Best Jobs for Introverts

Think only extroverts who love going outside and talking to people are the only ones who can make money? Think again! There are actually plenty of jobs where introverts can succeed and earn even more than their extroverted counterparts. Here are some of the best jobs for introverts.

Hi, my name is Scott and I’m a proud introvert. Many of my financially successful friends are also introverts. Below, I’ll share what I’ve found to be the best jobs for introverts based on my experience.
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Best Jobs for Introverts

Supermarket Shopper and Delivery

Pay range: $25 to $35 per hour with Instacart

This is one of the best jobs for introverts without a degree.  It’s also great for any introverted person needing quick cash or a part-time job.

For this job we recommend Instacart.  There is very little customer interaction and it’s a job you can mainly do without talking to anyone.

You receive orders on your phone’s Instacart app.  You go to the supermarket to shop. Once you’re done shopping, you drop the bags off at the customer’s door – done!

Customers tip through the app so there is no awkward waiting for a tip or anything like that. Need to make a substitution for your customer? It’s easy – all through the app and no phone calls!

For introverts like us, Instacart is a pretty great job for fast money because you’re basically supermarket shopping and then in your car on your own.

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Restaurant and Store Delivery

Pay range: $20 to $25 per hour with Postmates and DoorDash

This an easy job for introverts. Use apps like Postmates and DoorDash. They’ll send you jobs that you can accept or turn down. Then just go the restaurant or store, pick-up the order, and deliver it to the customer.

Interaction with people is very limited. You basically grab and go then deliver and dash. Restaurant run out of something or need to double-check what kind of soda your customer order? It’s all done through the app – no calling!

We recommend you sign-up for both Postmates and DoorDash.  The reason is then you can cherry-pick the highest-paying orders from either app.

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Blog Publisher

Pay range: $0 when you start to possibly millions per year

Your blog can be famous while your identity remains a secret! What’s great about blogging is it allows us introverts to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

We get to share our knowledge with the world without the anxiety that can come with face-to-face interactions.

Start your blog or website and commit to writing at regular intervals to build your audience.  We recommend cheap hosting (not free hosting) like Bluehost or Hostgator.

Harry, the founder of this site, was able to quit his full-time job as an engineer. He now has a staff and he’s his own boss!

One of my previous employers began his simple blog with his wife. In just three 3 years they were able to sell it to a major corporation!

Melissa and Jay, RSG writers and part of the RSG staff, also run their own travel blogs and are able to travel the world while writing about it. Pay can vary tremendously, but as you continue to write and gain a following, there is definitely money to be made.

Personally, I’ve used both Bluehost and Hostgator to start websites and found them to be extremely reliable. I do NOT recommend free services because, well, you get what you pay for. They tend to splash ads on your site and not pay you for them, and you never have full control of your work.

Freelance writer

Pay range: $25 to $450 per article.  $100,000+ per year is possible.

Here at The RideShare Guy, Harry hires freelance writers all the time! I’ve also been a Managing Editor who has hired introverted writers.

As a freelance writer, you are in charge of your pay rate. As you improve your skills and expertise, you’ll be able to charge more. In the personal finance field, I know of freelance writers making over $400 per article. Travel, health care, science and technology writers can also command higher-than-average earnings.

This job allows you to work alone.  You select writing assignments that interest you (or simply those that pay well!) and you submit them for approval.

If you’re curious about this field, I highly recommend Holly Johnson’s “Earn More Writing Course“.  Holly absolutely crushes it as a freelance writer, and she’s taught and inspired so many other introverts.

Search Engine Marketer

Pay range: $45,000 to $75,000 per year

Search engine marketers help blog publishers rank their articles at the top of Google searches.  This is a great job for introverts who are very detailed-oriented.

You must also stay on top of the latest search engine trends.

Virtual Assistant

Pay range: $5 to $25 per hour (although specialized VAs can earn even more!)

