She Wants To Sit Behind Me With A Knife In Her Hand

I have been driving for a while. Approximately 10% of the passengers sit directly behind me while I take them to their destination. I hate it. I always have, and I always will.

When someone sits directly behind me, I assume they are socially challenged, and I should not engage in any friendly conversation.

If you sit behind me, you tell me, “Leave me alone!” I also don’t like the feeling of a stranger sitting behind me while I have no idea what they are doing or could do to me. I am very vulnerable.

Therefore, I found it interesting to see this trending video instructing passengers to sit directly behind the driver. Turns out my fears have been realized. Some women sit behind with a knife, ready to strike if threatened.

In this article, I will share the four key instructive points of the video. I will also share my response, which, as you can imagine, is somewhat concerned.


This is the trending video you can watch on TikTok made by a 24-year-old creator with the handle @jeeeks.

The URL is

The trending video on TikTok.
The trending video on TikTok.

Let’s jump into the video’s key points and discuss their implications.

1. Check The Backdoors For Child Locks

If you are concerned that you won’t be able to get out of the car, then you should check to make sure the door is unlocked. My doors are always unlocked.

I don’t like the passengers to feel like they are locked in. Some passengers want to lock the door to ensure no one can enter the car during the ride. Most passengers don’t seem to care.

Answering a phone call throughout the ride.
Answering a phone call throughout the ride.

2. Be On A Phone Call

This is where it gets weird for me. The advice is to pretend you are on a phone call.

This tactic is designed to confuse the driver so the driver thinks he can’t attack the passenger because someone will know about it. This tactic also precludes any conversation between the driver and the passenger.

As I said, when someone sits behind me, there won’t be any conversation coming from me. Frankly, I can’t wait for the ride to end. Is this necessary?

I can honestly say that I don’t think any passenger has ever done this to me. Most passengers understand speaking on the phone while in an Uber or Lyft is rude.

If passengers get a call, they often finish it quickly and apologize. Unusually, someone talks on the phone throughout the ride.

Let’s Talk About Men Passengers And Women Passengers

As rideshare drivers, we have all been through Lyft and Uber training programs on proper social interaction. We learn to read the queues.

If a woman gets in my car and does not respond warmly to “How are you doing today?” I know my job is to shut up and drive. Passengers are not required to be friendly and conversive. To each his own.

As a male driver, I must also be aware that women are far more likely to have been threatened, attacked, and hit upon without their permission.

Therefore, as a male driver, I must be hyper-sensitive to who is in my car. The topics of sex, religion, and politics will not be discussed in my car unless the passenger brings them up.

3. Someone Is Waiting For You

To further the ruse from #2, the passenger should speak about how someone is waiting at the drop-off destination.

This will further dissuade the driver from plotting an attack or following the passenger into their house or apartment to commence an act of violence. Here again, this advice is different.

After doing nearly 30,000 rides, this is the first time I have heard any passenger share their plans in this way. I would be suspicious if I heard it now, but it won’t change how I drive.

4. Safety Tools Within Hand’s Reach

I am a father of a 26-year-old girl. I bought her pepper gel to carry with her at all times. I see the need for women to defend themselves against larger, stronger men.

However, this video suggests women carry a knife and be ready to use it. This alarmed me.

How do you feel about women getting coached that they should sit behind you with a knife ready to sever your jugular vein while you are driving? I don’t like it.

I can do nothing about it, but I don’t like it. Did you see this news story?

Uber driver got shot by a woman because she thought she was being kidnapped.
Uber driver got shot by a woman because she thought she was being kidnapped.

I don’t know if the passenger was sitting behind the driver or talking on the phone about someone being at the destination, but none of that matters to the Uber driver. He is dead because she made a mistake born of fear and shot him.

When Does Precaution Turn Into Paranoia?

After reading about this poor, dead Uber driver and watching this TikTok video, I now feel I need to prepare for the women who sit behind me.

I need not take all of this too seriously, or else I would not be able to do my job for fear of being shot or stabbed.

But that advice is getting doled out to nearly half a million viewers and counting. Instead, I have to trust my judgment about who I let in my car, who I let sit behind me, and who won’t hurt me.

Precaution only turns to paranoia if you let it. This video is an extreme example of women protecting themselves. Fortunately for me, a mild-mannered 64-year-old father of four who has never been violent, all my passengers have been cool.

Some don’t want to talk. OK. Some want to sit behind me. I hate it, but OK.

Some need to talk on the phone pretending they are meeting someone, OK.

Everyone has the right to protect themselves as long as we treat each other with respect.
Everyone has the right to protect themselves as long as we treat each other with respect.

Key Takeaways

Live and let live. Do what you need to do. Please treat me with respect.

If you are a passenger in my car, I will always treat you respectfully. You can enjoy my music, comfortable leather seats with plenty of legroom, and smooth driving.

If you want to talk, we will share some ideas. I especially like talking about travel, health, and longevity.

If you want to be quiet, I will understand that quickly. We can get along.

The key takeaway of this article is that some women are very concerned, and rightfully so, for their safety.

Drivers need to recognize this and accept any precautions passengers may utilize. Just don’t stab me! That’s not too much to ask. I only have 200 more rides to do until I reach 30,000. I’d like to do it without incident.

Take care and be safe out there.