What is TimedPickUps? A Driver Reviews TPU

Guest writer Kim shares with us today her experience driving with TimedPickups, a dispatch company that helps connect passengers with drivers while also allowing drivers to build a clientele of their own. Keep reading to learn more about this subscription-based service.

What is TimedPickups? 

TimedPickups (TPU) is a driver-focused dispatch company offering connections between riders and drivers. TPU offer rider pickups from drivers with cars from UberX style up to Limousine, so the driver’s associated license would apply.

TPU is a membership program. Membership cost depends upon the type of service the driver offers. My service is UberX/Uber Comfort/Lyft regular style and I easily earn back the monthly membership fee in one or two rides. The remaining scheduled rides income throughout the month go straight to my wallet!

Quick Summary: 

  • Pay a relatively low monthly fee to use TPUs connection services.
  • Build clientele for repeat business and to expand through referrals.
  • Keep 100% of your earnings from scheduled fares!

How do you sign up for TPU?

You can sign up for TPU via the Play Store on Google, The App store for iPhone, and on the web at TimedPickups.com. You must be at least 21 years old to be a driver on their platform.

You have the choice of signing up to be a Class A (luxury sedans, SUVs and passenger vans) or a Class C (most vehicles 2010 and newer) driver.

timed pickups review - Luxury/Commercial Driver Rideshare App

You’ll fill out a standard application like the one shown above to start your subscription service. Then you’ll add a payment method and confirm.

timed pickups review - Luxury/Commercial Driver Rideshare App

According to the FAQ section of the TPU website, “Once you submit your application to use our Drivers tool and your payment has been processed, a team member will review your application to make sure everything checks out including a background check. As we review your application for approval you will receive an approved email that will let you know if you have been approved or not.

It takes about 3 days to complete the setup of your profile so make sure you download the TPU Drivers application from your app store then Register/Sign up. Make sure you fill out the fields with correct and direct information so we can contact you in case we need any additional documents or photos.”

How do passengers find you on TPU?

Most of my passengers come to me as referrals from other rides, but riders can request me through the app if they request my driver number (the number assigned to you when you sign up).

I keep my TPU app on when I’m driving for Uber or Lyft or my other gigs in the hopes of getting a one-off call. However, so far all of my TPU rides have been advanced scheduled rides, which puts 100% of the fare in my pocket!

How do you pay to be part of TPU? 

Membership cost is paid from direct debit from the preferred account the driver authorizes. I have mine set up to deduct from my PayPal account. Membership is month to month, payable once a month on the date you select.

My car qualifies for UberX/Comfort and Lyft/Regular categories, which puts me at the $25/month membership level with TPU. Driver membership fees will vary depending on the type of transport service you offer.

Overall, I’ve found that the small monthly membership fee for TPU is easily covered by a few bar hop rides or one longer distance point-to-point ride.

Where does TPU operate?

TPU was launched in Georgia and operates in various states where the membership drivers live. It is my understanding that there currently are TPU drivers in NY, NJ, GA, and FL. And the website simply says they are available “in the United States” and are planning on expanding to other countries soon.

How much can you earn with TPU?

Being that TPU is driver-centric, earnings will vary according to the services each driver can offer and the area they operate from. Since my car is Uber X/Uber Comfort and Lyft regular size, I still adhere to those rideshare company’s passenger requirements.

I set my scheduled ride rates to offer significant savings from the U/L cost but that also bumps up what my share would be from U/L – so it becomes a win-win for driver AND passenger!

As an example, a rider contacts me to say they will be needing a ride later at 9 pm going to “Joe’s Bar”. So, from their house to the bar, I will give a rate of $5 to $20, and bar hops on our peninsula for $5 each – which still beats what U/L rates pay me! I will do airport runs for $20 to $90. This ability to set personal rates and KEEP the ENTIRE fare for scheduled rides is what makes TPU paramount!

Can passengers using TPU leave tips?

Yes! Riders can do cash tips or send tips (and ride payments) via Ca$h App, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Square or any other driver’s app that the rider also uses! I have a “PayPal-here” card reader in my car so I can accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and even run checks (although I do not accept checks). I have QR codes printed on the backs of my TPU cards and have QR code stickers in the car.

What does a typical TPU request look like?

A typical TPU request for my rides comes via direct text and looks like this:

timed pickups review - Luxury/Commercial Driver Rideshare App
timed pickups review - Luxury/Commercial Driver Rideshare App

Pros and Cons of TPU

Cons for TPU:

  • It is not well known.
  • It is NOT for drivers who want rides handed to them.

Pros for TPU:

  • TPU developers are drivers also!
  • It is NOT an Uber/Lyft emulation!
  • Drivers can develop their clientele.
  • Drivers can be selective of their driving region.
  • Drivers can get advance notice of ride requests.
  • Drivers KEEP 100% of the fare from SCHEDULED rides!
  • Drivers can develop their specific rates.
  • Drivers can offer rider enticements or perks (I offer the availability of a bike rack to accommodate tired beach bike riders).
  • Drivers can partner with local businesses (bars, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.) for referrals.
  • Drivers can accept payments from various sources.
  • For immediate request rides generated via TPU rider app, there is a nominal flat percentage (10%) paid to TPU.

Timed PickUps: Is it Legit?

I HIGHLY recommend TPU!

TPU offers drivers who really want to succeed the ability to do so. Drivers eager to hustle and who want to manage their rides from the start will do well with TPU. Word of mouth advertising continues to build my clientele.

TPU is a great approach to rideshare that offers drivers the ability to truly be independent contractors!

I am just one driver at TPU, a happy driver at that, and have offered these responses based on my experiences with TPU after being with them for a few years now. As of this writing, for over 4.5 years Uber and Lyft and 8 other driving gigs have been my bread and butter, with Uber and Lyft (mostly Uber) being the biggest breadwinner(s).

However, I would MUCH prefer to be able to drive my hometown and vicinity for people that enjoy my service, appreciate my car and are pleasant to spend miles with. So, I will continue to hustle up new TPU riders as well as drivers – because I know I cannot meet everybody’s transport needs!

Come on, jump into these waters! There is no undertow, no cross current, no riptide to snatch away your earnings! No murky, obscure, fluctuating payments, no pirate riders either! TPU is what drivers need!

Drive safe out there, have fun, and make money!

Have you tried out TimedPickups yet? What are you waiting for? 

-Kim (driver of Sassy, the Weasel Wagon) @ RSG

Kim H. is a renaissance gig worker, having driven rideshare for the past 4.5 years. In addition to driving for TPU, Kim also drivers for Uber, Lyft, Amazon Flex, DoorDash, Instacart, Beans, PointPickUp, Easy Shift, Roadie and Field Agent. In addition to these side hustles, Kim also runs an Etsy store promoting her embroidery business, where she sells pet harnesses and clothing, home decor and more.