How To Switch From Uber Eats To Uber Rideshare Driver

Are you ready to drive passengers with Uber instead of just food with Uber Eats? If so, you may be wondering how to switch from Uber Eats to Uber Driver mode.

Below, we outline the easiest way to switch from Uber Eats to Uber driving mode.

Steps To Switch From Uber Eats to Uber Driver Mode

1. Check Requirements

The first thing to keep in mind is that the vehicle requirements for driving passengers on Uber are stricter than for Uber Eats.

Vehicle requirements also vary by region. If you’re unsure what the driver and vehicle requirements are in your area, here are some helpful links to check out:

If your vehicle qualifies for more than one category, you’ll be able to drive under any and all that you wish.

For example, I have a Grand Caravan. This means I qualify for UberX and UberXL because I’m able to seat up to 6 passengers. These available options vary by region as well.

2. Contact Uber and Request to Be Added to Rideshare Services

Now, once you know you have an eligible vehicle, you need to contact Uber.

Here is a full list of the best ways to contact Uber.

Call Uber Support

I recommend just picking up the phone and calling them. They offer 24/7 phone support at  800-593-7069.

You can also simply go to the Help section of your Uber Driver app, tap Call Support and you’ll be connected with someone who can help you.

  • Start by clicking the three bars in the upper left-hand corner of your app.
  • Next, click on “Help” at the bottom.
  • Finally, scroll to the very bottom of the page on the Help tab and click on “Call Support”. A support number will populate in your phone keypad and you can call from there.

When you call, it will help to confirm that you’ve been delivering for Uber Eats but would like to do both deliveries and driving passengers on the platform moving forward.

3. Wait to Be Successfully Added as an Uber Rideshare Driver

To make sure that you have successfully been added as an Uber Rideshare driver, go to driving preferences in your Uber app.

Tap the icon with two lines and make sure that you see UberX. Once you see that, you are ready to start receiving and accepting ride requests!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Uber Eats and Uber driver?

Uber Eats is a food delivery service, while Uber driver is a ride-sharing service. As an Uber driver, you transport passengers, while with Uber Eats, you pick up and deliver food orders.

Can I drive for both Uber Eats and Uber driver?

Yes, you can drive for both services as long as you meet the requirements for each.

How much can I expect to earn as an Uber driver?

Your earnings as an Uber driver will depend on various factors, including the time and location of your trips, the distance you drive, and the type of vehicle you have. You can check the current rates and estimate your earnings using the Uber app.

Do I need to own a car to become an Uber driver?

No, you don’t need to own a car to become an Uber driver. Uber offers rental and lease options for eligible drivers, and you can also use a car that is registered under someone else’s name as long as you are listed as an insured driver.

How to Handle Issues

One delivery driver said that an issue he came across while trying to make the switch was that when he clicked on the “sign up to drive” button, it asks him to make an account, which he already has. So, he ends up in an endless loop of not knowing what to do.

If you come across this issue, it’s probably easiest to just jump to calling Uber Support at 800-593-7069.

Have you gone from delivering to driving passengers? How did you do it?