Yoshi vs. Filld: Which Gas Up Company is Better for Drivers?

One of the biggest expenses we’ll have as drivers is gas – we need it weekly (depending on how much you drive) and costs always seem to be going up. Plus, it can be a hassle to remember to stop in and get some, especially if you have a day stacked with long rides. Two companies are looking to make it easier on drivers to gas up quickly and efficiently, and senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins breaks down the differences between Yoshi vs Filld below.

As a rideshare driver, you’re busy with every aspect of your life as far as making sure your car is ready to go each and every day. This includes gassing it up, car washes and maintenance as needed. What if you could do it all without having to take it anywhere? What if the gas, car wash and maintenance would come to you?

This is possible with some services that are available out there. Today we’re going to look at Yoshi and Filld. We’ll see some differences between the two companies as well as how they might be able to make your life a little easier.

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Yoshi does have a referral program which will help you earn more gas savings. When you send your promo code (you can use HARRYC0515) — found on the app under the “Free Gas” tab at the bottom — and your friends sign up, they get gifted with a $0.99/gallon fill up and you’ll be gifted with a $0.50/gallon fill up. So, the more people you get to sign up, the more $0.50 fill ups you can score!

Yoshi is a service that covers all the bases mentioned above, including gassing up your car, washing it, and maintaining it. If you need an oil change or other basic maintenance, you can add that service to your weekly request for gas. Yoshi boasts free delivery of Top Tier™, Synergy™ gas that is the lowest priced within 2 miles.

On their website, Yoshi boasts, “We believe that the automotive industry will change more in the next five years than it has in the past 50. Yoshi was founded to lead that change.

“We are reshaping the infrastructure required to fuel and service vehicles and working to usher in a new era of self-servicing vehicles and proactive car owners.”

A Yoshi truck refilling someone’s fuel

The add-on services at Yoshi include tire check, wiper blade replacement, car detailing, engine cleaner, washer fluid and windshield cleaning. Pair that with car washes and you’re ready to start your week of rideshare driving.

The way it works is Yoshi has a monthly service fee that starts at $16. This includes discounts on fuel prices, free fuel and service deliveries and more. Once your gas (and other services, if you choose) is delivered/completed, then your credit card on file will be charged with the cost of those services. There’s no delivery fee for the gas, you just pay for the amount of gas you get.

Where are they? Yoshi is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, the D.C. Area (including D.C., Maryland, and Virginia), Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, St. Louis, Tampa/St. Petersburg, and Warren.

Get started with Yoshi here.


Similar to Yoshi, Filld offers gas delivery for their customers. It doesn’t appear to offer the car washes and maintenance, but it does fill your car twice a week, which is a plus for rideshare drivers. Goodness knows I need to fill my car more than once a week!

Here’s out it works:

“Filld fueling service operates six nights per week, serving subscribed routes twice weekly. Recurring delivery nights vary by location, but are at set nights of the week for those locations. You can check your designated delivery night by entering your home address into our sign-up page. Delivery occurs overnight between the hours of 10pm and 5am. We limit service during peak transit hours to avoid crowding of roads during heavy traffic times.”

Get a quick overview of Filld with this video below:


For Filld, there is no monthly service fee, but there is a $5 delivery fee added to the cost of gas at each fill up. You are not obligated to get your car filled twice a week if you do not want to. You’ll get a text before the delivery truck is in your area to see if you’re still interested.

If you do not respond or if you respond “no” to any of these texts, they will not deliver your gas. If you respond “yes”, they also ask that you pop open your gas tank door so they are certain that you want the delivery, plus it’s a way around those that need unlocked from within the vehicle in order to get to the gas tank.

The cost of the gas fill up is based on the average price in your area and is charged by the gallon, just as it would be at a gas station.

If you are parked in a hard-to-reach area, the fueling trucks are equipped with 50-foot hoses to do their best to reach you. However, if your car is absolutely unreachable when the gas is trying to be delivered, you may be charged a cancellation fee for the trouble.

They deliver to your driveway but not to your garage due to safety regulations for mobile fueling. So, make sure your car is out of the garage for fuel delivery.

Where are they? Filld is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area; Washington, DC; and Vancouver, BC.

The Comparison

Either of these services can make your life quite a bit easier as a rideshare driver. Which of these two services would work best for you depends on your needs. If all you’re looking for is a fast and easy way to fill your tank, Filld is the way to go.

If you’re wanting a little extra out of these services and saving even more of your time, Yoshi could be best for you, as it also saves you from having to go to the car wash weekly. Plus, getting your oil changed and wiper fluid filled without having to go to a car maintenance location and waiting around for it to be done is a big bonus. You can schedule the service for when it works best for you and your schedule.

Personally, as a rideshare driver, I would lean toward Yoshi. I wouldn’t have to physically take my car to the car wash or in for basic maintenance. It would just be taken care of for me without having to take that extra step. Plus on busy days, you can wait up to an hour or longer at a car wash or other maintenance, and that’s time and money wasted when you could be out earning with rideshare.

I like that Filld is commitment free and you only pay for when fuel is delivered to your car so you can use it as frequently or infrequently as you like without having to pay a monthly fee for the services to be available to you.

The biggest downside for me is that Yoshi advertises that they only deliver gas once a week. When I asked a representative, however, they did say you can get your car filled two or three times a week if you wish. That’s better for me as a part-time driver, but I know many full-time drivers need gas daily.

All in all, I’d rather pay a monthly fee than pay a delivery fee each time my gas is filled. With Filld, it would cost $10 a week to get refueled twice a week versus the $16 a month fee for delivery through Yoshi.

With Yoshi, you can also pay extra for car washes. It’s an extra $49 each time you want them to wash your car, which to me is steep. However, they do clean your car inside and out, wash windows, etc. Whether or not you consider this expensive depends on your market and how much you value your time – could you be doing something else with your time while they’re cleaning your car? Learn more about rideshare with a course like Maximum Ridesharing Profits, catch up on podcasts – or just spend time with your family! It’s a cost-benefit analysis only you can make.

Overall, there is clearly a market for these services and, even if they’re not frequent enough for rideshare drivers, they do show there is still a lot of opportunity to tap into rideshare drivers wants and needs.

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Would you use one of the services listed above? How would you improve upon these services if you owned one of these companies?

-Paula @ RSG