Thumbtack Review – What It Is & How Much You Can Make

Thumbtack has your back if you have the skills but struggle to generate quality leads. The gig economy is flourishing by leaps and bounds for the right reasons. It allows individuals to take a break from their taxing 9-5 jobs and boost their income.

Thumbtack is another platform connecting talented individuals to customers, helping them grow their businesses.

While a few people join the platform to attract quality leads, it helps others start their businesses from scratch. An honest review will give an insight into its features, how it works, and whether it’s a reliable earning medium.

What Is Thumbtack? 

Thumbtack is an online platform that allows users to search, hire, and review service providers.

It has numerous experts and businesses skilled in various work categories, including health and wellness, photography, home renovation, pets, and more.

It helps both parties: the clients and the professionals. The former get to hire knowledgeable people to manage everyday tasks. The latter, on the other hand, get a chance to sell their skills and generate income.

But the perks of the platform extend beyond that. You’ll also discover cost estimates of popular services in your industry. This helps you determine and set competitive rates.

Further, you can read free how-to guides on various topics to expand your knowledge.

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Thumbtack Locations 

Thumbtack was officially founded in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Currently, it serves in all 50 US states.

So, no matter the US state you reside in, you can download and access the application without hassle.

Thumbtack Cost 

Fortunately, joining the platform is free of cost. Plus, you aren’t required to pay a subscription fee monthly. However, you need to consider a few costs down the line.

For instance, you must pay a fee for each lead Thumbtack helps you generate. The platform charges you around $1.50 when a potential customer contacts you.

But, if the client reaches out to numerous professionals, the platform gives you a competition discount. If you get lucky, it can be a $100 discount. Nonetheless, the factors of demand and supply go into it.

The key is to set your preferences to meet the right clients – that are actually interested in choosing you for their tasks. The preferences generally include:

  • What jobs are you willing to take?
  • What’s your ideal working location?
  • Which hours suit you for work?

When you’ve set the right preferences and a client who only moderately matches them reaches out to you, the platform offers a 20% discount on the lead fee.

However, if the customer’s requirements entirely align with your preferences, and you choose to accept the offer, you’d need to pay the full price.

Of course, you won’t be charged any fee if you decline the offer.

Thumbtack Features

If you’re willing to join the platform and make some money, you’d be naturally intrigued to know about Thumbtack’s features. Luckily, the platform caters to the needs of professionals and clients alike.

Some popular features include the following.

Tasker Profile 

Each tasker, a person skilled at offering specific solutions, can build their profile. They are free to set their portfolio, pricing, and preferences.

For instance, taskers can charge the desired fee for their services. The platform doesn’t restrict them from setting a specific price. Further, they can select their preferences, including location, job type, and working hours.

Hassle-free Payment Integration 

The platform offers an easy and efficient way to send and receive payments. Taskers can enter their credit and debit card details via app or desktop.

The app users can do so through the gear icon in their profile, and desktop users can add the details through the Payments page.

The bank or credit card may initially show charges from Stripe, and it takes only 48 hours to display them as from Thumbtack.

Opportunities Tab 

The Opportunities tab is one of the coolest features on the platform. It lets you view the customers reaching out to other professionals and requesting quotes.

It gives you an idea of what your clients are looking for. You can contact the customer through the app if you see a job that matches your skill or interests you.

So, if you didn’t get a chance to appear in search results, you have the freedom to reach out to customers yourself.

Another perk of this tab is that it lets you see the lead costs before contacting the customer. Moreover, you only need to pay for it if the customer responds. So, it’s a win-win for you in both cases.

Thumbtack Guarantee

Not all platforms offer a money-back guarantee, but Thumbtack does. It provides property damage protection to customers who hire taskers through the platform.

The insurance covers up to $1000 if the tasker causes unexpected damage or doesn’t complete the assigned task.

Further, the clients may also be eligible for the money-back guarantee if the tasker doesn’t offer the services claimed.

Thumbtack Reviews 

Over 250,000 local professionals offer services in over 1000 categories per quarter on Thumbtack. While this speaks volumes about the site’s credibility, checking its reviews will help gain a deeper insight into the platform’s reliability.

Jeanne, a music instructor on the platform, says, “Thumbtack changes the whole game for me because I no longer have to worry about how I’m going to get my next client.” 

Other taskers on the platform have similar reviews. They are positive that Thumbtack allows them to connect to clients and helps them grow their business.

The clients are also pretty satisfied with the skills of professionals on the platform. Numerous verified clients on Trustpilot have left positive reviews, displaying satisfaction with the taskers’ services.

Although a few clients have complaints about the customer service, overall, the good outweighs the bad.

Working for Thumbtack

Working for Thumbtack is pretty straightforward. You only need to download the app to get started. We’ll take a closer look at some steps you need to follow and start selling your skills on the platform.

Choose the Services 

To begin with, you’d need to choose the location and job category that aligns with your services.

This will redirect you to the page where you’ll mention your services. If you do not find a relevant service, you can type your service in the “Other” box.

Select the “Next” button after choosing relevant services, and the platform will display numerous services based on the ones you selected.

