Amazon Jobs – 7 Best Entry Level Jobs At Amazon [Apply Now]

“Amazon is taking over the world.” That’s a phrase that more or less has been spoken time and time again over the past several years – and it’s likely to continue. Essentially, everyone has heard of Amazon and they have a reputation for getting things delivered quickly.

Plus, Amazon is now offering sign on bonuses to many positions (see the tweet below!):

So, how do you get in on the action? There are several ways to work for Amazon outlined below. This is not an exhaustive list, mind you, and there’s ways to find work with Amazon through their careers page. You can search by city, job type and more.

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Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a delivery driver position allowing you to pick up a load of packages at their distribution centers and deliver the packages in the surrounding area using your own vehicle.

Signing up to become an Amazon driver is easy. You just fill out a simple application and Amazon runs a background check on you. The catch is you have to actually wait until there is an Amazon Flex job opening in your area.

Amazon Flex sets up blocks of work, which is the amount of time you’re expected to complete your deliveries within. Your earnings don’t go up or down if you do the work faster or slower than that block.

There is a limit on the number of hours you can deliver with Amazon Flex. The limit for Amazon Flex blocks is 8 hours.

Read tips for how to be an Amazon Flex driver: Amazon Flex – What It’s Like To Deliver Packages For Amazon

One Amazon Flex driver, Kris P., shared their earnings for a single block:

“At the end of my shift, I had $70 in my account. Obviously, my main expense was fuel – I logged 63 miles on my route and at current pump prices, it cost me about $10.75 in gas. So, before taxes, I net about $59.25 for what took me 4.5 hours for just a little over $13 an hour.

The more you get used to the system, the faster and more efficient you’ll get. In hindsight, I bet I could have finished my shift in under 3 hours (especially if I didn’t have to go back for returns). Not bad for being an Amazon delivery contractor.”

According to Amazon, you can make $18-25 per hour.


Warehouse Jobs

Amazon has Warehouse Team Member jobs available for seasonal, full-time or part-time positions. Shifts vary from daytime, overnight and weekends.

As a warehouse worker, you’d be selecting, packing and shipping customer orders. It’s considered to be a fast-paced work environment, where you are constantly moving. Requirements include being able to understand and adhere to all safety requirements as well as having a high school, GED or equivalent diploma.

Pay rate depends on the area, shift type and more. As of the writing of this article, in Shakopee, MN, the pay rate being offered is up to $20.85 per hour as well as a $3,000 sign-on bonus if you start before Dec. 19, 2021.

Plus the website claims that new hires, who show proof of their Covid-19 vaccination, can earn a $100 bonus on their first day.

Amazon Grocery Shopper

As an Amazon Grocery Shopper, some of your responsibilities may include shopping the store for customers using a mobile phone, preparing grocery orders for delivery, checking order for quality, and more.

Learn what it’s like to be an Amazon Grocery Shopper at the video below:


A current Amazon Grocery Shopper position available in University Place, Washington says that the pay rate is up to $17.50 for a part-time seasonal position.

Requirements include being able to understand and adhere to all safety requirements as well as having a high school, GED or equivalent diploma.

Amazon Air Associate

If you are interested in loading cargo from the warehouse onto an aircraft, Amazon Air Associate might be the position for you.

As an Amazon Air Associate, your responsibilities may include loading and unloading aircraft and trucks, preparing packages for sorting and loading on to containers, and weighing, labeling or making/breaking down air containers.

You can learn more about what an Air Associate position includes by watching this video from Amazon:

An open Amazon Air Associate position in Hanover, MD stated that the pay rate is up to $18.90 an hour for a full-time, regular position.

Shifts for this specific position are 4/10s – 4 days a week, 10 hours a day – and there is up to $1,500 sign-on bonus if you start your first day prior to December 5, 2021.

Amazon Delivery Driver

This is different from Amazon Flex. The key differences include having a full-time schedule, working 40 hours a week, and you’re provided with a delivery vehicle, so you don’t need to use your own.

Your schedule would be 4 days, 10 hours each with an opportunity for overtime and promotions. You’ll be delivering 200-250 packages each day.

A special drivers license (like CDL) is not required for this position. You’ll also have access to full benefits and competitive pay.

Check out this Amazon Delivery Service Partner video to learn more:


A listing for an Amazon Delivery Driver position in Portland, Oregon says that starting pay is $20.38/hr plus benefits (*rate includes $18.50 minimum/hour, plus weekly attendance bonus of $75, ends on 12/25/21).

Locker+ Associate

As an Amazon Locker+ Associate, you can expect to maintain a clean work space, assist customers with questions, problem solve, receive deliveries, stow orders and more. For this position, you’ll have free training.

An available part-time position in Seattle, WA is offering up to $18 an hour with shift times averaging 4-5 hours each shift, but could go up to 10 hours.

Other Open Positions

There are thousands of openings available throughout Amazon, across the country and around the world. Some require higher education, some specify certifications needed. Some are full-time, some are part-time. Some are remote and others are in-person.

You can search by location, team name/category, job title and more.

There are even opportunities specifically crafted for “current undergraduate and graduate students for internship and full-time opportunities in a variety of roles, including software development engineers (SDEs), support engineers, product managers, operations managers, applied scientists, vendor managers, cloud support associates, sales specialists, financial analysts, and more.”

There’s something for everyone at Amazon.

Have you ever worked or considered working for Amazon? What was your experience like?

-Paula @ RSG