Uber No Longer Offering E-mail Support

Getting good help from Uber has always been a challenge for drivers.  In fact, the most popular article on my site over the past two years focuses on the top ways you can just get in contact with Uber.  But as of this week, things are getting a little tougher, as Uber is no longer offering e-mail support.

I’m a little torn on this change since it’s always been convenient/handy to e-mail Uber whenever I had a question, but the responses I got were not always that helpful.  Uber actually announced this change a few months ago, but it wasn’t until this week that they officially killed off the support@uber.com e-mail address.  Here’s what you’ll get in reply if you try sending them an e-mail:


So if you’re a driver (or passenger) looking for help, what are your best options?


My primary method of contacting Uber has always been e-mail, so I was surprised to see they have really beefed up some of the responses and content on the help.Uber.com site.  If you head to help.Uber.com, you can select ‘For Riders’ or ‘For Partners (Drivers)’ and either navigate the menu of topics or type in a question.


I typed in a few sample questions and the site seemed to have pretty good answers for everything I asked about.  So if you have more general policy questions or generic problems with your account, this is probably going to be the best place to go.  Here are a list of sample questions that help.Uber.com can help out with:

Uber Driver Questions & Answers

If you’re a driver and you have a question that isn’t listed, you can submit an inquiry here.

Uber Passenger Questions & Answers

UberMovement.com – Detailed Help For Drivers

I found that help.Uber.com did a pretty good job of answering the more general questions, but if you want more details or specifics and you’re a driver, the best place to go is Ubermovement.com.  Uber Movement allows you to type in your city and get help with things like:

Get Help In The App

If you’re a driver or passenger, you can also turn to the ‘help’ section of the app to get help.  Here’s what it looks like from the help section of the Uber passenger app (Android):


If you’re an Uber passenger, this is going to be the best way to get help with things like fare reviews, lost/left behind items and more.  You can also go to ‘Trips and Fare Review’ and select an individual trip that you had a problem with and select an issue that way too.

Uber Driver App Help

Here’s what the help section of the Uber driver app (Android) looks like:


If you’re an Uber driver, going through the app is the best way to report problems with specific trips or to submit things like referral requests.

If you have a question not answered in this section, you can always go to Help->Account->I have another account question and ask your question here.  You should get a response to your question within 2-3 hours through the app and/or e-mail.

Is Uber’s Customer Service Getting Any Better?

Customer service (CS) is a tough job, but it seems like Uber has really struggled in this area over the past few years.  Drivers have always made fun of Uber’s CS reps for their robotic and often nonsensical responses, and it seems like Uber has decided to try and fix that by removing them from the equation.

You can still find a way to send a message to Uber if you really want to, but Uber is now directing drivers into more specific swim lanes in order to get help.  So while it may still be difficult to find the answers you need, once you get there, you should at least have your question answered.

I think this is a smart strategy for a business of Uber’s size, but I think they could have rolled it out a lot better.  A lot of drivers like myself are used to e-mailing Uber whenever they need help and there wasn’t a single e-mail that communicated this change to drivers.  So maybe Uber should have sent one last e-mail before they got rid of e-mail support 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Uber if I’m not a driver yet?

The best way to contact Uber if you’re not a driver yet or can’t log in to your account is to go to help.Uber.com and submit a request under Account->I have another question.

Does Uber have real time or live help?

In some markets, Uber is testing live chat and phone operators but for most of us, there’s no way to get live help from Uber.

Drivers, what do you think about Uber getting rid of e-mail support?  Where will you go when you need help in the future?

-Harry @ RSG