RSG215: Get Anything Delivered

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In this episode, I’m looking forward to talking to CEO of Courial, Herb Coakley. We’ve had Herb on the show before, with his company Mystro, but today we’ll be talking about his new company! Herb always looks out for gig workers and ways to make their lives easier. Courial is in the last mile delivery space, and we’ll talk about why he created Courial, how it works, how it’s different from other platforms and more.

Intro to Herb Coakley

  • Founder and CEO of Courial
  • Herb is the son of Caribbean immigrants and entrepreneurs
  • Film producer and physicist
  • Herb is a former gig economy driver with over 20k rides (rideshare, delivery, etc.)

What is Courial?

  • Courier is an errand service for everything
  • “Anything app”
  • All in one place – easier for the consumer
  • Most gig workers that like delivering things, don’t want to deliver people

Behind the Scenes of Courial

  • Higher average orders
  • More money for drivers/Courials
  • Orders placed ahead of time
  • More personalized service

What’s it Like Driving for Courial?

  • Goal is to get Courial drivers to earn money!
  • Courial is not gameified
  • Drive for Courial and drive for other companies
  • Want Courials to stay on the platform because they like it

What’s Next?

  • Crowdfunding
  • Share your preferred language
  • Sign up online – Courial is expanding

Show Notes

RSG057: How Mystro Makes Uber and Lyft Drivers More Money