Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus: Updated for 2024

Uber ended its new driver sign-up bonus, which was a set amount on top of whatever you’d earned during your first days as a new driver. Now, Uber offers new drivers an earnings guarantee as a bonus.

This guaranteed amount is only available to brand-new Uber or Uber Eats drivers. If you signed up for Uber in the past and are trying to come back, unfortunately, this guarantee wouldn’t include you.

How Does the Uber Driver Sign-up Bonus Work?

Uber’s sign-up bonus can fluctuate by market and time of year, but brand new Uber drivers can typically expect to be offered a guarantee of $500-$1,000 if they sign up and do 50-200 rides within 30 days.

One thing that’s important to keep in mind, Uber’s new sign-on bonuses are actually guarantees. For example, if you sign up under a bonus promotion to earn $1,000 for giving 30 rides, and end up earning $900 by giving 30 rides, Uber will pay you the difference between $1,000 and the $900 you earned.

So it’s actually in your best interests to do short rides that don’t make too much at the beginning – you need to hit your goal and then collect that guaranteed earnings/Uber bonus.

How to Get the Uber Sign-up Bonus

For example, a new driver previously earned a $500 bonus after completing enough Uber rides, on top of what they already earned. But now a driver will get up to $1,000 guaranteed for completing their first 50 Uber rides in 30 days. If a driver makes less than the guaranteed amount ($500-$1000), Uber will pay the difference as a bonus.

So as long as you complete the number of trips included in your promotion, Uber will pay the difference even though you didn’t reach the guaranteed amount. Canceled deliveries or trips do not count toward your trip count

Our Referral Code: 3e3dg

Referral Codes

Each rider is given a unique Uber invite code to send to friends and family to give a free ride if they have never used the service before.

An Uber driver promo code and an Uber sign-up bonus code are the same thing. It’s the code you’re given by an existing driver to use in order to receive your sign-up guarantee.

Any website out there telling you to use their code for an extra bonus is likely scamming you or is old and hasn't updated its information since Uber changed from a sign-up bonus to a sign-up guarantee. Take those offers with a grain of salt and only trust what Uber tells you when it comes to how much you’re guaranteed for your first rides with them.

Uber Requirements for 2024

Before you can earn Uber’s sign-up bonus, you’ll need to know a few things about driving for Uber, including what the Uber driver requirements and Uber vehicle requirements are in 2022.

Uber Driver Requirements

To be a driver for Uber, you must

  • Meet the minimum age to drive in your city
  • Pass a background check
  • Have at least three years of driving experience if under age 25,
  • Have access to an eligible 4-door vehicle, and be able to provide a valid driver’s license.

Uber Vehicle Requirements

In order to be considered for Uber, your vehicle must

  • Have 4 doors
  • Be able to transport a minimum of 4 passengers.
  • The vehicle must also be 15 model years old or newer
  • No cosmetic damage or missing pieces.
  • The vehicle also can’t be reconstructed, salvaged, or rebuilt.
  • Rental vehicles are still not allowed unless it’s from an Uber-approved rental company. It’s also ok to use a vehicle that is not yours as long as your name appears on the insurance documents.

Uber Application Requirements

After you go through your driver and vehicle requirements, make sure you have your documents ready next.

  • Must have a valid US driver’s license
  • Provide proof of vehicle insurance if you plan to drive your own car
  • Provide proof of residency in your city, state, or province
  • A driver profile photo
    • Photo has to be a centered, forward-facing and include your full face and top of shoulders. Drivers can’t be wearing sunglasses in the photo.
    • Must be a photo only with no other subject in the frame. It should be well-lit, and in focus. The driver photo can’t be a driver’s license photo or other printed photograph

How to Become an Uber Driver & Get Your Bonus

The most important first step to take as you’re signing up for Uber as a driver is to get a referral code so you can receive the new driver guarantee (formerly Uber bonus). The guarantee varies from city to city and from month to month, depending on the demand for drivers and the area you’re signing up to drive in.

It doesn’t matter whose code you use, as all Uber referral codes are created equal. The only thing that is different is the city that you’re signing up to drive in.

