driver and med-school significant other
    • Peter’s quote of the year: “Let’s pop bottles until we wobble!”
    • Peter’s business is predicated on badly parked cars
    • “If I hadn’t just gone, I’d poop on your car”
    • Turning promotion into a trivia game
    • His magnets are better than a business card
    • Seeing success and bettering society
    • What is your unique signature on your ride?

    Sam: An Errand Runner From Colorado

    • 6 months experience as an Uber and Lyft driver
    • How did Sam pull a $100 cash tip?
    • Sam saw a need and filled it
    • A Jack of all trades
    • Combining errand running with driving for Lyft and Uber to minimize down time
    • Getting paid for errands and drive time x2 and no commission
    • “Unless you ask for it, you’re never gonna get it.”
    • Racking up the rewards on his credit card


    • 4 different ways to leverage rideshare and promote your new business
    • How can you think outside the box as a driver?
    • Working 40 hours a week kind of sucks
    • Starting your business is a lot of work but leveraging rideshare can help
    • There’s an instant connection when someone gets into your car
    • Are you promoting your side business and you don’t even know it?
    • Win-win-win for everyone

    Show Notes

    What do you guys think of the four drivers I brought on to the show today and how they’re leveraging rideshare to promote their side business?  Does this sound like something you could do or maybe you’re already doing it?

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