Review of BackShield – The Best Back Support for Your Car

What’s the best back support for your car?

Ask Jay Cradeur, a veteran Uber driver who spends countless hours behind the wheel.

As drivers, it can be tough to take care of your health (and back) while on the road. After all, who can remember to keep good posture when you’re picking up passengers, dodging pedestrians, and merging onto highways? Senior RSG contributor Jay Cradeur tried out an interesting product for drivers called the BackShield, which claims to help driver’s posture. Did it really work? Our review below.

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One day a young female passenger told me a story about her husband. He decided to give rideshare driving a go. On his first day, he drove for about six hours but when he got home, my passenger said he could barely walk. His back had locked up due to so much driving.

No doubt, there are many drivers who suffer from a sore lumbar back due to inadequate back support and the ridiculous number of hours we spend behind the wheel. I am one of them. And this article will look at one possible solution for you, the BackShield lumbar support for your car.

What is the BackShield?

Lumbar support for car

The folks at BackShield sent me their back and lumbar support product so that I could try it out and share my honest review.

The BackShield is a fairly rigid car lumbar support for anyone who sits for extended amount of time. The BackShield allows you to sit in your car seat with a very upright back.

You could even use it for your chair at the office if you want. It’s easy to install and very portable.

You just slide it over the top of your seat and then tighten the two straps.  The bottom of the device fits snugly at the bottom of the back of your car seat and supports your back.

First Impressions of the BackShield

My first impression felt extreme. I felt like I was sitting up against a piece of plywood. The BackShield is a very firm car lumbar support.

Instead of a nice comfy and soft seat, to which I have grown accustomed to, this device really gets your back and lumbar straight. It reminded me of the scene in the movie Forrest Gump in which the doctor works to get young Forrest’s back straight.

The BackShield felt uncomfortable in the early stages. I had to readjust my seat because I was now sitting differently in the seat. I knew I was sitting more upright because the top of my hair was hitting the roof of the car.

It felt strange at first, however, I committed to using this device to determine if it would provide me relief.

My BackShield in the Honda Accord Hybrid

The First Week of Using BackShield

By the third day, I was feeling comfortable with the BackShield. It felt good to know that when I sit in my car, a firm and supportive device would be supporting my back.

While driving around, I didn’t even notice it. It became part of the scenery.  When I did think about it, I began to feel really good about my decision to use the BackShield.

Because I spend 30–40 hours a week driving in my car, it’s important for me to have adequate lumbar support. It’s reassuring for me to know that all the time I spend in my car would be in support of my back and a more upright and healthy posture.

Sleeping At Night

I drive a lot, but my back has never been a source of pain. In my three years of driving for Uber and Lyft full time, I have never gotten out of my car and felt back pain. I found that my Toyota Prius has a very supportive driver’s seat, and the same goes for my Honda Accord Hybrid.

However, I’ve had many nights where my back hurt while I was tossing and turning while sleeping. I would feel the most pain when I lay on my back, and I would find relief by sleeping on my side.

This pain was probably from sitting in the car all day, and I felt that this pain was to be expected, given the amount of time I spend driving in the car.

However, now that I’m sitting more upright due to the BackShield, I find that I’m also sleeping much better and with little to no pain.

My back is definitely feeling better when I’m out of the car. This has been one of the best results from my BackShield experience so far.

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What Can You Expect from the BackShield?

The folks at BackShield warn their customers that it may feel uncomfortable during the first week. Your muscles are adjusting to a proper posture, and those muscles may get sore while they find their new normal.

Personally, I didn’t feel this pain. Besides going through the process of getting used to the device as I mentioned above, I did not have any other areas of discomfort. However, be forewarned that you might experience some discomfort during your first week while you get used to this lumbar support for car.

This is one reason that BackShield offers a 60-day money back guarantee. The ample amount of time will allow your back to adjust and begin to experience the benefits of this amazing lumbar support device for your car.

Walking Around

By far the best result of using the BackShield has been how I feel walking around. I am 6 foot 4 inches and my posture has never been great. As a kid, I got very tall very fast and then found myself purposefully slouching so as not to stick out too much. It’s been a hard habit to break.

By using the BackShield back support in my car, I seem to naturally be breaking the slouching habit. I’ve been walking around with a much straighter back and I feel taller. It feels like every hour I sit in my car with the BackShield is an hour of reprogramming my back muscles so that I naturally and effortlessly stand up straight. I can’t express how wonderful this feels. This is huge for me!

Should You Buy a BackShield?

If you are a driver, you don’t feel any back pain and you are pleased with your posture, then I would say it is up to you.

If, however, you do experience some back pain or you do want to improve your posture, then I suggest you give the BackShield a try. It’s one of the best lumbar supports for the car that I’ve tried.

It’s not cheap, but it’s not super expensive. Think of it as an investment. At $89, it’s a small price to pay for a supported back and posture in your car while you drive for rideshare and delivery companies.

Plus, you can add your purchase as an expense and deduct it from your taxes.

I have enjoyed the peace of mind knowing that the Backshield car lumbar support is actually making my back stronger and my posture better.

It feels good, so I recommend it. Give the BackShield a try. I think you will also feel the same benefits.

Readers, have you used any lumbar support devices in your car while driving for rideshare and delivery companies? Would you try the BackShield?

Click here to purchase the BackShield.

-Jay @ RSG