RSG043: Randy Shear on Becoming The YouTube Blogger UberMan

If you’ve ever Youtubed anything related to rideshare, you’ve probably come across one of UberMan’s videos.  He’s the most well known Youtube rideshare blogger and one of the main reasons why I started my own channel.  And today he’s my guest on the podcast.

I’ve always had a friendly relationship with UberMan but recently we’ve been collaborating on a few cool project with lots more in the works.  On today’s show though, I really wanted to give drivers a behind the scenes look into how UberMan gained tens of thousands of subscribers, developed a community and now makes a full time living off of his Youtube videos.  Hope you enjoy!

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On this episode, I interview Randy Shear of the UberMan YouTube channel, where we discuss YouTube, and how drivers can maximize profitability.


  • Interview with Randy Shear, the world-famous YouTube blogger UberMan
  • Life updates: started working at co-working space in Long Beach called WE Labs
  • UberMan Randy inspired me to start The Rideshare Guy YouTube channel
  • UberMan is all about helping drivers and working smarter, which makes him a great person to interview
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  • Stay tuned to the end of the episode, when Randy shares with us his number one tip if you’re looking to start your own YouTube channel

Interview with Randy Shear

  • YouTube personality who goes by UberMan
  • Had a YouTube channel for several years doing cell phone, technology videos, etc.
  • Currently an Uber driver whose goal is to help new and existing drivers maximize  their profitability

Driving for Uber & What’s Changed

  • Driving for the last 3 and a half years
  • Many things have changed, including rates for drivers
  • Verification process for Uber drivers has changed (sign up process was more rigorous)
  • Keeps driving because of surge prices – weekend surge makes driving worth it

UberMan YouTube Channel

  • Started as UberMan to provide information to other drivers, since information for drivers was scarce in 2013
  • Didn’t expect to make any money, just wanted to help drivers figure out Uber
  • Had around 1,000 subscribers at the beginning, but first YouTube videos were for technology, not rideshare driving

Growing the UberMan YouTube Channel

  • Releases videos as information becomes available – no set schedule to releasing videos
  • One of the easiest ways to learn about something is to YouTube it, which is why Randy began YouTubing what he learned while driving
  • Helps that he’s passionate about the topic and a problem-solver: it’s one thing to see potential in a topic, but you have to be passionate about it too

Downsides of Running a YouTube Channel

  • The biggest thing is the threats to family – people who disagree with you but take it too far
  • In the past, would respond to those type of comments, but not anymore
  • Most people have legitimate questions, and would rather help them than engage with unproductive people
  • Being a successful YouTube personality is a job, but many people don’t realize how difficult it is to produce useful, well-edited content
  • Used to get pulled over more by police, too, who didn’t understand the UberMan plate

Developing Topics for YouTube

  • In most cases, recording passengers and putting it on a social media-type site without permission is not okay, but Randy does recap dramatic passenger experiences on his site
  • Also looks for useful and updated information for drivers
  • Keeps an eye on trends that drivers would want to know about
  • Most popular video is A to Z Uber about driving for Uber
  • Also reviews products Randy uses and recommend

Plans for the Future & Advice for Drivers

  • Stick with producing videos for YouTube channel
  • May need to hire someone with experience to moderate comments
  • Find a topic you’re passionate about and that’s trending
  • Topics that are popular and will remain popular plus content that’s interesting will also gather viewers – your videos don’t even have to be professional


  • Randy shares a really interesting perspective on being an Uber driver and a YouTube personality
  • Great to help people, but sometimes people don’t realize the work that goes into making useful videos and responding to people on a regular basis
  • Check out Randy’s YouTube channel – links in Show Notes!
  • Feel free to reach out to me at harry[at] or follow me on Twitter @TheRideShareGuy
  • Leave comments, questions and feedback below!

Show Notes

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

Drivers, what do you think about Randy’s story and how he became UberMan?

-Harry @ RSG

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