7 Best Car Vacuums According To Uber Drivers

The feeling that you get from a new fresh smelling car is something that is irresistible. The spotless exterior of a car is easy to attain with a car wash using soap and water but there is more to keeping your car clean; yes, the interior. Keeping the interior clean can be much difficult with all of that dirt, debris, food crumbs and other particles accumulating in and around all the folds and crevices of your car.

Having a good car vacuum can make this job easier and quicker. If you have children or pets, getting a vacuum cleaner for your car becomes even more important with your backseat more likely to having crumbs, spills, stains, dirt, pet hair and dander. Having a vacuum handy would keep you ready to clean up right away, anytime, a spill or mess happens!

With a range of different vacuums available, narrowing down your options and choosing the best car vacuum for your vehicle is a task that requires in-depth research and experts’ reviews.

We simplify and shortlist some of the best car vacuums that would make cleaning your car much easier.

1) BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

This sleek, lightweight and compact cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is known for its high-end performance with proprietary cyclic action technology. Steady power through rechargeable lithium battery is maintained with no fade out making it easier to get the job on hand done in one go. 50% less energy is used with its Smart Charge Technology and long-life batteries can hold the charge for up to 18 months making this handy vacuum always ready.

It comes with a high performance suction with ability to clean even the tiniest dirt from your car. Light weight makes prolonged cleaning easier. It features a translucent collection bin makes maintenance easier with ease of observing level of dirt in the washable bowl and knowing when it is time to empty it.

In addition to that, filters are also machine washable, so cleaning is no more difficult. Its multi-layered filtration system is ideal for thorough cleaning and capturing allergens. Brush tools, rotating slim nozzle and onboard crevice makes it ideal for a variety of automotive applications.

2) Hikeren DC 12-Volt 106W 4300-4500PA Handheld Wet&Dry Auto Vacuum Cleaner

A compact yet powerful multifunctional vacuum designed specifically to provide dry and wet cleaning support for cars. Ergonomic and compact design enables it to fit well in your car trunk or under a seat. It makes reaching every corner of your car easier with its 3 interface accessories including long mouth, soft long tube and brush. 5 M long power cord gives you enhanced reach all around your car. The Hikeren car vacuum features CE, ROHS Certification and stainless steel HEPA filter (detachable and washable) offering impressive suction and efficient cleaning with dust absorption. Additionally, the presence of LED light gives viewability around dark and hard to reach places.

3) Armor All 2.5 Gallon AA255, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet&Dry Vacuum

The Armor All Utility Vac is one the best car vacuums designed specifically to give your car a nice and clean interior. With its powerful 2 HP motor, capability of handling both dry and wet pickup and with additional accessories; it can easily give your car a complete cleaning. It features a large 2.5 gallons polypropylene tank with an automatic shut off system that keeps it from overflowing. The built-in air and noise diffuser give efficient operation with minimized noise. The vacuum can be easily converted to function as a blower.

4) Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Hand Vacuum, SD20005

An ideal combination of light weight upright design, powerful suction and a long range to reach every tight corner of your car. The powerful 7-amp motor installed in the vacuum gives it the power to extract and pickup tough dirt and dust particles even those like sand, pebbles and more. It features a Quick Flip crevice tool with which you can easily clean between tight spaces such as car seats, cushions and all tight corners of your car. You get complete freedom to clean all around your car with its long 16-foot power cord. Thanks to the bagless design, cleanup is made even easier. Additional tools include dusting brush, sliding brush and upholstery tool for comprehensive and convenient cleaning.

5) BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt

Not only a powerful vacuum with Lithium Pivot’s superior suction capability and strong Lithium fade-free battery power, but it also is an easy to carry, lightweight vacuum that comes with a convenient standing charging base. It includes onboard crevice tool and brush that makes reaching any dirt and dust easier even in all those difficult to reach areas. Wide mouth design cleans up large debris in no time. This Pivot Vac has cyclonic action that spins dust and dirt away from the filter and the 3-stage filtration system ensures clean air exhaust. Its transparent bagless dirt bowl has additional capacity and is easily removable and washable.

6) ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

Keep your car clean from everyday messes effortlessly and enjoy a sharp clean interior with this best car vacuum that works well for dry and wet clutter. The 106W motor and metal turbine offers strong suction power along with best maneuverability that makes regular vacuuming the easiest task; keeping germs, bacteria and allergens away. Reach all the corners with its 16 feet long cable. The transparent dust container makes it even easier with good capacity, automatic shut-off lid design and washable HEPA filters.

7) LIBERRWAY High Power DC 12v Portable Handheld Wet Dry Auto Vacuum Cleaner for Car

A handy car vacuum that could be taken anywhere offering lightweight cleaning with its sleek portable design and easy gripping. It can reach almost anywhere you intend to clean around your car with its 16.5 ft long cord. This vacuum makes cleanups quicker and carries 100W of power offering strong suction to clean all the mess around your car. Additional useful tools and wet/dry usability offers multifunctionality and aids in cleaning the carpets, corners, crumbs, pet hair, sand and all kinds of spills.

Best Vacuum for Your Car – Final Words

Having the best car vacuum can make cleaning every nook and cranny of your car easier whether it is spilled food crumbs/liquid or flower pollen or dust or even pet hair. The car vacuums are designed specifically for vehicle application and thus if you are able to secure one of the best ones for your car; you shall be able to get rid of all the dirt and dust in a flash. Car vacuums would not only save you the hassle of using extension cords but would save you time and energy and would end up leaving your car in a pristine condition.