RSG203: An Update on Alto

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In this episode, I’m talking to Alto co-founder and CEO, Will Coleman, for an update about how Alto is doing! I’ve had Will on the show a few times before, but since the last time we spoke, Alto has grown and expanded. I find Will genuinely helpful – he doesn’t shy away from talking about tough topics affecting drivers! We’ll chat about what Alto has been up to, ups and downs due to the pandemic, and how Alto’s expansion is going.

Intro to Will Coleman

  • Co-founder and CEO of Alto
  • Have had Will on the show a few times before!
  • Growing steadily and expanding

Geographic Footprint

  • Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Miami, Washington DC
  • Continuing to scale
  • Service grows with customers
  • Re-investing everything back into the company

How Have Shortages Impacted Alto?

  • Getting vehicles has been tough!
  • Starting to come out of that shortage – just the beginning
  • It helps that Alto is buying in bulk
  • This differentiates Alto – consistency in vehicles

Value Proposition for Customers

  • Customers are important for rideshare, and Alto – need them to go out and do things!
  • Safety, consistency – background checks are a big deal for customers
  • Creating something that works for a bunch of different people for different reasons
  • Important to hire drivers that understand this

B2B Side of Alto

  • This means another business is paying for the ride
  • Started this side of the business during the pandemic
  • Able to expand this quickly
  • Drivers gain experience too

Show Notes

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