Can Uber drivers sell snacks? What about other products in their cars? RSG contributor Chonce Maddox Rhea answers your questions about if Uber drivers can sell things in their car – and what things could bring in the most extra income for drivers.

    It’s no secret that many drivers wish they could make more money with Uber. One way to do this is by selling things to passengers in your car. While it’s important to get passengers safely from point A to B, what if you could earn a few hundred dollars a month on top of what you’re already earning while driving? 

    Best Things Uber Drivers Can Sell

    The best products Uber drivers can sell include:

    • Cargo – snacks and drinks!
    • Rakuten – free discount shopping app where drivers earn $25 per sign up
    • Freebird – passengers get free rides and drivers earn money per sign up!
    • GetUpside – save money on gas and more!

    Keep reading below and I’ll explain the pros and cons of selling these products while driving for Uber.

    Can Uber Drivers Sell Snacks and Drinks?

    Yup, snacks are one of the most common items to sell your passengers. Many of them will likely be hungry whether you’re driving at night or during the mid-day rush. 

    You may have already heard about Cargo, which is a NYC-based start-up that gives drivers boxes full of items that they can sell to passengers. Sure, you can probably buy packaged snacks to resell to passengers on your own, but Cargo makes it super easy and hands-off since you’ll want to focus mainly on driving.


    Simply sign up with Cargo here, then pick up a free Cargo box from your local Uber hub and install it on your car’s center console and plug it in. When your riders want to purchase something, they can scan a QR code and pay through Cargo’s mobile site. All you have to do is just hand the item off to them! Cargo provides some snacks for free so you can give these to passengers to encourage tips.

    It’s also risk-free because the company collects your credit card information, but they do not charge you unless you don’t return the box, so it’s no risk to you. While selling snacks with Cargo probably won’t double your Uber income, Uber estimates that drivers can make an extra $100+ per month using the service. Hey, that’s free gas money!

    Best Things Uber Drivers Can Sell

    Not every rider is going to be in the mood to buy something or even chat for that matter. However, you will likely come across people who seem interested in conversation and getting recommendations from you, as we discussed in this upselling article. You can even put a few cards or signs in your car with referral codes so people can use products or services you recommend if they find it helpful. 

    Wondering what to promote? Start with easy apps that are free to download and will help you riders save time, money, or both.

    GetUpside is an app that can help you save $0.25 per gallon of gas, 35% off at partnering restaurants, and 15% off at grocery stores. There’s no minimum balance to cash out so users can start redeeming their earnings almost instantly.

    Rakuten is another cash back site to consider promoting, and it’s not just for holiday shopping! You can shop online or in-store (yes, at the store!) with Rakuten, saving 10% or more with department stores, Walmart, Amazon, and more. Rakuten now also offers the opportunity to get cash back at restaurants, too, making promoting this a no-brainer when dropping passengers off at a restaurant or night out!

    Rakuten partners with tons of retailers to offer cash back on your everyday purchases. You can earn $25 for referring someone to Rakuten and they get a $10 bonus when they sign up. Use this printable Rakuten referral card to hand to your passengers so they can sign up with your referral code.

    Freebird is an app that Harry has tried quite a bit and drivers have seen success when promoting it. With Freebird, riders can get points back for using the app to order Uber and Lyft rides. You can also earn back back by visiting participating restaurants and bars. Freebird seems like a no brainer to promote because your riders obviously use rideshare apps for transportation so they could probably benefit from a free or discounted future ride.

    These are just a few of the many cash back and rewards apps you can promote and your riders may find them interesting. Check out more of our best cash back apps here.

    What Else Can Uber Drivers Sell?

    Basically, anything – so long as it’s legal. You don’t want to be pushy or make the ride seem awkward, but there’s nothing wrong with asking a simple question or making a recommendation if the rider seems remotely interested.

    Harry once interviewed an Uber driver named Kyle Reninger on the Rideshare Guy Podcast to learn more about how he made rideshare driving work in a small market. The Muncie, Indiana, driver mentioned he typically received short ride requests and while it was hard to stay busy with consecutive trips, he found many opportunities to promote his wife’s bakery in town.

    Pass out business cards when you drive if you have a side business or see if you can earn kickbacks from other businesses in the area. For example, if you drive in a tourist area, you may be able to partner with some venues or restaurants to see if they can give you a kickback for dropping passengers off there.

    Selling Stuff While Driving for Uber Probably Doesn’t Hurt

    You don’t have to be an excellent sales person or load the pressure on your riders in order to sell things while driving for Uber and make some extra cash. Just get creative by using these apps or a program like Cargo. Don’t overthink it.

    You can even print out promo codes to hand out to people or stick them in your car so they can sign up if they want but feel no pressure to do so.

    While there’s only so much we can do from a driver’s standpoint when Uber and Lyft adjust their rates or add new features that possibly lower pay, you can still mix up some these options to help supplement your income.

    Have you ever sold things while driving for Uber? What are your thoughts on apps like Freebird, GetUpside, and Rakuten?

    -Chonce @ RSG

    Chonce Maddox Rhea

    Chonce Maddox Rhea

    Choncé is a freelance writer who’s obsessed with living well on a budget and loves encouraging people to make extra money so they can meet their financial goals. She is happily married to one of the best Uber drivers in the Chicago metro area, who currently has 2,800+ trips under his belt.