For example, in smaller cities without as much passenger demand, the guarantee may be smaller than cities of equal size with a high passenger demand, or in larger cities, also with a high passenger demand.

How to Get an Uber Referral Code

The easiest way to get a referral code is from a fellow driver.

To use our code, you’ll simply go to the Uber site or through the Uber app and enter the code 3e3dg in the box when filling out your personal information. It’s very important to include the referral code before you sign up for Uber. Otherwise, it’s much more difficult and sometimes impossible to receive that guarantee retroactively.

As they say, time is money, and you don’t want to miss out on free money when it’s being handed to you on a silver platter. So, save yourself time and hassle by entering the referral code upfront.

Another way to sign up for Uber is just directly through Uber’s website. They sometimes offer their own guarantees that may or may not be better than a driver’s referral code.

Here’s an image from the text message our writer, Paula, sent to herself to see what her personal driver referral looks like to those she gives her code out to in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area:

uber driver sign up bonus

The driver referral amount will differ by city but you’ll be notified via email what your sign-on guarantee is. Be sure to save this email!

driver referral bonus in Minneapolis

How Much is Uber’s Guaranteed Earnings Bonus?

Although sign-up bonuses seem to be a thing of the past, Uber’s sign-up guarantees are going strong.

Curious about how much Uber drivers earn? Check out our article on Uber driver pay here.

Uber’s “guarantee” structure has drawn some criticism from many drivers since many folks sign up under the impression that, once they complete the required number of rides, they’ll take home a big chunk of cash on top of their regular earnings. Instead, the guarantee typically amounts to much less.

If you were offered an Uber sign-up bonus guarantee of $300 after completing X number of rides, and you made $297 in fares while completing those rides, you’ll only collect a measly $3 extra.

Uber’s messaging seems to be doing a better job of explaining how the guarantees work but if you’re looking to sign up, make sure you read the fine print.

Top Cities for Uber Drivers

Typically, bigger markets like Los Angeles or New York will offer the highest guarantees. If you want to work for Uber, make sure to sign up with a referral code like ours.

highest uber sign on bonuses by city

If you want to know what your existing guarantee is for your city, you’ll need to reach out to Uber for the latest opportunities.

Here’s a template you can send to find out what the sign-up guarantee is for your city:

Subject: Sign-up Bonus For A New Uber Driver


I am thinking about signing up to drive with Uber. Can you please tell me what the sign-up guarantee is for [insert your city here]?


[insert your name here]

Note: If you don’t receive a response via e-mail, you can always submit an issue through the Help section on the driver app. Be sure to keep all correspondence between Uber and yourself, most especially in reference to the guarantee.

How does Uber determine which cities get which earnings guarantees?

There are two factors that go into this: how many drivers there already are and the demand for more drivers. For instance, the guarantee in a larger city will likely be higher than in a smaller city, but even small cities can have a high demand for drivers.

It’s always best to sign up using a referral code, so you can get that guarantee if there is one available in your city.

Our referral code: 3e3dg

Additional Uber Promotions

Once you’ve claimed your referral guarantee, you won’t be eligible for additional sign-up bonuses. However, there are additional Uber driver bonuses you can take advantage of, including:

  • Quest
  • Boost
  • Consecutive Trip Boost
  • Uber Pro


A quest is a type of bonus where you earn extra money after you reach a certain number of trips during a certain time period such as during the week or over the weekend. The quest offers you get are for you and you alone. Other drivers in your area will see different quests, often based on their driving habits, such as full-time versus part-time drivers. The quest bonus includes any and all rides taken during that time period excluding cancellations.


Boosts are bonuses where you’re guaranteed surge pricing in a geofenced area during a certain time of the day. A request has to come from within that geofenced area during that time period for you to earn that guaranteed surge pricing or “boost”.

Consecutive trip boosts are a bonus amount that you’ll be paid for completing a certain number of rides in a row during a specified time period and the first ride must start in a specified zone. If you cancel or the rider cancels, you will not receive the consecutive trip boost unless you’re able to get the required number of rides in the time remaining, with remembering to get that first ride in the specified zone. Also, you cannot log out, deny or ignore any rides during that time period while you’re building up toward that boost.

