Uber Eats has exploded recently as more people are ordering out for delivery. If you’re thinking of working for Uber Eats, now is a great time! Contributor Ezra Dubroff shines some light on what it’s like to actually deliver food with Uber Eats and how much money you can make.

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    My Experience Working for Uber Eats

    You’ve probably heard of Uber Eats by now, but what is it exactly?

    I fired up my app and set out to explore these questions, including how much Uber Eats delivery drivers make. Let’s see what I discovered!

    In this post, I’ll tell you about my experiences of actually going out and working for Uber Eats on a recent Saturday, plus common questions Uber Eats delivery people have and how much I made.

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    How to Become an Uber Eats Driver

    For current Uber drivers: if you’re already approved to drive with Uber and in a market that offers Uber Eats, you generally just need to “opt-in” in order to start working for Uber Eats. Open your driver app and from the home screen, scroll down, look for this message and follow the prompts:

    how to become an Uber eats driver

    Opt in to deliver for Uber Eats

    If for some reason you don’t see that message in the app, reach out to support and ask them for assistance with getting Uber Eats added to your account.

    If you’re new to Uber and interested in becoming a delivery-only driver, the driver and vehicle requirements are more relaxed than those for driving passengers. The specific requirements seem to vary by market, but generally a 1996 or newer vehicle is required (2-door vehicles are fine) and you must be at least 19-years-old (21 in Canada) with one year of driving experience, and you must be able to lift 30 pounds.

    If that sounds like a lot of food to carry, don’t worry – it’s rare you’ll have a delivery that weighs more than 3 or 4 pounds.

    In some cities, you can even deliver for Uber Eats with a scooter, motorcycle or bicycle.

    One major tip we have for those of you interested in driving for Uber Eats? Learn how the app works as a customer: How To Use Uber Eats App to Order Food in 2021: How Does It Work?


    Uber Eats Requirements

    The specific requirements seem to vary by market, but generally, vehicles have to be 20 years old or newer. Vehicles can’t be rebuilt or salvaged. 4 doors are recommended, but 2-door vehicles are fine. Drivers must be at least 19-years-old with one year of driving experience, valid vehicle insurance, and registration.

    UberEats partners will have to carry multiple bags occasionally. If that sounds like a lot of food to carry, don’t worry – it’s rare you’ll have a delivery that weighs more than 3 or 4 pounds.

    In some cities, you can even deliver for Uber Eats with a scooter, motorcycle or bicycle.

    The Uber Eats Driver App

    Learn how to use the Uber ats delivery app below: Uber EATS Delivery App Tutorial for 2021 (Step by Step)


    Uber still allows drivers to choose between picking up passengers, delivering food, or doing both. This setting can always be changed through the driving preferences setting through the drivers app. As soon as you click go on the app you can begin to take orders. The app currently reminds the drivers to wear face masks, disinfect vehicles before and after shifts, and wash hands regularly. The app will even ask you to take a picture of yourself to make sure you have a mask. 

    With each order that comes through, you’ll get the estimated time it will take to get to the restaurant and the amount you’ll receive for the delivery. Uber has its own built-in navigation to get to and from the restaurant, but drivers also have the option to use apps like Google Maps and Waze. 

    After a successful pickup, drivers can rate their experience at the restaurant and head to the delivery destination. Customers have the option to either have food delivered to their door or come out to drivers to pick an order up. Just keep in mind Uber has the option to take a picture of a food order to help verify that an order was dropped off. After this step drivers are able to complete the order by swiping the delivered icon on their phone screen. Tips typically show up one hour after an order is delivered. 

    Sign Up for Uber Eats

    Please note that driver promotions and incentives may not be available in all cities, particularly newer or smaller markets.

    Here in Los Angeles, promotions and incentives play a big part in my earnings potential so they can’t be ignored. Your market might have different dynamics so be sure to adjust your strategy accordingly. In a smaller market, you might have to rely solely on trip earnings, without incentives, so you’ll want to determine if that makes sense for you.

    Saturday came along and I decided to hit the road and start working for Uber Eats at 11:15 AM. I switched to my Courier vehicle profile (Uber Eats only), signed online and hopped in my car.

    Ready to drive with Uber Eats

    I started driving the few blocks from my home towards a very popular donut shop in Santa Monica, a beach city on the west side of Los Angeles. I wanted to position myself closer to a known Uber Eats partner restaurant to increase my chances of getting an Uber Eats request quickly.

