How to Make $100 Dollars Fast

Are you interested in making $100 quickly? You’re in luck – there are a ton of ways to make $100 fast, and many of these things you can do right now without having to wait to be approved.

I’ll share my no-nonsense “how to make money fast” list then go into further details below.

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25 Easy and Legal Ways to Make $100 Dollars Fast

  1. Supermarket delivery with Instacart
  2. Restaurant delivery with DoorDash
  3. Restaurant and store delivery with Postmates [now part of Uber!]
  4. Amazon warehouse and similar jobs – Steady app
  5. Promote cash back and savings apps to your social media – Rakuten
  6. Promote supermarket delivery to friends – Shipt
  7. Complete online surveys – Swagbucks and Toluna
  8. Rent out your car – Turo
  9. Earn cash back on purchases you have to make anyhow – Ibotta
  10. Sign Up Bonuses – Capital One Quicksilver
  11. Sell stuff – Craigslist
  12. Rent out a room – Airbnb
  13. Rideshare driving – Uber, Lyft, Via
  14. Teach – Craigslist, VIPKid
  15. Improve apps and websites – UserTesting, BetaTesting
  16. Write articles – find gigs on Upwork and Fiverr
  17. Clean houses – list your services on Craigslist or the Nextdoor app
  18. Take care of pets – Rover for dogs and cats
  19. Sell your photography online – Shutterstock and DepositPhotos will pay you!
  20. Review songs with Slice the Pie
  21. Babysit on sites like UrbanSitters or Care
  22. Connect businesses to new customers
  23. Participate in focus groups like Focus Pointe Global
  24. Wrap your car with options like Wrapify
  25. Physical labor tasks like moving furniture, mowing lawns, etc. using sites like Task Rabbit

Delivery Driver for Supermarkets and Liquor Stores

There are plenty of opportunities for grocery and alcohol delivery drivers – after all, that’s probably what most of us are ordering right now!

One of our top recommended grocery delivery companies is Instacart. Drivers with Instacart are making $25+/hour, although they can add to their Instacart shopper pay with our strategies!

Get started with Instacart here.

You can get approved for Instacart quickly and easily earning much more than $100 in a day.

Our reader Chris in Minneapolis says he’s averaging at least $25 per hour with Instacart. He made $2,190 in one week with Instacart.

Instacart earnings
Instacart earnings from one week!

Chris made $2,190 in 59 hours. That’s $37 per hour.

With Instacart you get groceries from the supermarket to the customer and that’s a great way to make $100 dollars fast. 

If you don’t have access to a vehicle, pick and pack the products and someone else will deliver. Even as COVID is winding down, people are not going to stop ordering groceries to be delivered to their house. Once people get used to the convenience, they’re not giving it up!

Chris let us in on his best Instacart advice:

1 – Reject deliveries that are far away.  “If I have an order that comes up and the delivery is 8 miles or more, I don’t take that job.”

2 – Focus on a few stores.  “When you start, pick a couple of stores around your home. Do orders at those stores first because then you’ll know the layout of the store really well. ”

Instacart is one of the most popular grocery delivery apps and you’ll work at places you know like Costco, Target, Total Wine, Publix, and Aldi.

Instacart automatically inserts a tip for you! While the customer can change it to be higher or lower, it does signal to the customer that they are supposed to tip you.  That will help you on your way to earning $100 dollars quickly.

Instacart is a great flexible job.  Work only when you want to and get paid right away.

Click here to sign up for Instacart.

Other alcohol delivery options include:

Also, if you happen to live in California in an area where Eaze delivers, you may consider delivering weed as well! Learn more about your potential Eaze earnings here.

Delivery Driver for Restaurants and Stores

Postmates is an easy way to earn $100 quick because you select gigs like Walmart grocery delivery, restaurant orders, and Best Buy and Walgreens orders. Note: Postmates is now owned by Uber.

Our reader Kyle says he’s making $20 an hour with Postmates.

With Postmates, drivers suggested setting a goal before heading out. One driver we spoke to, who makes over $4,000 a month driving for multiple delivery services, said he sets a weekly and daily earnings goal and always pushes himself to make one more delivery before ending for the day.

These last push trips often help to tip you over the edge, either completing or surpassing your daily earnings goal.

Sign up for Postmates here.

DoorDash, which offers restaurant delivery options, is booming right now. We spoke to one brand new DoorDash driver who is already earning $25/hour in Colorado – and she admits she’s not even employing any strategies to earn that much, that’s just how busy she is!

Whether you’re new to DoorDash or a delivery veteran, DoorDash drivers suggest you do the following to maximize your earnings:

  • Learn your city – DoorDash will suggest ‘hot spots’ for you, but you know your city the best. Which restaurants are popular in your city? Head there!
  • Message your customer through the app to let them know delivery status – this leads to higher tips
  • Take advantage of bonus opportunities offered by DoorDash to earn more while driving and delivering

Sign up for DoorDash here.

