In this episode, I’m re-posting our weekly show, Show Me the Money Club (SMTMC), which we host every Tuesday. It’s been very popular with the RSG YouTube audience, and the show is geared toward drivers. We answer top driver questions, interview drivers, and more. We also have a podcast version of the show, which you can check out in the notes below, but in this episode, we’re teasing what you can expect if you’re interested in the SMTMC!

    Chatting with Bryce of Solo

    • Bryce Bennett, co-founder and CEO of Solo
    • Best tools for drivers to make money
    • Solo calculates average hourly earnings
    • Data driven – not just plug and play

    Uber Glitch?

    • There may be an Uber glitch – ‘upfront fare’
    • Can compare all of your previous trips, too
    • Not everyone has this – check your app!

    Lyft – Bonus Boost?

    • Divided on whether or not this is good
    • Bonus boost, but fares could be lower
    • Exact same price – but let’s test and see!

    Analyzing News & Driver Events

    • Daily Mail – PR promo without interviewing drivers
    • RDU – demonstration, not a strike
    • Sergio will be there to cover it

    Show Notes

    Show Me The Money Club!

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    Harry Campbell

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