If you’ve ever Youtubed anything related to rideshare, you’ve probably come across one of UberMan’s videos.  He’s the most well known Youtube rideshare blogger and one of the main reasons why I started my own channel.  And today he’s my guest on the podcast.

    I’ve always had a friendly relationship with UberMan but recently we’ve been collaborating on a few cool project with lots more in the works.  On today’s show though, I really wanted to give drivers a behind the scenes look into how UberMan gained tens of thousands of subscribers, developed a community and now makes a full time living off of his Youtube videos.  Hope you enjoy!

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    On this episode, I interview Randy Shear of the UberMan YouTube channel, where we discuss YouTube, and how drivers can maximize profitability.


    • Interview with Randy Shear, the world-famous YouTube blogger UberMan
    • Life updates: started working at co-working space in Long Beach called WE Labs
    • UberMan Randy inspired me to start The Rideshare Guy YouTube channel
    • UberMan is all about helping drivers and working smarter, which makes him a great person to interview
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    • Stay tuned to the end of the episode, when Randy shares with us his number one tip if you’re looking to start your own YouTube channel

    Interview with Randy Shear

    • YouTube personality who goes by UberMan
    • Had a YouTube channel for several years doing cell phone, technology videos, etc.
    • Currently an Uber driver whose goal is to help new and existing drivers maximize  their profitability

    Driving for Uber & What’s Changed

    • Driving for the last 3 and a half years
    • Many things have changed, including rates for drivers
    • Verification process for Uber drivers has changed (sign up process was more rigorous)
    • Keeps driving because of surge prices – weekend surge makes driving worth it

    UberMan YouTube Channel

    • Started as UberMan to provide information to other drivers, since information for drivers was scarce in 2013
    • Didn’t expect to make any money, just wanted to help drivers figure out Uber
    • Had around 1,000 subscribers at the beginning, but first YouTube videos were for technology, not rideshare driving

    Growing the UberMan YouTube Channel

    • Releases videos as information becomes available – no set schedule to releasing videos
    • One of the easiest ways to learn about something is to YouTube it, which is why Randy began YouTubing what he learned while driving
    • Helps that he’s passionate about the topic and a problem-solver: it’s one thing to see potential in a topic, but you have to be passionate about it too

    Downsides of Running a YouTube Channel

    • The biggest thing is the threats to family – people who disagree with you but take it too far
    • In the past, would respond to those type of comments, but not anymore
    • Most people have legitimate questions, and would rather help them than engage with unproductive people
    • Being a successful YouTube personality is a job, but many people don’t realize how difficult it is to produce useful, well-edited content
    • Used to get pulled over more by police, too, who didn’t understand the UberMan plate

    Developing Topics for YouTube

    • In most cases, recording passengers and putting it on a social media-type site without permission is not okay, but Randy does recap dramatic passenger experiences on his site
    • Also looks for useful and updated information for drivers
    • Keeps an eye on trends that drivers would want to know about
    • Most popular video is A to Z Uber about driving for Uber
    • Also reviews products Randy uses and recommend

    Plans for the Future & Advice for Drivers

    • Stick with producing videos for YouTube channel
    • May need to hire someone with experience to moderate comments
    • Find a topic you’re passionate about and that’s trending
    • Topics that are popular and will remain popular plus content that’s interesting will also gather viewers – your videos don’t even have to be professional


    • Randy shares a really interesting perspective on being an Uber driver and a YouTube personality
    • Great to help people, but sometimes people don’t realize the work that goes into making useful videos and responding to people on a regular basis
    • Check out Randy’s YouTube channel – links in Show Notes!
    • Feel free to reach out to me at harry[at] or follow me on Twitter @TheRideShareGuy
    • Leave comments, questions and feedback below!

    Show Notes

    If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

    Drivers, what do you think about Randy’s story and how he became UberMan?

    -Harry @ RSG

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    Harry Campbell

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