Reader Joe also makes $25 an hour driving with DoorDash.  He chooses to work part-time when it fits in his schedule.

You don’t need a car to qualify for DoorDash.  You can deliver on scooter or bicycle.

Other drivers we’ve spoken to combine DoorDash with other restaurant delivery apps, like Postmates. All the delivery drivers we’ve spoken to all recommend: sign up for multiple food delivery services to maximize your time on the road! When one app is less busy, hop on another to keep it moving.

No-Car-Needed Supermarket Shopper

Don’t have a car but still want to work for a delivery company? Here’s where Instacart, and DoorDash come in handy!

With Instacart, in some cities you can work as a shopper. Basically, this means you pick the items for the customer and bag them, then leave them for an Instacart delivery person to grab and go.

This is called an ‘In Store Shopper’ as opposed to a Full-Service Shopper (more common), and In Store Shoppers are actually part-time Instacart employees.

image of instacart delivery options
Which type of Instacart shopper do you want to be?

You can learn more about becoming an In Store Shopper or Full Service shopper here.

Have a bike and want to deliver restaurant meals? You’re in luck with DoorDash! We’ve actually found being a bike courier and DoorDasher is more profitable than delivering via car – you can earn several dollars more per hour on a bike than on a car! This option isn’t available everywhere, but is an excellent fit if offered in your city.

Check out your DoorDash delivery options here.

Amazon Warehouse Worker and Similar Jobs

Everybody knows Amazon is struggling to keep up with the crazy demand for online shopping right now. That’s where you come in! You can get a job in their warehouse or another job at Amazon.

One of the best ways to do this is through an app called Steady. It organizes all the jobs for you. Just look below – in Phoenix, there are several Amazon jobs Steady found and can connect you to:

steady app jobs

The best part about Steady is that it doesn’t just connect you to Amazon jobs – it connects you to work from home gigs, full and part time work and more. Just by clicking around, I found freelance jobs that I could do from home – no going outside needed!

Sign up for Steady here.

Promote Coupon Apps to Your Social Media Followers

Coronavirus or not, people love online shopping. One of our favorite shopping and cash back apps is called Rakuten, which saves people money with automatic cash back coupons. How can you make $25 per sign up with Rakuten? By telling people about it!

Each qualifying sign-up earns you $25.  Sign-up 2 family members and 2 friends and that’s $100 dollars right there.  It’s easy because everyone you sign-up gets $10 in their account.

Promoting coupon apps like Rakuten can be a work-from-home job.  Personally, I’ve made $400 with it already.

Let your friends know to use the Rakuten app to shop online at places like Amazon, Target, Kohl’s, Petco, Domino’s, and more.

This free app has millions of downloads and tens of thousands of 4-star or better reviews.

Promote Supermarket Delivery to Friends

So many people are ordering groceries online now.  The main supermarket delivery app that will pay YOU a bonus to promote it is Shipt.

By referring your friends and family to Shipt, you can earn $50 per referral. There are some requirements to receive that $50 (like, your referral must complete a purchase through Shipt), but referring Shipt should be easy.

Basically, Shipt is another service where people shop for grocery orders (like Instacart) and deliver them to your house. If you know someone who needs grocery delivery, refer them to Shipt – they’ll stay safe in their homes and you’ll get a referral bonus!

Sign up for the Shipt referral program here.

Complete Online Surveys

Swagbucks is our favorite here. You get discounts and points for shopping online. And you can earn more points by taking surveys and watching videos online.

take surveys with swagbucks
Taking surveys is typically quick, easy and pays you!

Just for signing up, you’ll get a $10 bonus, which you can redeem for gift cards or even cash out through PayPal. To earn points, shop online, watch videos, search the web, and answer surveys.

earn more sb through swagbucks
You can play games and earn points (which then can be converted into cash or gift cards) with Swagbucks

For each person you refer to Swagbucks, you’ll earn points and you’ll continue to earn points as they earn points! With Swagbucks, you’ll earn 10% for life for each person you refer.

Melissa on our team says she regularly cashes out a few hundred dollars each year – mainly because of referrals as well as shopping and searching through the Swagbucks portal.  Click here to sign up for Swagbucks.

Our top tips for maximizing your Swagbucks cash?

  • Set Swagbucks as your home page and use it to search, like you would use Google. You’ll earn points for searching for things through Swagbucks!
  • If you’re bored, get paid to play some online games through Swagbucks
  • Swagbucks is extremely easy to use, even if you don’t use it for shopping. Encourage friends and family to sign up and use it, and you’ll always continue to earn points (aka cash!)

