20+ Best Uber Driver Gifts Drivers Actually Want!

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be wondering what the best gifts for Uber drivers are. Whether you’re new to driving and not sure what to get, or you’re reading this looking for the perfect gift for the driver in your life, senior RSG contributor Chonce Maddox-Rhea has put together a list of over twenty of the best gifts for rideshare drivers below. 

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Our top Uber and Lyft driver gift recommendations?

  • A dash camera!
  • Gas gift cards (or restaurant gift cards)
  • An air purifier

The Best Gifts for Uber Drivers

The best gifts for Uber and Lyft drivers may have changed a little since last year – last year, masks and partitions were more popular and valuable. However, that reverts in 2022 to things that are typically more popular. Keep reading for our 2022 Uber and Lyft driver gift ideas.

1. Dash Camera

A dash cam, although pricier than most things on this list, is one of the ultimate gifts for rideshare drivers. It will help make their case for accidents and if you get them one with audio, it will help them fight cases where passengers are in the wrong but are trying to blame the driver. It’s basically like additional insurance.

Vanture VS Falcon Dash Cam Review for Uber and Lyft drivers

Click here to see all dash cams available on Amazon

2. Phone Mount 

Another way to be hands-free while driving is by getting a phone mount. Most attach directly to a windshield or dashboard and are really user-friendly getting phones attached to them. The magnetic ones are nice and this pack even comes with two mounts.

Click here to see all the phone mounts available on Amazon.

3. Weather Mats 

Certain parts of the country have harsh winters filled with lots of snow. Unfroutnly the ice and snow gets tracked into cars and can really dirty up car floor mats.

These mats will help save the floor of their car and make cleaning up after a wet, sloppy day so much easier. It helps keep the car cleaner longer and makes cleaning up after passengers easier than carpet-style mats or the ones provided by dealerships at purchase.

Click here to view all floor mats on Amazon.

Click here to read our best floor mats review.

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4. Bluetooth Earpiece 

Hands-free driving is a must for rideshare drives. It’s safer and will make your passengers feel safer too.  According to Pew, 23 states and Washington DC actually ban drivers from using cell phones while driving. Forty-eight states have gone as far as banning texting while driving which is extremely distracting.

With this earpiece, drivers won’t have to risk accidents being distracting with phones.

Click here to see all the Bluetooth earpieces available on Amazon.

5. Gas Gift Cards

Popular gas station gift cards like Speedway and Shell can be a great gift option for Uber and Lyft drivers. Unless you’re driving a completely gas-free vehicle, rideshare and even delivery driving can drain fuel quickly! Even something as small as $10 can add at least a few gallons of gas to a car and can be a big help to drivers.

We’ve put together a list of the best gas apps to help you save more at the pump here: The Best Gas Apps to Save You Money at the Pump.

6. Neck, Head, Back Support

Rideshare drivers are stuck in the car day in and day out. Both the car and the driver are not made for that. Help keep their neck and back supported and more comfortable with back supports and head and neck supports, made to make long car driving easier on the body.

We recommend the BackShield, one of the best back supports for your car.

Click here to read the Backshield Review

Or if you want to go with a more simple option, there’s plenty of back supports to choose from on Amazon, like this one:

Click here to see all the back support options available on Amazon.

7. LED Flashlight 

LED flashlights can serve multiple purposes. For one, it can help a driver find their passengers after busy events. It can also be turned into a makeshift weapon in the event of a passenger assaulting the driver. And, of course, it can be used as just a regular old flashlight if they experience car trouble and have to look under their hood in the middle of the night, making it one of the best gifts for Uber drivers.

Click here to shop all flashlights.

8. Restaurant Gift Card

Most drivers aren’t thinking about bringing a lunch while rideshare driving, which means lots of eating out on the road. A gift card to their favorite restaurant can really make their holiday season and help keep their stomach filled during shifts.

Which restaurant gift card you choose depends on where your favorite rideshare drivers likes to eat out, but here’s a list of plenty of national chains and available gift cards on Amazon.

9. Insulated Water Bottle 

Drivers have to stay hydrated especially during hot summer days. Instead of buying a drink at the store or shopping at a restaurant, help them save money and buy them an insulated water bottle. The bottle can be reused and is insulated so it keeps the water cold for hours and only lose a few degrees.

It’s also cheaper in the long run than buying bottled water at the store throughout the day!

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10. Car Trash Can 

Make it easy for rideshare passengers to throw away garbage with a car trash can. The cans can be leak-proof, so even if an unfinished drink is added to the can, there won’t be leaks through it.

With some car trash cans, there will also be outside pouches to add extra storage, like sanitize wipes or disinfectant wipes. Drivers can attach the can to a center console or driver/passenger seat. This may be a gift idea they didn’t even realize they needed!

Click here to see all the car trash can options available on Amazon.

11. Seat Covers 

Seat covers are another best gift for Uber drivers and another way to help preserve the interior of a rideshare vehicle. Wear and tear happens but can be an even higher risk for drivers who have passengers in and out of their car all day.

