UCars Review: A Car Rental Option for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Not everyone is ready to jump into the lease vs. buy a car debate: some drivers want to dip their toes into rideshare driving without committing to a big purchase or lease agreement. RSG contributor Tyler Philbrook introduces us to a new car rental program for rideshare drivers in this UCars review.

So, you want to get out and make some money with rideshare driving or delivery. Just one small problem! You don’t own a car.

You could go through a program with Lyft or Uber, but then you’re stuck driving for just one platform. What if you could rent a car that allows you to make money like you would if it was your own car? Even better, what if that car got 50+ MPG, saving you money on the biggest expense of every rideshare driver?

UCars can do just that!

What is UCars?

UCars is a car rental company that started in 2014. They have locations in both Phoenix, Arizona and Dallas, Texas.

All of their cars are hybrids, which allows drivers to hold on to more of their money.

Their main goal is to help drivers get out on the road and make money as quickly as possible. Some drivers have been using them for years due to the savings in maintenance and gas, which offsets the rental fees.

How UCars Works

If you live in or near Phoenix or Dallas, you can either go onto their site and request a call. Simply go to the UCars website and hit “click here to start”.

Or if you want to get started right away, simply go into the location near you, and they’ll work with you to get you in a car quickly.

When you get your car, UCars has the documents ready to submit to Uber and Lyft, the registration, insurance, inspections, etc. They even help you upload them in the app, and usually within 15 to 20 minutes of you getting the car you’re able to start making money.

If however, you’re still in the background check stage, they can’t speed that process up, but they can help you get set up on the app with their car.

Make sure you sign up for Uber and get the background check process started before you go into UCars for a vehicle!

UCars locations:

In Tempe: 1414 W Broadway Rd, Suite 140, Tempe, AZ 85282

In Dallas: 2301 N Central Expressway, Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75075

Once you have your car, if you want to keep it long term, you simply pay once a week and keep the car. When speaking to CEO Joel Goldberg, he said some drivers keep their cars for years at a time.

That can at times create an opportunity to save even more money. When a driver does turn in a car, it’s sometimes now too old to put back into their fleet. In this case, UCars offers it for a discount to drivers looking for cars. If you end up really liking your car, this could be a great rent-to-own option.

UCars Cost

UCars car rentals cost $299 each week for their vehicles. That’s a little more expensive than car rental options we have on our vehicle marketplace, but according to drivers we’ve spoken to, this cost per week is actually around average.

In addition to the price being on par with other companies, the cars also save you money because of the 50+ MPG each vehicle gets. UCars estimates over $100 in savings a week from not having to pay for gas. This helps to offset the weekly rental cost of the car.

Companies Like UCars

UCars is not the only company that does this, as mentioned before Lyft and Uber both offer similar rentals. However, you’re stuck using just one platform if you choose to go with an Uber or Lyft vehicle rental.

Other options are Hyrecar, or Turo. A major difference between UCars and these companies is that UCars owns the vehicles, whereas the others are owned by individuals who rent out their cars. It’s a great way if you have a second vehicle, or aren’t using your vehicle for a week or more, to make some extra cash.

Is UCars Worth It?

If you live in Phoenix (Tempe) or Dallas, it could be worth it to try out UCars! UCars receives an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, and all complaints lodged against them were cleared up.

It is worth nothing that UCars says, during the onboarding process, invoices are created right away in order to get the customer on the road “as quickly as possible.” It’s best to investigate if UCars is right for you by visiting their website or calling them before heading in!

Reviews online vary: many people say the process is fast, it’s easy to get into a car, and pricing is fair. However, others have noted the cars may be older than expected, and you’ll be required to pay for the first week (no deposit required). Overall, reviews are positive, and UCars seems responsive to feedback.

It’s always a good sign, too, when you can visit in person to solve any customer service issues that might arise. As we rideshare drivers know, there’s nothing like speaking to someone in person to get a problem solved!

Should you try out UCars? If you’re interested in signing up for Uber or Lyft, but don’t have a car, and live in Phoenix or Dallas, this is a good resource!

UCars FAQs

What is UCars phone number?

UCars phone number for Phoenix is 480-844-2454.

UCars phone number for Dallas is 214-501-5707.

UCars requirements

To get started with UCars, you’ll need:

  • To sign up to be an Uber driver
  • A driver’s license in your state
  • Minimum age of 21
  • Pass a background check

UCars can also help you set up your Uber driver account.

Drivers, what did you do for a vehicle when you first started rideshare driving? Rent, lease, buy or use a vehicle you already owned?

-Tyler @ RSG