Uber Pro

Uber also has a program for drivers called Uber Pro, which we break down in the video below:


Frequently Asked Questions

Someone told me that if I used their code, I would get $2,000. Why should I use your code?

All codes are created equal. If someone is telling you their code will get you more, they are either trying to scam you, or they don’t realize that a different market will offer a different guarantee amount. Use theirs, use ours, you’ll receive the same amount no matter what — again, assuming you meet all the criteria to receive the guarantee.

If you need to make money fast, check out our how to make $100 fast article for our top ways to make money quickly.

What’s the Uber sign-on bonus or guarantee in my city?

There are ways to check the sign-on guarantees without actually signing up officially. Submit a “dummy” application to find out the current sign-up guarantee to make sure it’s worth your while. The way to do this is to use your existing gmail address but with a slight change. If you add a period in the email address before the @ symbol, the information you want will still come to your actual email address.

For example, if your email address is Henry@gmail.com, add a period anywhere, such as H.enry@gmail.com and you’ll be able to see what your sign-on guarantee is without actually signing up for the service. Also, put a fake phone number so that you won’t actually be officially signing up, but you will receive an email from Uber saying what your bonus or guarantee is.

Does every city have a referral program?

Uber has eliminated the driver referral program in some cities. If it has eliminated the referral program in your city, this means you will not be able to refer other new drivers and earn a referral bonus.

According to Uber’s website:

“Everyone with an Uber account has a personal invite code that you can share with friends interested in creating a rider or driver account. You’ll receive rewards when:

  • New riders enter your invite code before requesting their first trip
  • New drivers sign up using your invite code and then complete a certain number of trips or other conditions

You are only eligible for one referral reward per individual. If your referral has already signed up to drive or deliver before, you may not be eligible for a reward.”

This would indicate that referrals are possible and available everywhere that Uber is currently operating.

How do I make the most money as an Uber driver?

You can learn about all the different ways to boost your Uber income here.

For example, you can drive for Uber and the best food delivery apps at the same time! Just make sure if you accept a delivery request, you turn off your Uber app and vice versa.

When will I get my Uber driver bonus?

You’ll receive your Uber driver sign-up guarantee as soon as you’ve completed the required number of rides in the required number of days. This will be outlined in an email sent to you, so make sure you save this email and start counting down the days and rides you give right away!

What if I didn’t sign up with a referral code?

One nice thing about Uber’s referral process is that they do allow for retroactive referrals. So if you signed up and forgot to enter a code, you can contact Uber and get a code added as long as you’re within 15 days of activation.

In order to do so, submit an inquiry through the Help section of the driver app or online here and let them know you signed up but forgot to enter my code (3e3dg) and wanted to confirm the bonus. They may also ask for:

Name: Harry Campbell

Uber e-mail: harry[at]therideshareguy.com

Usually Uber will respond to these requests within a few hours, but if you don’t receive a response within a few hours, you can submit your request through the app. Go to Profile-> Help-> Account and Payment-> Referrals -> Referrer – Report missing or incorrect driver referral.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or have more questions about this process as it can be confusing.

What requirements do I have to meet to qualify for an Uber sign-up bonus?

To become an Uber driver, you’ll first want to sign up using a referral code. Once you do that, you do have to meet certain requirements such as:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • have at least 3 years of driving experience
  • have an in-state driver’s license
  • in-state auto insurance with your name listed on the ID card
  • a car that is registered in-state
  • you need to pass their background check

Your car will also have to pass certain requirements to be considered viable as an Uber vehicle. It will also have to pass a 19-point inspection on an annual basis. For more information on what requirements there are to become an Uber driver, check out our article on Uber driver requirements.

What’s the difference between an Uber bonus and a guarantee?

Uber transitioned from new driver sign-up bonuses to guarantees. Originally, the referral code would give the driver and the referrer a bonus amount which would be added money on top of what you’re earning as a new driver with however many rides you’re asked to give. Now a referral code will give you a guarantee. A guarantee is guaranteed earnings with the number of rides you’re being asked to give.