Another fun survey app is Toluna Influencers. Do you like giving your opinions on everything from food to products, services, and even pet care? If so, then Toluna Influencers is for you!

With Toluna, you’ll be invited to give your opinion on a variety of topics. The more you provide feedback, the more you’ll be offered short surveys to take. In addition, you can also review products (that you’ve purchased and used) to earn more points (which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards).

I suggest you try them both to see which has the better offers for you.

Sign up for Swagbucks here and Toluna influencers here.

Rent Out Your Car

Not using your car much? You can rent it out with Turo.

Turo is an online vehicle rental marketplace (similar to Airbnb) that connects car owners looking to rent out their personal vehicles with consumers looking to rent cars.

One of the best ways to leverage your vehicle is to rent it out on Turo’s marketplace since then you can effectively earn passive income without having to drive.

Learn more about Turo here.

Earn Cash Back on Purchases You Have to Make Anyhow

The money adds up quickly when you shop using a cash back app like Ibotta.  You get a $20 Welcome Bonus just for using the app.

To use Ibotta, all you have to do is download the Ibotta app, create an account, and then look through the app for deals that you like.

Promo Code for Ibotta

Once you find offers that you want to claim, click to add them to your list.

Then go shop and once you’re finished shopping just upload your receipt, scan the barcodes of the products you bought, and that’s it. Your cash back will be added to your account as soon as it’s confirmed.

Another cash back app we like is Fetch Rewards.

The reason I like it so much is because it doesn’t matter where you shop for food. You can shop at a convenience store or a chain grocery store. As long as you purchased some groceries, all you have to do is download the Fetch Rewards app and then upload your receipt into the app.

If any of your purchases match any of the offers in the app, you’ll automatically be rewarded with cash back credited straight to your account.

Another similar grocery store app is Checkout 51. Checkout 51 is perfect for people who buy a lot of groceries. New offers get added to the app every week.

The great thing about Checkout 51 is that once you claim an offer, you can buy that product at any store. So it doesn’t matter if you buy it at Target or your local grocery store, you’ll still get the cash back.

For gasoline, nothing beats GetUpside. GetUpside is a gas cash back app and it’s definitely the best gas cash back app on this list. GetUpside gives you cash back on gas, grocery, and restaurant purchases.

Sign-up for all of these cash back apps and the cash will stack up until you earn the $100.

$100 Dollar Credit Card Sign-up Bonuses

Credit cards like the Capital One Quicksilver card offer a one-time $150 cash bonus once you spend $500 on purchases within 3 months from account opening. There is no annual fee. You also earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases. I have this credit card, and I like it.

With credit card bonuses you typically have to spend money to make money so the key here is to only buy stuff you had to buy anyhow.  For example, put all your supermarket spending on the card until you earn the $150 bonus.

Sell Stuff to Make $100 Dollars in a Day

Look around. You probably have $100 worth of products to sell. You can even use an app like Decluttr, which helps you sell the tech clutter you have around your house – old phones, video game systems, etc.

Another fun app to use is OfferUp. OfferUp is an app that you’ll download, then take pictures of your stuff, price it (letting people know if the price is negotiable or not) and then bam – it’s out to others using OfferUp in your city!

OfferUp is all city-based, so you shouldn’t get anyone asking you to ship anything to them. OfferUp is perfect for selling heavy items – when I moved, I used OfferUp to get hundreds of dollars for furniture and other random house supplies!

I’ve sold stuff to pawn shops and I sold my trumpet on Craigslist. Musical instruments are expensive so your used instrument is a way to make $100 dollars fast.

You can also sell on eBay. I know a woman who sells her clothes on eBay, and that’s a pretty easy way to make $100 dollars fast.

I’ve heard good things about the selling site Mercari too.  They say they’ll give you $5 when you list your first item for sale.

There are sites like CashforGoldUSA that specialize in selling gold.

Rent Out a Room on Airbnb to Make $100 Dollars

Depending on where you live, Airbnb can be a pretty easy way to earn $100 fast. Look to see how much places in your neighborhood are charging.

If you’re comfortable with it, it’s likely you can fetch $100 dollars for someone who wants to stay at your place for a night or two.

Teach a Subject You Know – Music, Art, English, Math

Parents want the best for their kids, and for many parents, that means paying for tutors in a wide variety of subjects. Whether you’re a creative pro or a math whiz, there are so many opportunities for you to tutor online and get paid for it!

Here are a few options to explore for a quick way to earn $100 dollars.

  • Advertise (often it’s free!) on Craigslist to teach children over Skype, Zoom, etc.

