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    3 min read
    In this episode, I’m covering some interesting topics with an expert on privacy and data issues. Specifically, we’re going to talk about privacy in its relation to transit – scooters, rideshare, etc. We’ll also talk about the potential concerns and uses of data when it comes to transportation.

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    • Today I’ll be chatting with Morgan Herlocker of Shared Streets, a nonprofit that creates open source software that makes it easier to share info with the public
    • Talking about privacy and data issues related to mobility
    • Eye-opening conversation for me – not a lot of people are familiar with data privacy and rideshare – Morgan is a great guest for this topic!
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    Intro to Morgan Herlocker

    • Morgan Herlocker is a software engineer and researcher focused on map data and privacy
    • Shared Streets, a nonprofit that creates open source software that makes it easier to share information on street networks with the public
    • In his spare time, he looks for privacy vulnerabilities and helps cities patch them
    • His preferred mode of transportation: skateboarding!

    Open Source + Collaboration

    • Believes that if people have more information, we can all move more efficiently as a society
    • Became interested in maps and worked on software related to mapping
    • Mapping should be open source – no one entity should ‘own’ a map

    Shared Streets

    • Builds tools that allow people to share information about their street networks and make it interoperable between base maps
    • For example, if a government has info on parking spaces in their city, this could be shared with base maps
    • Funding is mixed – public and private

    Privacy Issues with Open Source Data

    • So much open source data out there – we need to be careful with what we share nowadays
    • Currently interested in information about scooters
    • Data suggests your trip data is very unique to you – only takes 4 GPS locations to uniquely identify riders
    • Some cities and companies can handle managing this data – but not all, which is alarming, since some are not as well-equipped to handle this data
    • Anonymization is critical – making sure data is anonymous and not based on the ‘honor code’

    Uber & LA Compliance

    • Uber should comply, but it’s important to get the security right
    • Why does LA need real-time location data that isn’t aggregated in anyway?
    • CA has a law to protect their residents’ electronic privacy
    • Anyone handling this data should have basic training on trip privacy, what types of info should be protected
    • Huge responsibility to collect data – legislative framework needs to catch up to this issue


    • Thanks to Morgan for coming on the podcast! Fascinating information about data privacy, definitely eye-opening
    • Not something many people think about when they’re agreeing to terms to use scooters, rideshare, etc. but it’s important to pay attention to
    • Don’t forget to check out our annual driver survey!

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