It’s undeniable that the way conferences were before – big, sprawling events with lots of people packed together, networking and shaking hands – is not how they’re going to be in the future. One event I always like to attend each year is the CoMotion transportation-focused conference, but this year it switched from in-person to online. What does an online conference look like and how does it work? Our guest today helps explain it!


    • Today I’m talking with Jonah Bliss
    • Vice President of New Media and Marketing with CoMotion
    • How they’re going to pivot with CoMotion
    • How online conferences will work moving forward

    Intro to Jonah Bliss

    • Vice President of New Media and Marketing
    • CoMotion News – streams select content online
    • CoMotion Live – free this year!
    • Has advised bike-sharing companies and more

    CoMotion Miami

    • Super excited about Miami and Latin America
    • A lot has changed since then!
    • Preserved many components of the in-person conference topics
    • Miami is a natural nexus, along with aspects of Latin American transit

    CoMotion Miami Themes

    • Learning from Latin America
    • Rebuilding transportation after COVID
    • How to remake cities to be more equitable when it comes to transit
    • South America has a robust last mile system

    Rebooting the Mobility System

    • Bringing people together
    • Role of public transportation, especially in the time of COVID
    • Seemed like public transportation would be something people should avoid – fear of transit
    • More data is showing that’s not quite true

    Infrastructure Changes Due to COVID

    • Slow streets
    • Bike lanes, more pedestrian walkways
    • Socio-economic issue – especially slow streets
    • Need more than just one panel about this topic – needs to be infused into the process

    How is CoMotion Changing?

    • Things have been changing rapidly – first it was pushed back, but situation evolved
    • Now virtual event – actually has made it easier to bring in speakers
    • Now the conference is more democratized – much of the conference will be free
    • This is giving us time to step back and see what a conference should be like


    • Big thanks to Jonah for coming on the podcast!
    • Make sure to check out a few highlights from the conference, like the topic on the Curb (my panel!), Reimaging Urban Mobility for a Changed World, fireside chat with Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Jimenez, and more
    • Many of the conference topics are free, so make sure to check it out (links below)

    Show Notes

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