Over the past few years, I’ve shared a lot of information with you all through my articles, podcasts and videos.  But with thousands of articles now published, hundreds of hours of podcasts and videos, there is a lot of information to digest.  So that’s why I’ve created a handy Uber Driver Training Guide for anyone looking to get started with Uber or just brush up on the basics.

    The Uber Driver Training Guide

    This Uber driver training guide is designed for people new to rideshare driving, or people who may have questions about driving and aren’t sure if driving is right for them.

    In the guide, we’ll answer the following questions

    • Do drivers actually earn money doing this job?
    • How can you get the highest sign-up bonus possible?
    • Is it really that flexible?
    • What kind of vehicle and driver requirements are there?
    • What insurance requirements are there to be a driver?
    • What do I need to know for taxes?
    • And more!

    This guide is geared towards new drivers but you’ll also get my recommendations on the best times to drive to maximize the amount of money you make – working smarter, not harder.

    The Uber Driver Training Guide is designed to help you determine if rideshare driving is for you: how to make more money and work smarter, not harder.

    Everything New Drivers Need to Know About Driving for Uber

    There are literally tens of thousands of new drivers signing up every month and for good reason. Just like me, they value the pay, the flexibility and the interactions with passengers.  Even though the driver market is getting saturated, that also presents a unique opportunity for the best drivers to really stand out. This Uber Driver Training Guide will help you excel as a driver, whether you decide to drive for Uber, Lyft or any new rideshare company you choose (Juno, anyone?)

    I truly believe that there is still a ton of opportunity for those who are willing to work for it and ready to invest in themselves and their career.  But if you expect to just flip on the app and make a ton of money, that is not going to happen.  This guide is all about maximizing the opportunity out there and helping new drivers take advantage of everything rideshare driving has to offer.

    Bookmark This Page

    If you want to take your time going through this Uber Driver Training Guide, bookmark this page and refer back to it as you go through each article. Below is a list of each article in the Uber Driver Training Guide or you can download the free PDF version here.

    Why Should You Drive for Uber?

    Uber Sign Up Bonuses for New Drivers

    Uber Driver Requirements

    Uber Car Requirements

    Things to Know Before Working for Uber

    How Much Do Uber Drivers Make?

    What do you think of a handy Uber Driver Training Guide, and what type of guides would you like to see more of?

    -Harry @ RSG



    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

    I'm Harry, the owner and founder of The Rideshare Guy Blog and Podcast. I used to be a full-time engineer but now I'm a rideshare blogger! I write about my experience driving for Uber, Lyft, and other services and my goal is to help drivers earn more money by working smarter, not harder.