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    Today I’m chatting with Jonah Bliss about a new conference I’m involved in: Curbivore! We’ll be talking about how the conference came to be, what the conference is about, and what you can expect to get from the conference.

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    Announcing: Curbivore! On October 20th & 21st, Curbivore will bring together the world of restaurants & retail, civic tech, and mobility. Dive deep in immersive workshops that will teach you how to ready your business for the new normal of delivery & outdoor dining. Learn more about Curbivore here.


    Intro to Jonah Bliss

    • Transportation expert
    • Also a food, curbs and delivery buff!
    • Will be combining our shared interests to host Curbivore

    Why the Curb?

    • Name speaks to what we’re working on – intersection between the curb and commerce (eating, pick up, delivery, etc.)
    • In the US, curb space is already pretty small
    • Sidewalk space is always contested
    • Roadways are also a challenge, curbs are the intersection between road and walking space

    Development of the Curb

    • Right now, we have the opportunity to determine how we want to use the curb
    • People’s view of the curb has evolved since the pandemic began
    • Some cities are managing the curbs well – looking at curbs holistically
    • Converting street space into dining, parks, pedestrian-areas only

    Curbivore Programming

    • Something for everyone
    • Restaurants and retail featured – CEO of ChowNow, CEO of Mercado and many more
    • Cities, food and technology
    • These are topics people care about and want to learn more about

    Intersection of Curb + Roadways

    • Is there a way to balance cars and curb space?
    • Provide people an alternative to congestion when the economy opens back up
    • Going to be an uphill climb – cars are pretty cheap right now
    • Balance between what people want and what they do

    Curbivore Panels & Workshops

    • Excited for day 1 of Curbivore
    • CEO of ChowNow – interesting concept because it’s the anthesis of how most delivery platforms work
    • People are attuned to local businesses – how can we support them?
    • Curbivore is a great conference for delivery people, small business owners – goal is to provide connectivity to all of these groups


    • Thanks to Jonah for coming on and talking about Curbivore!
    • Interested in Curbivore? Make sure to visit to learn more
    • to sign up – virtual conference is free!
    • If you miss it, you can catch the recorded episodes too – so just make sure to sign up!

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