Uber Driver’s Guide to Phoenix in 2024

Phoenix Uber drivers have unique challenges and opportunities that the rest of the country is not exposed to. It is a hub for driverless vehicles and has an active and established rideshare community.

Between a bustling airport, vacation hotspots, and MLB spring training, Phoenix area drivers keep busy with locals and tourists alike.

Here are the key things you need to know about driving for Uber in Phoenix.

Aerial view of the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Driving for Uber in Phoenix

Driving for Uber in Phoenix requires patience and knowledge of the area to reach your income goals. Fortunately, it’s easy to become an Uber driver in Phoenix.

The Phoenix Uber vehicle requirements are the same as those of most other states. According to Uber’s website:

“To be a driver in Phoenix, you must meet certain requirements: meet the minimum age to drive in your city, have at least one year of driving experience, and clear a background check.

The documents you’ll need to submit are a valid driver’s license, proof of residency in your city, state, or province, and insurance if you plan to drive your own car.

If you need insurance, we recommend VOOM. It’s insurance made for Rideshare drivers and will be available in AZ, TN, CO, NV, and soon in additional states.

To sign up for Uber, the process includes submitting documents and photo; providing information for a background check; and finding out if your car is eligible (or getting a vehicle, that is).“

In the Phoenix market, you can drive for UberX, UberXL, Uber Comfort, Uber Black or Uber Premier if you have the proper vehicles.

Sign up to drive for Uber in Phoenix.

Phoenix Uber Driver Tips and Strategies

A Phoenix-area driver on Reddit shared the following tips and tricks for driving within and around the Phoenix area.

We always recommend trying out different times, locations, and techniques yourself to determine what works best for you as a driver. Every driver will have a different experience.

Drive at Night

His first tip is to drive at night. His observations show that day passengers tend to be locals who were working outdoors in the heat of the day and might not smell the best getting into your clean, cool vehicle.

Nighttime passengers are cleaned up from their work day and are ready to enjoy their evenings.

He also avoids day driving to avoid the bulk of the traffic in and around Phoenix, including the airport.

He said, “If the airport has more than 10 cars, you could potentially be sitting for 30+ minutes for your turn and that rider may only be going to downtown Tempe or Phoenix. Unless you’re doing some kind of low mileage strategy, this is not going to net you much $$$/hr.”

Get to Know the Area

Tempe, AZ, is right near the airport and is a college town. While you might get a decent number of rides in or around Tempe, you’ll likely end up making a lot of super short trips (which come in handy if you have a quest you’re trying to complete within a limited time period).

One thing to keep in mind is that most college students tend not to tip their drivers, so you might not get extra money on top of your per-ride earnings if you’re hanging around campus.

Pay Attention to the Seasons

The seasons make a difference in Phoenix. It gets ungodly hot in the summer but is a comfortable, vacation-ready temp in the winter. Meanwhile, in springtime, you’ll have the MLB spring training.

A Phoenix resident said, “Spring training is really fun – many different stadium locations to go to with games many days of the week!”

Spring training is something that locals and tourists alike enjoy in the Phoenix area. One driver commented that driver earnings are through the roof during spring training.

Know Your Competition

Phoenix is one of the few places in the U.S. that has active driverless vehicles. Not only are there autonomous vehicles, but Uber employs them.

As of fall of 2023, Uber users in Phoenix have been able to order Waymo driverless cars. As of 2023, Phoenix is “the largest fully autonomous service area in the world,” according to a release.

View of Camelback Mountain

Phoenix Uber Driver Hotspots

Phoenix has many hotspots where tourists and even locals want to spend time besides during spring training, which is sure to be hopping all over the city and surrounding area.

Here are some of the most popular areas to position yourself to get the most rides, especially during peak tourist season, usually in the winter.

  • Hiking at Camelback Mountain
  • Phoenix Zoo and the Botanical Gardens
  • Downtown Roosevelt Row – food and breweries
  • Old Town Scottsdale – bars, bars, and more bars
  • Sedona
  • Phoenix Theater
  • The Crescent Ballroom
  • The Van Buren
  • Golfing, everywhere

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in Phoenix?

According to Uber, part-time drivers in the Phoenix market can earn around $26/hr, though keep in mind that drivers are paid per trip, not an hourly rate, and of course, this amount is just an estimate, and earnings will vary by day, driver, and circumstances.

On Reddit, one Phoenix-area driver claimed a yearly gross income of approximately $65k before tips but after gas. Drivers keep 100% of their tips.

Alternatives To Driving Uber in Phoenix

If you aren’t making enough money driving for Uber in Phoenix, you can double up and drive/work for other gig apps to reach your goal hourly rate.

Other Apps To Consider