RSG233: Behind the Scenes of Curbivore

In this episode, I chat with Jonah Bliss all about Curbivore 2023! I’ve had Jonah on the podcast before, and you can read all about Curbivore 2022 in our wrap up here, but today we’re talking about all the changes coming to Curbivore in 2023, plus some changes Jonah and I are looking forward to this year. Learn more about Curbivore and register today!

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Intro to Jonah Bliss

  • Transportation expert
  • Spent career scaling mobility startups like Turo and Evelo
  • Worked in the content and events space as well
  • Combined those passions with Curbivore!

What is Curbivore all about?

  • Curb is interconnected
  • Everything is fighting for a slice of the curb
  • Govt regulations
  • Outdoor dining returning!

What Changed from Last Year?

  • Parking lot!
  • Themes – delivery, EVs, public-private partnerships
  • Physical presence – AVs are making a comeback
  • Looking forward to bringing together different sides of the industries (chef perspective, gig worker, etc.)

How Can People Make the Most Out of Curbivore?

  • Make a list of people you want to meet, make sure to introduce yourself
  • It’s a one day event, so you’ll want to strategize
  • More people this year than before, so be prepared to mingle!
  • Enjoy the food and beverage brands – cool options!

Show Notes