Charge $100 for however many lessons. Parents are often willing to pay $30, $50, or even $100 for a private one-on-one lesson for their child.  Just two $50 hour-long lessons gets you to your quick $100 dollar goal!

  • If you have a Bachelor’s degree in any field, try VIPKid. It’s an online classroom for teaching English to Chinese children. No Chinese needed. You’ll be on video and VIP Kid gives you all the lesson plans.


  • Another option is to record educational videos and upload them to a site like Teachable. Decide on a price and collect cash from students eager to learn from you!

Give Ideas to Improve Apps and Websites

This might take a little while to get approved because obviously everyone wants to review sites for money.

UserTesting and BetaTesting are two sites that will pay you for helping them.

Write Articles

Write articles on helpful topics you know or can research. It’s possible to write a great article in a few hours and earn $100 dollars. If you’re a new writer, try writing short articles for $25 each.

I’ve done freelance writing and it’s fun because people from all over the world can read it! It’s also a great job because you can work from home or a coffee shop.

You’ll usually make more money if you specialize in a specific lucrative topic rather than something that just about anyone could write. Other keys to success are being reliable and accurate.

You can find freelance writing jobs here:

Looking for a solid freelance writing course? We recommend Holly Johnson’s ‘Earn More Writing‘ course!

Clean Houses

Depending on where you live, you can make $100 dollars fast by cleaning homes.

You can list your home cleaning service on Craigslist, Thumbtack, local Facebook groups in your city, and by posting signs in your area.

Read our Thumbtack review for more info.

Take Care of Pets

This will definitely pick up as people begin to go back to work, but you would be surprised by the number of essential workers (think firefighters, EMS, nurses, etc.) who still need someone to watch and check on their pets!

Rover is mainly for dogs, but you’ll definitely get the occasional cat request if you say you’ll watch cats. You can choose the size of dog you’ll watch, and not everyone owner even wants you to walk their dog. It’s pretty fun and fairly easy, especially if you like pets!

Take Photos and Sell Photos for $100

Sell your photography to stock photo agencies and make $100 dollars fast.

Many of these sites pay you every time someone downloads your photos.  It’s cool because you’ll see your photos on major websites.  As you become a respected photographer, you can charge more money.

Try these sites to earn $100 dollars:

Music Lovers: Make $100 dollars fast reviewing songs pays you for every review.

You get paid once you reach the minimum payment of $10.

slice the pie music reviews also offers a referral program to help you make money. When your friends sign-up using your referral code and write reviews, you get an extra payment for every review they submit.

This sounds like a fun way to earn money while discovering new artists at the same time.


Besides the usual way of talking to parents in your neighborhood, using the Nextdoor app if it’s in your neighborhood, and listing on Craigslist, you can try sites like and

Drive for Uber or Lyft or Via

Demand for rideshare is skyrocketing, and Uber and Lyft can’t keep up with demand. In many big cities, drivers are earning $30-40 an hour right now simply because there are so many passengers and not enough drivers. You should easily be able to earn $100 right now driving rideshare!

Get started with Uber and Lyft here.

Connect Businesses to New Customers

This works well for big-ticket purchases like homes and vehicles.  Contact local car dealers, real estate agents, and so on, and ask them if they’ll pay you $100 for a referral.

If you have a friend in the market for buying or selling a home or car or boat — that should be worth $100 or more to the person selling the product. You are being paid to be a connector.

Participate in a Focus Group

I’ve done this and it’s pretty fun.  The hard part is getting selected.  The enjoyable part is giving your opinion about a new product, service, or even TV show!

Look for focus group opportunities at colleges near you and on Craigslist. One that I’ve had a lot of success with is Focus Pointe Global, although for that, the big money is if you live in a big city.

Advertise on Your Car

Hey, you want to make $100 fast? Well, here’s a way that’s pretty easy! Wrap your vehicle with a billboard.  Check sites like Wrapify that say you can earn hundreds of dollars per month.

Find our full list of recommended advertising companies for or in your car here!

Physical Labor

People will pay you to do the tasks they don’t want to do themselves. List yourself on Craigslist, your local Nextdoor app, or use a connecting service like TaskRabbit to find people who need help.

You can make $100 dollars fast by:

  • moving furniture
  • painting rooms
  • shoveling snow
  • mowing lawns
  • cleaning up yards

How to Make $100 Dollars Fast

Of all the many easy jobs I’ve listed, here are my favorite ways how to make $100 dollars fast:

  • Instacart supermarket delivery driver or grocery picker
  • Postmates delivery
  • DoorDash restaurant delivery
  • Rakuten cash back app promotion
  • Selling your stuff such as musical instrument and clothes
  • Cleaning homes
  • Connecting local businesses to new customers

More Opportunities to Make Money

Good luck making your $100 dollars fast!