    After all, donuts are what many people consider a healthy Saturday morning breakfast after a late Friday night out indulging.

    How Much Does Uber Eats Pay?

    I’ve worked for Uber Eats in the past, but it had been a while since my last one, so before I decided to get out on the road, I wanted to have a plan in place.

    Having a plan to work for Uber Eats can help you increase your earnings, and I find I’m able to maximize my Uber earnings when I focus on driver incentives like Quest and Boost. 

    To find current Quest and Boost promotions, check “Promotions,” which can be found by tapping “Earnings” on the bottom menu of the Uber driver app home screen.

    UberEats Driver App Screenshot

    UberEats Driver App

    UberEats Driver App Screeshot

    UberEats Driver App

    After two minutes parked outside the donut shop, I got a request. But it wasn’t for the donut shop. It was for a poke restaurant about half a mile away.

    Uber Eats Jobs

    Getting to the restaurant took me another two minutes. I always check out the restaurant pickup instructions because they sometimes contain really helpful info, but in this case, I decided to forgo double parking in the alley for an easy meter right out front.

    One dime in the meter gave me six minutes of freedom. It turns out I only needed one minute. Upon walking into the poke restaurant, I gave the staff the customer’s name and the order number and was handed the food immediately.  No need to pay or hand over a credit card like with Postmates.

    Through the app, I confirmed I picked up the order and began the Uber delivery. The drop off was about two miles away in a residential area. Since Uber Eats provides curbside delivery in Los Angeles, I like to send a text to the customer asking them to meet me outside.

    I find that if I send that text a minute or two before I arrive, I can encourage customers to head outside and help make for a quick delivery, while at the same time not coming across as being too demanding. After all, we’re rated by customers, so I try to keep their experience in mind.

    What a Typical Job Is Like

    Restaurants are usually pretty quick about getting orders to Uber partners. Most even have a table set up just for drivers to grab orders from. There have been plenty of times that the order was ready right when I walked in. It’s good practice to have the customer’s name and order number ready if a restaurant worker asks for it. 

    Depending on the situation delivery drivers may have to pick up two orders from the same restaurant, be sure to keep an eye on the app to make sure that isn’t the case before leaving. After picking up the food you can head to the destination. Drivers are allowed to rate their experience with both the restaurant and customer. Always take a picture of the food when the customer asks to drop it off at their front door. 

    Overall, I was able to earn $187.86 (earnings + incentives + tips) in under 9 hours while driving a total of 106 miles. I was satisfied with this, but also aware that if there had been better Boost offerings that weekend, my earnings could have been significantly more. 

    Delivery with Uber Eats / Being an Uber Eats Deliverer

    I decided to take a break from working for Uber Eats and get and a bite to eat, then I popped back online at 6:45 and quickly accepted a delivery request. This order took me to a Santa Monica taco shop. I reached the taco shop quickly but unfortunately had to wait over 10 minutes for the food. The delivery was to Venice, a 4-mile trip that took about 14 minutes.

    Work for UberEats

    You can work as an Uber Eats Driver too

    After this, the orders continued to flow consistently throughout the evening. I even completed two stacked order requests, meaning I picked up two orders at once, allowing me to reach my 20-trip goal more quickly.

    And just before 10 PM, I completed my 20th Uber Eats delivery driver order of the day, qualifying for the $50 bonus. Success!

    Will I Receive Both Uber Eats Requests and Uber Ride Requests at the Same Time?

    It’s up to you. If you’re already driving passengers and you opt-in to work for Uber Eats, your account may be updated to send you both types of requests when you go online.

    However, this can be changed so you can get the specific types of requests you’d like.

    All you need to do is contact support and ask that vehicle’s profile be set up on your account for rides only, deliveries only and hybrid. All I need to do is select the vehicle profile that reflects the type of requests I want to receive before I go online.

    Driving for Uber Eats: Is It Worth It?

    That’s up to you to decide, but here are some of the challenges I faced:

    My day working for Uber Eats went pretty smoothly overall, though it was not without some frustrations and challenges, just like any rideshare or delivery service. Once I encounter an issue, I try to figure out if there’s a way to avoid repeating that negative experience again in the future.

