RSG057: How Mystro Makes Uber and Lyft Drivers More Money

Harry here. If you’ve seen some of our recent YouTube videos, you’ll notice we’ve been talking about a handy new app called Mystro. If you’ve ever wanted one app to seamlessly accept only the rides and passengers you want, look no further. Today, I talk with Herb Coakley, the founder of Mystro, about how he got started, what Mystro is, and how Mystro can help you work smarter, not harder.

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Have you ever wanted an app that seamlessly accepts only the passengers YOU want, automatically? That app is Mystro - our interview with the founder here -


  • Today we’re talking about something everyone wants to know: how can Mystro make Uber and Lyft drivers more money?
  • This is an app I think everyone should download – we’ve covered it on YouTube and in articles, and look out for more reviews and videos on how to use Mystro soon
  • Mystro helps automate your Uber and Lyft driving, like a virtual assistant for rideshare drivers. It auto-accepts rides you want, and can ignore requests (like UberPOOL) that you don’t want – and more to come
  • Our conversation today is with Herb Coakley, the founder and CEO of Mystro, about what Mystro does for drivers
  • Check out Mystro, a new app that puts you in control of the passengers you accept and when. You can register for their beta program here with the code RSGB3171 (currently only available on Android)

An Interview With Herb Coakley

  • Herb initially trained as a physicist, was in LA making some films and noticed Uber’s growing popularity
  • Felt that it was unsafe drivers had to switch between Uber and Lyft when picking up new passengers and thought there could be a better way to help drivers automate their acceptance of passengers
  • Started driving for Uber and Lyft to see what it was about, still felt it was dangerous (for drivers and pax) to switch between apps
  • Didn’t know anyone to create the app, but called a friend, bounced the idea off of him, and they decided it could work, so he moved to San Francisco

The Creation of Mystro

  • Met developers in SF who were interested in creating Mystro with Herb
  • Needed access to Uber and Lyft info – which could have ended the whole idea. Ended up working with really smart people who helped them figure it out and get the info they needed for the app
  • Also met people while driving who were interested in his idea and wanted to support the creation of the app

What is Mystro?

  • Mystro is a virtual assistant for on-demand drivers
  • More in-depth: it’s an app that allows you to preset the type of ride you want to accept, so that when those rides come in, the app automatically accepts them for you
  • You can screen for low-rated passengers and POOL requests
  • Mystro works at the beginning, when it accepts a passenger request for you, then turns on again once that ride ends, so you’re still using the Lyft and Uber platforms (doesn’t replace those apps)
  • Should help reduce distracted driving as well as make it easy for drivers to switch between apps

How Mystro Can Help Make Drivers Money

  • Response from users has been overwhelmingly positive – in addition to the safety factors, it helps drivers stay consistently busy without having to fiddle with their phone and potentially accidentally cancel a ride
  • Mystro now supports UberEATS, which a lot of drivers requested
  • Going to be adding a Mystro bar, like Google navigation, passenger info, etc.
  • Ability to separate out platforms, like Uber Black, SUV, Lyft Premier, etc.
  • Want to sign up with Mystro? It’s currently in beta, so you’ll need a referral code. Use Harry’s: go register for the beta program here with the code RSGB3171 (currently only available on Android)


  • I’ve been using Mystro for a couple of months now, and in addition to earning more with Mystro, I have noticed the safety features. I didn’t realize it before, but Mystro really cuts down on the time I spend messing with my phone to accept new passengers
  • Sign up today to be a part of the beta team and share your suggestions with Herb and the Mystro team. You can sign up for Mystro here with the code RSGB3171
  • Feel free to reach out to me at harry[at] or follow me on Twitter @TheRideShareGuy
  • Have a question for Herb and the Mystro team? Leave your comments or questions below!

Show Notes

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

-Harry @ RSG