Example: $500 bonus after completing your first 50 rides in 60 days. This would be $500 on top of what you earned with the 50 rides. A $500 guarantee for completing your first 50 rides in 60 days would be if you made less than $500 in earnings for giving those 50 rides in 60 days, Uber will pay the difference to make sure you reach $500 total.

The sign-up bonus was often better than a guaranteed rate, but this is what Uber seems to have transitioned to.

What happens if I earn more than the Uber guarantee while driving?

Basically, you will not earn anything extra. You are not paid additional money nor will you earn a guaranteed amount per trip with Uber. That’s why it’s good to follow the earning strategy below!

Also, keep in mind that if you do not meet the criteria for your guarantee, you will not get paid anything aside from what you’ve already earned for the trips you completed. So, if your guarantee says you need to do 50 rides in 30 days and you only do 45 trips in 30 days, you won’t get the guarantee amount.

What’s the best way to hit the Uber sign-up guarantee?

This new incentive structure is a lot less lucrative for new drivers, and unfortunately, it looks like it’s here to stay. To maximize your earnings and minimize your expenses, the best strategy for new drivers is simple: Go for short rides. The less you earn on each ride, the less wear and tear you’re putting on your car.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, it’s best to try and make as little money as possible at first so you can collect more cash as part of your guarantee.

How can I contact Uber about my driver sign-up bonus?

There are several ways to get in touch with Uber about your Uber sign-up bonus, including:

  • Through the app
  • Via social media
  • In-person
  • Email

Which way will work best for you? In most cases, going in person will get you the fastest and most accurate result, but it depends. Most Uber workers returned back into the office in January 2022.

Why did Uber ditch sign-on bonuses for guarantees?

The switch from bonuses to guarantees was bumpy, to say the least, and it really made a lot of new drivers upset. But guaranteed earnings are a better business strategy than bonuses because it allows drivers to have the incentive to drive without making the business go under for overpromising and overpaying their drivers.

Drivers who got caught in the shuffle ended up with less than what they thought they would earn, but Uber did its best to right the situation and put new drivers at ease.

Uber also can’t afford to be generous with the new driver sign-on bonuses any longer. Uber went public in 2019, which means they have to stop announcing quarterly losses and focus on profitability.

I’m signed up! How do I use the Uber driver app?

Using the Uber driver app is simple once you see it in action! The best way to learn how to use your Uber driver app is to watch how it’s done – check out the Uber driver app video below!


How Do Uber Drivers Get Paid?

Getting paid is probably the easiest part. Your weekly earnings are directly deposited into the bank account you provide Uber, including your Uber sign-on bonus. You’ll see your earnings every Wednesday from the previous week, ending at 4 am Monday morning. You’ll need a bank account in order to receive your direct deposits, but also you’ll want to consider setting up a card for instant payouts.

You can instantly pay yourself after earning money from giving rides if you have a card on file. This is extremely helpful if you have a bill that’s due before your weekly earnings would normally be deposited. There is a 50-cent fee for using the instant payment service, which doesn’t seem like a lot but could add up over time if you use it on a regular basis. Most Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards can be used. Drivers are allowed to use this up to 5 times per day.

When Can I Earn the Most Money Driving for Uber?

This question is one that’s difficult to answer because it really all just depends. It depends on the demand, it depends on your preferences and it depends on your market.

Generally speaking, evenings and weekends tend to earn you more bucks, but only if you do it right. If you work Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, you won’t get the same earnings as Friday and Saturday evenings.

On the other hand, if you’re out and about during the morning and evening commute, you’ll keep busy during those times and likely earn a decent wage.

Part of the equation is also what you prefer. Some people absolutely hate driving at night, so their best option is to find out when demand is highest during the daytime. But you can also flip that on its head, and if you prefer driving at night, you’ll want to find the times that will work best for you. That could also mean finding out when events are happening in your city and driving during times that would be ideal for dropping people off at those events.

Take a look at our article on Uber Pay to learn all our top tips about earning more as an Uber driver!

Other Sign-Up Bonus Offers

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