Make cleanup easier for the rideshare driver in your life with seat covers. If a passenger spills coffee, the seat is protected and the seat cover can be slipped off and run through the wash to quickly and easily get back on the road without paying expensive detailing/cleanup fees.

Click here to view all seat covers.

12. Lunchbox/Tupperware/Thermos

Not every driver eats out while on the road! While it is occasionally inevitable (which is why, above, restaurant gift cards are a great idea), most veteran drivers learn to bring a lunch box or tote of some sort while on the road. A quality insulated lunchbox is also a gift most adults can use with other jobs as well.

Click here to see lunchbox options on Amazon.

Additional tips on staying healthy here: How To Stay Healthy As A Lyft & Uber Driver

13. Car Vacuum Cleaner 

On a busy week, rideshare cars can have tons of people in and out of them. All those people can be followed up with lots of cleaning up. The portable vacuum below is one of the best gifts for Uber drivers and it plugs right into a cigarette lighter and takes care of dirt and crumbs in no time. They are lightweight and tough enough to vacuum both seats and floor mats.

Click here to see vacuum cleaner options on Amazon.

14. The Rideshare Guide

For reading material, it doesn’t get much better than The Rideshare Guide. This guide will help drivers learn everything they need to know about the industry. Uber, Lyft, you name it, this book will help you make the most money possible being a rideshare driver.

Prefer to take a course vs read a book? Then check out my flagship driver course, Maximum Ridesharing Profits. It’s been updated for 2020!

In addition, Harry has a chapter included in a new book titled Beyond the Algorithm. You can get a copy on Amazon, and it will also appear in paperback (priced around $35-40) by mid-2021.

15. Snack and Drink Organizer 

A snack and drink organizer can be great for bother passengers or drivers. They can hang right on a seat and offer easy access to snacks on long drives across town. Having this available for passengers can also result in a higher rating and possibly even more tips!

Click here to see snack and drink organizer options on Amazon.

16. Aux Cables / Multi-USB Power Plugs

This is one item drivers constantly tell us they need to have in their cars! It’s not always necessarily just for the driver, either – passengers occasionally want to hook up their own music or charge their phones. It’s a great Uber and Lyft driver gift, especially for new drivers!

Click here to see aux cable options here.

17. Car Phone Charger

A car charger is one of the best gifts for Uber drivers. There are a lot of car chargers out there and cables get all tangled and tied up throughout even a single day of driving. I’d recommend getting a driver the Powapod Car Charger. My husband and I each have one in our vehicles and our passengers are very appreciative of it. It comes with the three main chargers on the market.

The Powapod attaches to the bar of the headrest so it can be out of the way while also being convenient to use. The cords stretch out for ease of use and retract back into the pod to keep from tangling. We’ve gotten many compliments about our Powapods and highly recommend it.

Click here to see all car chargers.

18. Basic Car Cleaning Supplies

Although maybe not the most fun gift to give your favorite Uber and Lyft driver, this is also a necessity! You can always make it more fun by throwing together a gift basket filled with the basic cleaning supplies that any driver can appreciate.

Fill it up with window cleaner, sanitizing wipes, leather or upholstery cleaner, and don’t forget the rubber gloves. The sky is the limit when it comes to this gift. Make it as robust or simple as your budget allows.

For the interior, I use this one:

Click here to view all car dusters.

19. Air Purifier

While this was one of the absolute best gifts in 2020 and 2021, it’s still a great gift to get in 2022 and beyond. Not only can an air purifier help keep your air clean, it can also help get rid of gross passenger and food smells.

Not sure what those smells could be? Take a look at our video about the worst rideshare smells: The 6 Worst Smells of Rideshare Driving

Shop all vehicle air purifiers here.

20. Disposable Masks

As much as some people may want mask usage to go away forever, chances are it’s not! There are plenty of people who now prefer not to spread their sickness, and therefore wear masks, and plenty of people who think wearing a mask will prevent them from getting sick. Either way, you may have passengers who request masks or you may want some yourself!

While single-use disposable masks aren’t great for the environment, they are one option to placate your riders or yourself in a pinch. Some drivers even charge $1 to passengers who requests masks, so you could even use these masks to your advantage!

Shop all masks here.

The Best Gifts for Uber Drivers – That Keep on Giving

If you’re shopping for yourself, remember that if you’re a driver and purchase any of the above mentioned useful products, you can write them off at tax time. You can also save money on your purchases by shopping through Rakuten, first, too! Rakuten works with stores to offer cash back discounts for things you were already going to buy. Simply shop through our link, and watch the cash back roll in.

This year in particular has been challenging for many rideshare drivers. If you have any driver friends, these best gifts for Uber drivers will definitely brighten their day. If people ask you what you’d like for the holidays, use this list to inspire some thoughtful and useful gift ideas.

Who’s on your list this holiday season and what would you love to get someone who wants to help you out with your rideshare driving needs this holiday season?

-Chonce @ RSG