Bird Three: The Eco-Conscious Scooter

We’ve talked about Bird before, but it’s been a while. With Covid, the focus has steered away from e-bikes and scooters toward other opportunities. As cities open up again and with summer well underway, the scooters are making a comeback. Bird has announced a new scooter that takes the environment under consideration in all aspects of its design and manufacturing.

Bird Three

Introducing Bird Three — the most eco-conscious scooter

The all-new Bird Three was developed by Bird’s in-house team of engineering and vehicle design experts to provide the safest, smartest riding experience possible with an unrelenting focus on sustainability.

It all starts with Bird Three’s eco-conscious battery system. This scooter has a battery capacity of up to 1 kWh, meaning it requires less frequent charging and delivers more miles traveled on a fully charged battery than any other shared scooter available today. More miles traveled leads to more sustainable rides and, ultimately, decreased carbon emissions throughout the vehicle’s entire life cycle.

They have also combined the high-capacity battery with real-time diagnostic monitoring that automatically optimizes output for prolonged battery life and encased it all in hermetically sealed, tamper-proof, industry-leading IP68-rated protection to keep it safe from dust, water and theft. The result is the safest, most advanced and most sustainable shared scooter battery system available anywhere.

Other features of the Bird Three include enhanced dual-sensor throttle and triple braking system (dual independent handbrakes and the industry’s only Autonomous Emergency Braking) to improved handling and stability and a super-advanced operating system. They also intentionally designed the scooter to share many of its service parts with Bird Two, cutting back on the need for additional carbon-intensive manufacturing.

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Why focus on eco-friendly design aspects?

If countries like the US and others are to meet their long-term climate goals, as much as 90% of all road vehicles must be electrified and 20% of all vehicle miles reduced by the end of the decade. That means more cities and more riders will soon be relying on micro-electric vehicles instead of two-ton, gas-powered automobiles to meet their short-distance transportation needs.

According to Scott Rushforth, Bird’s Chief Vehicle Officer, “A scooter’s environmental impact is most directly related to its lifespan and its smart battery. That’s why every aspect of Bird Three has been thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested to keep each vehicle safely operating for years. We’ve added new features like an automotive-grade dual-sensor throttle, a longer, more stable wheelbase and upgraded dual independent brakes to make Bird Three the best micro-EV for cities’ and riders’ needs.”

Final Thoughts

With the world looking toward all-electric, eco-friendly transportation options, it’s great seeing a company like Bird take up the lead and provide a solution to city mobility issues while ensuring a smaller carbon footprint.

If I lived in an e-bike and scooter-friendly area, I would likely choose to use a Bird if the option is available to me because of this focus.

What do you think of the new Bird Three? Should other companies follow suit in creating eco-conscious vehicles?

-Paula @ RSG