What is Uber Crew? Responsibilities, Pay & More

If you feel like your voice isn’t heard at Uber, check out Uber Crew, the latest way to help drivers and couriers have their opinions heard.

Uber Crew is now available nationwide and promises to change how drivers view Uber, giving them even more opportunity to make the app the best it can be.

What Is Uber Crew?

Uber Crew is a platform allowing Uber drivers like you to collaborate with another driver who will be your voice to Uber. The members of Uber Crew are appointed to raise issues and concerns to the higher-ups at Uber to get changes made based on local issues and concerns.

Essentially, you share your opinions, frustrations, and ideas with someone who has connections with Uber decision-makers to make the app an even better opportunity for drivers.

How Uber Crew Works 

Uber Crew is a selective program with members chosen by a third party, Street Level Strategy. They manage the application process and choose the eligible drivers for each state.

Crew Members are active for 12 months and, once selected, are advertised to drivers within the state to select the Crew Member they want to represent them.

The application process is done on a rolling 12-month basis. The following regions opened the application process on November 1, 2023:

  • Midwestern and Southern states, including Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin
  • North Eastern states, including Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont
  • Western states including Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Utah

In California and the Southern regions, including Alabama, Arkansas, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia) applications open May 2024.


How Does It Differ From Other Uber Services?

The Uber Crew service is completely different from any other services Uber provides. Until this program, Uber drivers had to rely on surveys and focus groups that Uber initiated to share their opinions.

With Uber Crew, there is a better chance that your voice will be heard through your Crew Member. Uber Crew Members aren’t Uber employees. Instead, they are drivers like yourself who meet the specific criteria but are the spokesperson for you and the other drivers who choose them to help make a difference with Uber.

How Much Do Uber Crew Members Make?

Uber Crew Members’ income isn’t disclosed. Like you, they are independent drivers and couriers. But for their role as Crew Members, they get compensated by Street Level Marketing.

What Does a Crew Member Do?

A Crew Member’s job is to improve the Uber app experience for drivers and couriers. Crew Members are responsible for meeting with the drivers and couriers within their program to get feedback on their experiences in their area. If they hear of concerns or problems, they are to bring them up to the teams at Uber.

An Uber Crew Member may also work closely with Uber as they create new apps, features, or programs. They provide their feedback based on their personal experience and the information they receive from drivers and couriers in their network.

Uber Crew Members meet with drivers virtually twice annually via a virtual town hall. The most recent meeting was held in September 2023.

After the meeting, Crew Members meet with Uber teams who are in a position to solve problems for drivers. They also meet with Uber product experts to upgrade existing features or roll out new features that may solve drivers’ problems.

Benefits & Challenges

Most importantly, working as an Uber Crew Member, you have a voice with Uber and can help other independent contractors get more out of the app. If there are problems, many Uber drivers would stay silent rather than deal with the hassle of trying to contact an Uber employee.

Uber Crew Members are the ‘insiders’ and can provide a clear path to get drivers’ voices heard. However, there are downsides, including the lengthy application process and 12-month commitment.

Throughout the 12-month term, Crew Members are expected to give about 50 hours of their time. During this time, you’ll speak with your network of drivers and couriers virtually or in person and then spend time talking to Uber. This can be a downside since it takes away from the time you could spend driving.

How to Become an Uber Crew Member

To become an Uber Crew Member, you must meet the stated requirements and be willing to give the required time to fulfill the position. To apply, you must complete the online and video application.


  • You must have 12 months of experience driving for Uber or Uber Eats
  • You must have completed at least 150 trips (rides or deliveries)
  • You must have an active Uber status

Selection Process

The selection process for Uber Crew members is extensive. Not only must you complete the application and video process, but you will also undergo a virtual interview with Street Level Marketing.

Uber doesn’t have a say in who is selected, and Street Level Marketing chooses members based on their app knowledge, experience, and ability to communicate since Crew Members are the eyes and ears of the app.

What Other Crew Members Are Saying

Crew Members love the platform Uber created for them to collaborate with other drivers and have their voices heard.

They all say that Uber executives are very flexible and that they listen to the ideas and concerns brought forth by Members from other drivers in their states.


Uber Crew is just another way Uber proves they are there for their drivers. Here are some questions about the program.

Is Uber Crew Affiliated With Uber?

Uber is not involved in the selection process. Street Level Strategy completes the application process, and Crew Members are voted by drivers like yourself.

Can Anyone Become an Uber Crew Member?

You must meet the guidelines required to be a Crew Member. This includes being an active Uber driver for 12 months and completing at least 150 drives.

How Many Uber Crew Members Are There?

Currently, there are 75 Crew Members that cover all 50 states.

How Long Do Uber Crew Members Serve?

Uber Crew Members serve for 12 months. To be re-elected, they must reapply and be voted in again upon renewal.

What Is the Time Commitment For Uber Crew?

The time commitment is voluntary, but the suggested time is 50 hours over 12 months, or 3 to 4 hours a month.

Do I Need to Own a Vehicle to Join the Uber Crew?

You must be an active Uber driver to be a part of the Uber Crew, which, for most people, means owning a vehicle.

Drivers Take

Whether you use Uber Crew to have your voice heard or apply to be an Uber Crew member yourself, it’s a great way to ensure Uber is the best it can be. And also that you feel good about what you spend your time doing to earn money.