    1) Difficult Restaurants: Probably the biggest hurdle to success with Uber Eats for me has been restaurants that don’t set reliable ETAs for when the orders will be ready, meaning that instead of getting in and out quickly, I end up waiting 10 minutes or longer for the order. Uber Eats is supposed to be streamlined so that once the driver arrives at the restaurant, the food should be ready for pickup. In the real world, this isn’t always the case, but generally, most restaurants are pretty good about this. Since we’re being paid for mileage and not time, it’s important to be able to work quickly and efficiently.

    2) Difficult Customers: The vast majority of customers are easy to deal with and friendly. On this day, I only encountered one difficult customer, who insisted I deliver directly to their multi-million dollar beachfront condo door and would not meet me curbside. Instead of getting into an argument, I just took the extra few minutes to deliver as requested, hoping that maybe my efforts would be rewarded with a tip. Nope, no tip. How could I be so naive?

    The only other type of difficult Uber Eats customer I’ve dealt with is those who are unreachable and not available for delivery. If I can’t reach the customer within a few minutes, I’ll call the Uber Eats partner support line and get help. Yes, there is actually phone support in the app for Uber Eats, which can help resolve issues quickly. We’re only required to wait 10 minutes, but my customers have always shown up before that so I never got to keep any food unfortunately!

    3) Lack of Orders: Just like with driving passengers, a lack of requests can certainly be challenging. On this particular day, the longest wait I had between orders was 25 minutes, but on average it was closer to 5 minutes. This challenge can be remedied by focusing on driving at times of high demand (meal times) and positioning yourself close to an Uber Eats restaurant or group of restaurants.

    How to Apply for Uber Eats

    Thinking about applying to deliver for Uber Eats? Here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

    1. Download the app
    2. Create an account
    3. Select mode of transportation (car, scooter, bike) 
    4. Complete Uber background check
    5. Provide copy of driver’s license, car insurance, and car registration
    6. Provide profile picture 
    7. Wait on account activation 

    Overall signing up for Uber Eats is a pretty smooth process especially if you are already signed up to drive for Uber. You’ll just simply have to opt in to deliveries and you’ll start getting orders. The activation process typically takes 3 days to get signed up for Uber Eats. You’ll receive an email and text once you’re approved to start delivering. 

    Uber Food Delivery: Stacked Orders

    Stacked orders refers to having multiple pickups on one order (usually at the same restaurant) and multiple drop-offs. Think of it as UberPOOL for uber food delivery. Once you accept a request, be sure to keep your app open and continue to pay attention to your phone. While you’re on your way to the restaurant or even while you’re waiting for the food, you may receive a second, “stacked” request.

    Uber Eats

    Uber Eats

    The advantage of stacked orders is that they allow you to complete more orders quickly, which can help if you’re working towards a Quest trip-based incentive like I was. The disadvantage is that stacked orders are paid like UberPOOL, so I’ve had payouts as low as $3.22.

    Work for Uber Eats

    How Much Do You Make from Tips?

    I never expect to receive tips, but it’s a pleasant bonus if I do. I ended up receiving two cash tips for a total of $7. Better than nothing, right?

    Uber Eats Pay

    Overall, I was able to earn $187.86 (earnings + incentives + tips) in under 9 hours while driving a total of 106 miles. I was satisfied with this, but also aware that if there had been better Boost offerings that weekend, my earnings could have been significantly more. 

    Note: It’s important to track your mileage so you can write off your mileage. You can use an app like QuickBooks Self-Employed to track your mileage and expenses so you lessen your tax burden at the end of the year. In the case above, 106 miles would generate $56.71 in mileage deductions and lower taxable income from $187.86 to $131.15, and that’s just with the mileage deduction.

    I find working for Uber Eats to be a refreshing change of pace from driving passengers. Since most deliveries are only a few miles, I’m able to stay close to home or a certain area if I only have a limited amount of time to work.

    Other pros of delivery work include not having to keep a clean car, being able to drive how I like and also being able to listen to podcasts or talk to friends and family while I’m driving. Customer interactions on deliveries are usually less than 30 seconds so if you’re not a people person or just not in an outgoing mood on a particular day, this can be a good option for you.

    How Much Can You Make with Uber Eats in a Week?

    As you can see below, I made $130 after one day of working for Uber Eats. If you drive a full week and make around this, Uber Eats delivery drivers can make nearly $1000 per week.

