What Should Uber Drivers Have in Their Car?

Whether you’re a new Uber driver or a veteran, we all know there are important items that every Uber driver should have in their car. But which items are your fellow rideshare drivers actually buying?

We looked into the top-selling Uber/Lyft driver items in our Amazon store to see what drivers are really stocking their cars with!

The following items are what Uber and Lyft drivers consider the most important according to the items with the most sales – if you don’t have some of these items below, consider checking them out and shopping through our Amazon links. It doesn’t cost you any extra and helps keep the site running!

The following items will help you drive safer, spend less time cleaning your car, and keep your passengers happy. Which item below do you think is a must-have? If it’s not listed here, let us know in the comments!

The top five items all Uber/Lyft drivers should carry, according to drivers:

What Uber Drivers Should Have In Their Car

Phone Mount

This one may be an obvious one, but it’s a biggie. Finding the right phone mount is like finding a new favorite pair of shoes. It needs to fit your needs just right.

Personally, I prefer a magnet mount that clips to my vent. I close the vent during the winter so it doesn’t overheat and open the vent during the summer so my phone is cooled by the air conditioner.

Another recommendation is one that suctions to your windshield or your dashboard (depending on your state laws concerning having something on your windshield).

Seat Covers

These make for easy cleanup if spills or crumbs escape your passengers. Simply toss in the wash and you’ll be ready to go, while still being able to claim that cleaning fee from Uber or Lyft.

Drivers on the RSG Amazon store typically buy the set below, but Amazon has a really cool feature that helps you determine if this set in particular will fit your car!

When you click the link below and begin shopping for seat covers, head over to Your Garage and let Amazon know what type of car you have. After that, Amazon will let you know if what you’re looking at, like seat covers, will fit!

Emesis/Vomit Bags

We all know what this is for. When you driving the late shift or even on big game days,

you’ll want to have a handful of these on hand to help your passengers out. No one wants to clean up that kind of mess, so help try to prevent it.

There’s not a lot to say about these – vomit bags are pretty much one size fits all. However, from our experience, the bags below in particular are the ones you want! They don’t look pretty, but they do an excellent job. The bags below are actually the ones RSG contributor Jay Cradeur recommends!

All Weather Floor Mats

This is a good one-time investment to make it easier to clean up after a trip to the beach,

after stormy weather tracks mud into your car and more.

WeatherTech is known for its high-quality floor mats, so it’s not surprising these are the top sellers in our floor mat category. They come in handy no matter what the season, but particularly during the winter and spring (if you live in climates that get inclement weather!).

These ones, in particular, are good since they’re trim to fit and can be shaped (and re-shaped) if necessary.

Car Charger Hub / Charging Cables

You and your passengers would benefit from charging cables. If you’re driving a full day,

you’ll likely need to charge your phone along the way. Passengers also often ask for a quick charge along the route and appreciate it if you’ve got cables on hand for them. You might also get a tip!

I use the Powapod charging station, attached to the passenger seat headrest facing the back of my car so the passengers are able to quickly and easily use it, while keeping the cables secure. There are also other options if you already have cables on hand and just need a way of organizing them all.

The charging port below, in particular, is very good since it offers a micro USB port, USB-C and lightning cable for all the various phones and charger capabilities.

Why Are These Items So Popular?

Most of these are one-time purchases that will make your driving life easier and possibly give your passengers a little extra comfort and convenience. Spending a little extra on yourself and investing in your business of rideshare driving is worthwhile.

If you offer a charging cable to your passenger, you might get a tip in thanks. You’ll keep your upholstery in tip-top shape when you use seat covers and all-weather mats, preserving the value of your car while also making it easier to keep your car clean for yourself and your passengers.

Last Thoughts

Keep in mind that ordering these items through Amazon using our links above is a great way to help support the Rideshare Guy Blog and pay for awesome writers who bring you relevant content!

What are your favorite things to utilize for rideshare driving? What essentials did you discover after your first week of driving? What do you suggest drivers invest in for a better rideshare driving experience?

-Paula @ RSG