Bite Squad Drivers: Earn $15+ an Hour

Interested in signing up for a new food delivery service? Bite Squad might be a good option for you! Bite Squad drivers earn on average around $15 an hour, depending on where and when they work.

Below, senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins breaks down Bite Squad driver pay and whether or not driving for Bitesquad is worth it!

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What is Bite Squad

Bite Squad is another food delivery service, along the lines of DoorDash or Postmates, providing customers with their fast food or restaurant orders thanks to drivers like us.

Bitesquad is currently available in select cities within Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

As a customer, you can either order on their website or via the app. Enter your delivery location and it will show you which restaurants are available in your area.

There is no fee to order from Bite Squad, just the cost of the food plus taxes and fees. Like many other delivery apps, the fees include a delivery fee and service fee, which vary depending on the restaurant or any special deals happening at the moment.

How Does Bite Squad Work?: Bite Squad Driver Pay

Bite Squad is very straight forward. The customer orders their food on the app or website, the order is processed by the restaurant and a driver is dispatched to pick up the order and deliver it to the customer.

The service fees attached to customer’s orders help pay for the drivers who deliver them, along with other employees of Bite Squad, including customer service agents and dispatchers.

Bite Squad drivers are actually hired through Delivery Logistics—the exclusive driver contract service for both Waitr and Bite Squad—where you’ll be an independent contractor. You choose your own hours by picking time blocks that work for your schedule.

Like with many other delivery services, you must have your own vehicle and maintain proper auto insurance. Other requirements include being at least 18 years of age, have a clean driving record with a valid license and you must have an iPhone or Android smartphone.

To sign up for Bite Squad, you need to enter your personal information as well as go through an “interview” which consists of 3 questions:

  • Work availability: you must click on which time periods you’d be willing to work for each day of the week in general
  • A situational question: You arrive at the restaurant and the employee notifies you that the order is going to take 15 minutes longer than the original prep time. What do you text the customer?
  • A subjective question: In your opinion, what makes a great delivery experience?

From there, you fill in your Social Security Number, address, phone number, etc., and authorize them to do a background check on you.

Once I submitted everything, including a picture of my driver’s license and my insurance card, I got a message saying I would hear back from Bite Squad in 0-3 business days and that I would receive an email and a text once my information has been reviewed.

You can see Bite Squad in action with this video from a Minneapolis Bite Squad driver below:

Is there a Bite Squad Driver Bonus?

Unfortunately, there is no Bite Squad Driver sign up bonus.

Bite Squad driver payHow Much Does Bite Squad Pay?

How much you get paid as a Bite Squad driver is a trickier question. That depends on the market you’re driving for, current conditions (if there’s a surge or not) and if you’re driving during your selected block time.

You get an extra $1 per delivery if you end up driving during your previously chosen time period. The best advice I have for you is to go out during typically busy eating times and see what shakes out for you.

If it’s new to your area, it might take some time for customers to know Bite Squad is there, but have patience as it will likely continue to grow and become more popular.

From drivers we reached out to, it seems like you can expect to earn $15 an hour driving for Bite Squad.

Some drivers said during non-busy hours, like lunch times and during the day, earnings were around $11-12/hour, but during the evenings and weekends, earnings were closer to $17-18/hour.

How Do Bite Squad Drivers Get Paid?

Bite Squad drivers are paid in two-week increments via direct deposit. You can track your earnings every 15 minutes in your app, if you want to!

You can also sign up to cash out daily with DailyPay.

Bite Squad FAQs

Does Bite Squad Pay for Gas?

No, as an independent contractor, you’re in charge of covering the cost of gas, but keep in mind tracking your miles can be written off at tax time. So, be sure to track your mileage and other car expenses.

Gas and other expenses will affect your Bite Squad driver pay, but you can easily track your mileage for tax time.

Not sure how to track your mileage? We recommend an easy, free mileage tracking app like Stride!

Do Bite Squad drivers get tipped?

Yes! If your customer chooses to tip you. They have the option of adding a tip to their order within the app or on the website.

This will help to boost your Bite Squad driver pay!

Is Bite Squad a W2 job?

No! You would be an independent contractor with a 1099 if you choose to drive for Bite Squad.

Is Bite Squad a good job to have?

It’s as good as any other delivery job. They do have a tiered reward system for their drivers that looks like this:

Your rewards for being an active driver in good standing is to have increasingly quicker access to time slots to choose from.

Bite Squad Customers: Does Bite Squad Have a Monthly Fee?

Bite Squad is free to use. There is no monthly fee.

However, if you’d like the delivery fee to be waived, you can sign up for Bite Squad Unlimited.

According to their app, “Bite Squad Unlimited is a membership program that grants you free delivery all month long from restaurants within a 4 mile radius. For a small monthly fee, you can order all your restaurant favorites as many times as you want, delivered for free.”

The cost of Bite Squad Unlimited is $9.99 per month.

Bite Squad Rewards

You can refer a friend and they will get a discount. Simply log in to your Bite Squad account and select the ‘Refer Friends’ tab under account settings.

There is an option to share your referral code with anyone to receive $10 off their first order with Bite Squad.

How to Contact Bite Squad

If you have questions, you can contact Bite Squad support in your driver app. Just click on the green question mark icon and you’ll be given the option of “General Questions” or “Questions about Earnings”. These will then open up into your email application so you can ask your question directly and wait for a response from support.

They also have Bite Squad contacts broken done by location. Click here to see what the best contact for your area is if you’re in need of a food warmer bag, want to buy a T-shirt or other branded items.

Summary: Is Driving for Bite Squad Worth It?

It sounds like they started out as an atypical delivery app, where their drivers were employees and required to wear a uniform and stick to their scheduled times, but from everything I came across as I actively signed up to be a driver for the purpose of this article, things have changed toward a more typical independent contractor type of role.

It’s up to you to decide if that appeals to you or not. The application process itself seemed extensive, and there are multiple apps you have to download in order to drive for Bite Squad. You need their scheduling app, their driver app and if you want to get money out of your account before you bi-weekly paychecks, you need a third app to take care of that.

I did appreciate that they “made” me take a mini course to teach me what the app looks like, how orders come in, what to look for and how to accept or reject them. Those are all things that I think every driver should know up-front before embarking on their first delivery.

On their website, support is quick to answer and gives thorough responses, which I also appreciate. I never had to email support, so I don’t know if they are just as responsive there and how they handle issues during a fare or other things of that nature.

In general, Bite Squad driver pay averages around $15 an hour for a very flexible schedule. As with most delivery apps, you’re likely to earn more at night or on the weekend.

Have you tried driving for Bite Squad? Is Bite Squad in your city?

-Paula @ RSG

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