This allows you to choose more jobs from the list to reach out to more customers. You can always change your services if you choose the wrong category or wish to switch to another service.

All you need to do is visit your profile, select the appropriate services, and save.

Sign Up 

A sign-up window will direct you to another page as you click the “Next” button after selecting the desired services. Here, you can sign up using your:

  • Google ID
  • Official email address
  • Facebook account

Make sure you have a secure password for whatever medium you select.

Set Your Profile 

Signing up isn’t the end of the story. You need to set up your profile to attract customers. The better you build your profile, the higher the chances of growing your business.

Here’s what you’d need to enter when setting up your profile.

  • Details about the services you’ll provide
  • Your profile picture (consider uploading a crisp and professional photo for clients to see)
  • Your personal information, including your date of birth, name, address, and more

Get Hired!

Once you have a sound Thumbtack profile, you’ll begin receiving quote requests from potential customers. The platform allows you to set the quote depending on the project’s scope and the effort you’ll put into it.

You can also reach out to prospects using the “Opportunities tab.”

How Does Thumbtack Work? 

The platform works for both clients and skilled contractors. Here’s a quick look into how it works for both parties.

The Platform Shows Your Business to Customers Free of Charge 

Thousands of clients visit Thumbtack daily to hire professionals for home-related and other tasks. They see search results with ratings, profiles, and any additional information that helps them hire the right fit.

The customers can also filter the search results to find a good match. However, the taskers must meet this criterion to appear in search results:

  • You must have set the target preferences for your ideal job
  • You should have at least one review on your profile

Clients Hire the Pros they Like 

Your gig must stand out among the rest for customers to hire you. Make sure you keep your profile engaging by:

  • Displaying enticing images of your work
  • Including useful details about your organization
  • Gaining reviews from your clients

The clients won’t hold back from hiring you if they’ll find you the right fit for a particular job.

You Can Also Select Your Customers 

Setting preferences allow you to choose your ideal customer. The platform connects you to the leads, and you close the deal with them.

This way, only relevant customers will reach out to you, and you’ll spend your money in the right direction.

How Much Can You Earn On Thumbtack? 

The earnings you can generate from the platform depend on you. For instance, when a client contacts you, you have the chance to quote the price for their project. Besides, how much you charge depends on numerous factors, including:

  • Your service type
  • The complication of the task
  • Your experience in the relevant industry
  • The time it’ll take to complete the project

Glassdoor, however, highlights that pro service providers on the platform make around $35000 to $45,000+ annually.

Pros & Cons 

Each platform has pros and cons, and Thumbtack isn’t any different. We’ll take a closer look at some advantages and disadvantages of the platform.


  • No joining fee. Customers and professionals do not need to pay anything to join the platform. You can sign up for your account free of cost.
  • Flexible platform. Thumbtack lets you choose your ideal projects and set the work hours and days.
  • Excellent for professionals. Whether you’re a small contractor or run a large organization, Thumbtack offers a great way to generate quality leads.
  • Get a refund. Professionals get a refund on not hearing back from the customers within 48 hours.


  • Paying for the leads. You have to pay for the leads, which feels troublesome in case the client doesn’t hire you.
  • Rising competition means more costs. With numerous pros on the platform, the competition is soaring. This makes the platform increase the cost per lead.

Is Thumbtack Worth It? 

The benefits of Thumbtack outweigh its disadvantages. It is an excellent platform to sell your services, set competitive pricing, and generate leads.

The more customers you entertain, the more sound your profile becomes. Positive customer reviews help you attract more clients.

But setting up an engaging profile is the key to landing your first job.

So long as you have the knowledge and skills, Thumbtack has a lot to offer. You also have the potential to make up to $45,000 annually – like the pro service providers.

Thumbtack Alternatives 

If you’re looking for a reliable side hustle, you may want to explore a few other alternatives. Here are some credible platforms that help you generate additional income.

Thumbtack Vs. Handy 

Handy allows professionals to offer home improvement-related services. However, Thumbtack takes these services to the next level by expanding to various gigs, including babysitting and photography.

Besides, you need to pay a $25 fee to sign up for Handy, unlike Thumbtack, which lets you create an account and sell your services for free.

Thumbtack Vs. Doordash

Doordash lets you deliver food to the customers and make money. Doordash is a food delivery application, unlike Thumbtack, which connects you to clients online.

Note that the price of Doordash delivery services varies per the location, orders, and restaurants. But unlike Thumbtack, you do not need to contact customers to offer services. Instead, the customers place the food orders via the Doordash app.


The trend of gig economy jobs is escalating with easy passing day. Individuals seek ways to generate a side income to meet their needs.

If you’re skilled at any task but cannot find the customers, Thumbtack connects you to clients you need to give your business a boost.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Thumbtack.

How Long Does It Take Thumbtack to Provide With Background Check Results? 

Once you submit the required credentials, the platform takes around 11-18 working days to email you the background check results.

How Can I Contact Thumbtack Customer Service? 

You can visit the customer service page of the app to find all the available customer support options.

Do I need a License to Work On Thumbtack?

You do not need a license to sell your services on the platform. Not all gig apps offer this opportunity, but Thumbtack does.