Winner of the Sunshine Award: The Driver Who Went the Extra Mile for a Handicapped Rider

SMTMC (Show Me The Money Club) has truly been a blessing for me the past year. We are growing a strong community of drivers and our voices are being amplified by the mainstream media.

Three months ago we created SMTEMSA (Show Me The Extra Mile Sunshine Award) for exceptional drivers who go the extra mile and pay it forward

It started with Natahaniel from Oregon, then it was John from Kentucky and our third SMTEMSA winner is:

🏆 Janice from North Carolina

Winner of the Sunshine Award: Janice’s Story

Janice initially started driving for Uber and Lyft like many of us do, to pay off some bills but then she discovered that the flexibility and freedom of full time gig work was not only financially rewarding but also mentally relaxing as she enjoyed her time having great conversations with passengers from all walks of life.

Her hard work paid off as she was able to purchase her first house during Covid by saving funds for the down payment she had accumulated from multiple gig apps.

During our conversation she stated that there are plenty of days that her frustration with the apps reach a peak but she will not deny that they have helped her fulfill certain financial goals.

janice June SMTMC winner

Janice to the Rescue of a Handicapped Rider

“I have to admit, I am cutthroat with making my money but those that are disabled do soften my heart as I never know when I will be disabled and not be able to get a ride somewhere that is urgent ….so in some way, trying to keep good karma flowing around the universe.”

During the month of April 2023 the High Point Furniture show occurs in Charlotte and that is Janice’s superbowl. She had been busy shuffling passengers around all day.

While she was in the middle of dropping off another rider, she accepted an Uber Comfort ride that was only three minutes away. Before she knew it she received an in app text message from the next passenger, it read,

“I am in a wheelchair and will need help.”

This made Janice pause a bit because she knew the level of effort it takes to pick up handicapped riders. She also utilizes UZURV360 as an addition to her multiple app repertoire.

She thought of canceling the trip as an extended period of time spent with a handicapped rider may mean loss of income as well as opportunity for her on one of the top earnings days.

It still did not phase her because she has an SUV that has plenty of room for a wheelchair and since she is trained by UZURV360 to handle these situations safely and quickly without problems, she headed to the pick-up.

trip details
Trip Details

Once Janice arrived at the pick-up location she observed a younger female in a wheelchair with a very small, fragile older man in his 80s with a cane. He was her father and they had been waiting for a driver to pick them up in the hot sun for hours.

“I pull up and she is waving saying ‘don’t leave us, we have been out here for 2.5 hours trying to get a ride home but all the other drivers pull up and cancel’. This actually broke my heart because this shouldn’t happen. I have learned through the years to put myself in other people’s shoes first before I allow my negative assumptions to take hold.”

It took Janice a few minutes to get them both situated in her car and during the trip she mostly listened to the passenger vent. As we all know sometimes being a rideshare driver is playing the role of shrink or a shoulder to cry on.

As she was taking them to their destination she informed the handicapped passenger about UZURV360, a city funded transportation program for people with disabilities.

janice show me the extra mile sunshine award

The passenger and her father were both very thankful because they received top-notch respectful service. As Janice walked them to the door of their condo, the misery they were in was replaced by elation. And they showed their gratitude with a nice tip in the app.

“I have been able to help many people along the way during my almost 5 years as a driver. I try to give back to the less fortunate and to those who truly need help. I get euphoria knowing that I helped someone during a time where they felt stuck or helpless.”

Janice, the Future and her Plan B

As she explained during the interview, Janice says she will continue using all the gig apps at her disposal as she works towards her goal of becoming a professional 3D Texture and Mesh creator for virtual games.

This is from Janice, our May winner of the Show Me The Extra Mile Sunshine Award.Thanks for making me look skinny with buff arms as well as making Chris and Harry look hip.

Janice image of sergio harry and chris
Janice's Image of Sergio, Harry, & Chris

My Take

Another amazing human being paying it forward and going the extra mile helping others in need.

I think we will continue with the SMTEMSA series as long as we are blessed with stories that not only touch our hearts but be an example to other Rideshare drivers.

Please, send us your stories at, you may not only be the winner of the Sunshine Award but also receive $100 for it.