    However, Uber Eats drivers are currently reporting making $20+ an hour driving for Uber Eats. This means that if you sign up for Uber Eats now and start driving, you could make over $1000 per week driving for Uber Eats.


    UberEATS – Apply today!

    Here are our top tips to maximize your earnings:

    • Drive for multiple companies – you can earn more per hour by signing up and driving for multiple food delivery apps. Take the requests that will pay you the most in the shortest amount of time.
    • If Uber Eats offers you any promotions, pay attention to them and make sure you hit the requirements to get the additional cash!
    • Always text your customer and let them know if their meal is late, needs substitutions, or if you’re on your way there! From our experience, being communicative with customers no matter which of the gig jobs apps you’re working for leads to bigger tips.

    Bonus Tip – How to Maximize Tips

    We tested a few methods out to see how we can maximize tips. We experimented with everything from how we say communicated to the customer to our name and picture on the app.

    One day I decided to try wearing a t-shirt that said tips appreciated and lo’ and behold, I started making more tips!

    I talked to The Rideshare Guy and had these custom t-shirts and sweaters made for Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, and Bite Squad delivery drivers:

    Mistakes Uber Eats Drivers Make

    As an Uber Eats driver for the last five years, below Elijah shares the worst mistakes Uber Eats drivers make that cost them time and money. Take a look at the video below: 10 Mistakes That Are Costing Uber Eats Drivers $$$!


    One great tip from a fellow Uber Eats driver? This driver says he always texts his customers:

    “Due to Covid, pease leave any cash tip under the doormat.”

    As this Eats driver notes, “this person was probably not gonna leave a tip. But now seeing that a tip is an important “expectation” for great service, they will do one or two things: 1) message you back saying THANKS and they leave a tip, or 2) messaging you back that they will tip thru the app. Either way, it gets the person thinking of leaving a tip. Works for me all the time!”

    Uber Eats FAQs

    In What Cities is Uber Eats Offered?

    Uber Eats is now operating in over 60 cities across 6 continents. I’m not sure if Antarctica will ever get Uber Eats service, but it’s pretty cool you can order it in places like Baltimore, Bangkok, Brisbane and even Bogota.

    Uber Eats is currently available in these cities. There are even more cities listed in the drop-down menu on the Uber Eats sign up page, perhaps indicating areas targeted for expansion in the near future.

    What is the Process like for Fulfilling Uber Eats Requests? Do I Need to Deliver Directly to Someone’s Door or Will the Customer Meet Me Curbside?

    You’ll receive requests in the app for available deliveries. Once you accept the requests, you’ll be directed to a restaurant where you can confirm the order with the staff and receive the food to be delivered. The app will walk you through the process step-by-step.

    You can now make contact-free deliveries with Uber Eats, meaning you’ll leave the food at the customer’s door and then leave. Make sure to text them once you’ve delivered the food though, so they know to get it!

    Are There Any Alternatives to working for Uber Eats if I Want to Deliver Food?

    Absolutely! I’m a firm believer in Harry’s strategy that it’s important to diversify your work in order to open yourself up to the most earnings opportunities. Some similar services include DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub and Caviar

    Don’t really want to pick up from restaurants? Instacart drivers are earning more than ever before with grocery delivery! Get started with Instacart here.

    How Do I Sign Up to Deliver With Uber Eats?

    If you’re already an Uber driver, you should be able to opt-in on the driver app or by contacting Uber. If you’re new to Uber, you can sign up here using our link to become an Uber Eats delivery partner.

    Apply to Work for Uber Eats

    If you’d like to sign up to work for Uber Eats and get your sign up bonus, click here to sign up. If you’re interested in Uber Eats delivery then you might also be interested in signing up to deliver for Postmates and Doordash.

    If you’d like to get your Uber EATS bonus, click here to sign up. If you’re interested in Uber Eats delivery then you might also be interested in signing up to deliver for Postmates and Doordash.

    Readers, do you work for Uber Eats or are you considering getting an Uber Eats job? Any questions you have we didn’t answer? Let me know in the comments below.

    -Ezra @ RSG





    Ezra Dubroff

    Ezra Dubroff

    Ezra Dubroff is a rideshare veteran living in Los Angeles, CA. With thousands of trips and deliveries completed since 2013, he’s been able to leverage his experiences to help other drivers make informed decisions about working in this industry. You can find him on YouTube.