CitizenShipper Review: Shipping Marketplace for Rideshare Drivers

CitizenShipper is, you guessed it, a company that ships things.

To be more specific, they act as a marketplace for people and companies that want to ship things to find people willing to do the hauling.

They offer pet transport, motorcycle and vehicle shipping, furniture shipping, and more. Plus, they use drivers like you to complete these customer requests.

Here at The Rideshare Guy, we consider CitizenShipper to be one of the best companies to drive for.

Driver Requirements

To drive for CitizenShipper, you need to have:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Auto insurance (We recommend VOOM: insurance made for Rideshare drivers available in AZ, TN, CO, NV & additional states soon.)
  • Any applicable licenses or permits for goods being transported (driver’s responsibility to research and obtain)
  • A valid Social Security number
  • A criminal background check
  • A Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

When you sign up as a driver, you get to choose what you’re willing and able to haul for the company.

CitizenShipper shipping choice list

You’ll also fill in your name and email address and create a password when signing up.

You’ll be using your own vehicle, so obviously, your vehicle type and size is very important. The more you’re able to haul, the more you’ll be able to earn.

The U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“DOT”) regulates interstate motor carriers of property.  The DOT has two registration requirements.

The following requirements only apply if you are a delivery driver that operates in interstate commerce on a full-time basis and/or your vehicle’s weight rating exceeds 10,000 pounds:

1. Obtain a DOT Safety Registration on Larger Vehicles

Delivery drivers (or carriers) operating vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of greater than 10,000 pounds are required to obtain a DOT safety registration when operating in interstate commerce (e.g., crossing state lines).

No such DOT safety registration is required for smaller vehicles such as automobiles, pickup trucks, minivans, and most cargo vans.

2. Obtain an MC Registration for Full-Timers

Delivery drivers/carriers that make deliveries on a full-time basis in interstate commerce must have a Motor Carrier (MC) registration in order to operate on an interstate basis.

However, delivery drivers who only casually or occasionally make such deliveries are exempted from the MC registration under 49 U.S.C. § 13907(2).

Specifically, this federal law states that no MC registration is required for “the casual, occasional or reciprocal transportation of property by motor vehicle in interstate or foreign commerce not engaged in transportation by motor vehicle as a regular occupation or business.”

Driver Earnings

According to their website, CitizenShipper claims “that an average active driver, completing 15-20 shipments per month, has a monthly revenue somewhere between $8,000 and $10,000. Those who manage to keep the pace throughout the year gross well above $100,000.”

Of course, this does not include the out-of-pocket expenses you would accrue, such as gas and vehicle maintenance. They estimate that 30-40% of those earnings quoted above will end up going toward your over-the-road expenses.

The jobs are bid-based, so inexperienced drivers will want to be competitive when bidding in order to get more jobs and more experience. As they say on their site, persistence is key:

“On average, newcomers submit well over 20 bids before they win their first shipment, but the chance of winning scales up sharply with the positive feedback they get.  According to our data, the very first review they get doubles their odds!”

Since CitizenShipper is just the marketplace, you’ll receive payments directly from the customers you are servicing.

It’s possible to be paid by cash or check, but you can make it easier for the customer by offering payments through PayPal or accepting credit cards through or other credit card processors.

So, how does CitizenShipper make its money? They take a fee from the customer directly. It is not taken out of your bid offering. Here’s how it works:

For example, let’s say you bid $500 on a dog shipment that’s 800 miles long and win that shipment. Our Booking Fee is determined by mileage in this case, and it would be $129, which the customer is charged as soon as they click “Book driver.”

The customer would still owe you the full $500, as per your bid.

You’re a true independent contractor, able to set your own rates. That means that you also have the power to set up a way to be compensated if the shipment gets canceled after you’ve already hit the road and invested time and money into the job.

Otherwise, CitizenShipper has its own cancellation policy that makes customers liable if they cancel within 72 hours of pick-up time.

Driver Perks

One obvious perk is that you will get to travel, potentially all over the country. CitizenShipper is active in all 50 states, and its fleet of drivers has covered over 100 million miles since it was founded in 2008.

On top of the jobs you can get through CitizenShipper, they also have a Rideshare Tool that helps you find more shipment options in your area or along the route you’re about to take for your CitizenShipper job.

CitizenShipper Rideshare Tool screenshot

With their Rideshare Tool (example shown above), you can see other shipments in your area or along the route you’re taking to make more money. Stack your orders to maximize your earning potential.

CitizenShipper also has a vast article archive to help you with all aspects of driving for them, including tips on how to minimize your expenses, learn about the onboarding process, next steps, tips for drivers, and more.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for ways to earn more while also traveling the country, definitely give CitizenShipper a try. It’s easy to apply, and they set you up for as much success as they can.