Here at The RideShare Guy we have a few Virtual Assistants (VAs) to help.  When you’re running a business, you have to be careful to watch your costs or else you won’t make a profit!

The goal is to hire great people to work at the top of their skill levels. However, there are always other administrative tasks to be done and never enough time to do them all.

That’s where you come in. A Virtual Assistant must be very dependable and able to follow directions.  If that describes you, you could be a good fit for this job for introverts.

Our Virtual Assistants never have to attend meetings or deal with people all that much.  For a shy person, this can be a blessing.

You can be proud that your work is helping the organization function smoothly.

Computer Programmer

Pay range: $70,000 to $140,000 per year

I studied at University with a lot of engineers and coders. I would say most were introverts. Coding is fun because it’s challenging and your creativity and problem-solving skills are valued.

Some of my computer programming friends went on to work at Microsoft and Google. You aren’t expected to have a back-slapping loud personality for these jobs. You can be quirky and kind of quiet.


Pay range: About $20 per hour.  Full-time: $30,000 to $55,000 per year.

Here at the The RideShare Guy we have a part-time bookkeeper. Small businesses need all the help they can get.

If you’re organized, honest, and careful with numbers this is a skill you can easily learn.  You’ll just get familiar with the most popular software packages.

You can get started with a course like this one, Bookkeeping Basics, or other courses on Udemy.

Pet Sitter

Pay range: Around $15-30 an hour. Full-time: $30,000+

If you’re an introvert who happens to like pets, don’t count out becoming a pet sitter or dog walker! Melissa, our Managing Editor, does Rover on the side and, even with very casual work hours, made $3,000 last year. And she didn’t even work a full year!

Right now, there are definitely fewer people asking for pet sitters, but you’d be surprised by how many essential workers still need their pets checked on and walked. When things return to normal and people travel more, expect to get requests for more overnight bookings (which means more money!).

You’ll get started on a platform like Rover, and get some good reviews so people know you’re trustworthy. From there, you can start your own business or continue to remain on the platform for new pet sitting opportunities.

Common Questions About Jobs for Introverts

What are the best jobs for introverts over 50?

  • Delivery person – supermarket, restaurants, and stores
  • Freelance Writer – write about your life experience!
  • Blog Publisher
  • Bookkeeper
  • Search Engine Marketer

Find even more options at our article: Best Part-Time Jobs for Retirees.

What’s the best job for a shy person?

  • Delivering groceries and food because of very limited customer interaction
  • Freelance article writing
  • Producing your own blog
  • Computer Programmer
  • Google search expert
  • Online payroll specialist
  • Search Engine expert

What jobs allow you to work alone?

  • Delivery
  • Freelance Writer
  • Blog Publisher
  • Computer Programmer
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Bookkeeper

Which jobs are the least stressful?

  • Delivery
  • Freelance Writer
  • Bookkeeper

Looking for part-time work? Find our top recommended part-time jobs at: Best Part Time Jobs.

What jobs require little social interaction?

  • Delivery jobs
  • Freelance Writing jobs
  • Blog Publishing
  • Software developer
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Bookkeeper

Best jobs for introverts 2020

  • Delivery jobs are in high-demand due to COVID-19
  • Freelance Writer
  • Blog Publisher
  • Computer Programmer
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Bookkeeper

Part time jobs for introverts with anxiety

  • Delivery jobs are usually pretty low-stress
  • Freelance writer jobs allow you to work from home
  • Bookkeeper jobs require accuracy but are usually low-key

Worst jobs for introverts

  • In-person sales
  • Event Planner
  • Game Show Host
  • Customer service reps

Good luck with your job search! Being introverted isn’t going to hold you back.  You just have to put yourself in the best job to succeed.

After all, many extroverts struggle with jobs introverts do well in.  Try telling an extrovert to focus on computer tasks without making chit-chat!  Use your introvert superpower to build your skills, accomplish more, and get paid!

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