Have you ever received a gift from a DoorDash, Uber Eats or other delivery customer? Don’t laugh – it happens! Below, senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins rounds up some of the most thoughtful gifts from customers to DoorDash (and other delivery) drivers.

    We all could use some feel-good stories right about now, so today I’m going to share with you thoughtful gifts that customers have given to their DoorDash drivers recently. Not all customers are out to screw you over for a free meal. Some actually have a heart and know how to show it.


    The Best Gifts for Delivery Drivers: Gifts Delivery Drivers Have Received from Customers

    Hand sanitizer and soap

    This customer gave a gift of hand sanitizer and soap to their DoorDash driver and a generous $14 tip. The driver posted it on Reddit to share their good fortune.

    One commenter mentioned that it was a small gift but a good gesture. Someone else countered with, “It’s not small at all. It’s an incredible gift from a complete stranger.”

    In times like these, no matter the gift, the fact that someone is taking time out of their day and thinking about their DoorDash driver is wonderful. It helps make up for customers who don’t leave a tip or who are difficult to deal with.

    The sign that went along with the gift stated: “Merry Christmas from an appropriate social distance.”

    It was a cute addition that someone commented they would like as a bumper sticker. If you can’t have humor during a pandemic, you’re in for a rough ride.

    Snacks and Drinks

    Another customer left out snacks and drinks for the DoorDash driver to choose from along with a note that said: “Delivery Drivers! (Amazon, UPS, FEDEX, USPS, Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.) Thank you for making our lives easier this holiday season and all year long. Please help yourself to a refreshment (or two or three). Happy holidays!”

    Sometimes drivers don’t have the time to take a break and grab a bite to eat or a beverage. Having the option to take a bag of fruit snacks, crackers or popcorn and a gatorade, water or Red Bull with you from a drop off is a wonderful gesture and greatly appreciated by the driver who posted this to Reddit with the header “Bless this customer.”

    One commenter even said, “Dang!! They put Red Bull in there? That’s a premium drink there good sir!”

    Here’s another example of a customer leaving out snacks and drinks for delivery drivers: “All delivery drivers & those providing us with a service, please help yourself.”

    It’s still heartwarming and worthy of mention. For this driver, it was their last delivery of the night and made their day. The commenters agreed that customers like this are awesome and deserving of praise.

    Of course, not all drivers will encounter something like this, but it’s still lovely to see when a handful take the extra time and effort to thank their drivers in this special way.

    Starbucks (or Other Local Coffee Shop) Gift Cards

    With a message of “Delivery people thank you! Please take one” this customer earned points with their DoorDash driver. They posted this picture along with the header: “First time encountering one of these nice customers…$8 tip $5 Starbucks gift card.”

    One person commented, “If only we could rate customers 5 stars.”

    Taking the time to care for delivery people definitely rates 5 stars in our hearts. Hopefully, the predictions of one poster will not come true that some heartless person will take all of the gift cards instead of just one as the sign requests. We hope that in the spirit of the season, the gift cards will only go to who they are intended for.

    This is something Harry also mentions he does – this year, he is leaving the gift cards on the porch along with a post-it note, since he can’t hand them out in person thanks to COVID. Regardless of how they get it, delivery drivers would certainly appreciate a coffee gift card pick-me-up!

    Walmart (or Other Local Store, Target, etc.) Gift Cards

    This Walmart (the company, not a customer!) that gave a whopping $20 gift card to this DoorDash driver.

    The message reads:
    “Thank you. For your hard work & commitment during this unusual year & through the holidays, we would like to reward you with this gift card. Your professionalism & service helps give our customers exactly what they deserve: the best! From our family to yours, happy holidays.”

    The Reddit commenters on this post weren’t as generous as the other gifts, however. One even said, “Still not worth taking their orders.”

    No matter what, though, generous gestures are appreciated by hardworking delivery drivers, especially since driving has exploded since the pandemic.

    Additional Gift Ideas for Delivery Drivers

    In general, the best gifts for delivery drivers from customers don’t have to be expensive at all! They can be bottles of water, $5 gift cards, some extra snacks you pick up at the store.

    It’s more the gesture that counts – now more than ever, there are so many delivery drivers on the road. From UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers to DoorDash drivers and everything in between, it seems like everyone is ordering online (and rightly so). Delivery drivers are busy and may be stressed, so take a little time out of your day to say ‘thank you’ – especially if you use delivery often.

    Looking for more gifts ideas for drivers or couriers? Check out our list of gifts for Uber drivers (some are great for couriers, too!) or check out the best accessories for food delivery drivers.

    What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received from a customer? Or what’s one gift you’ve given as a customer that couriers really appreciated?


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