With the amount of ordering out people are doing, you may have noticed that those delivery fees are adding up! If you’re looking to save money on ordering food delivery with a DoorDash promo code, you’re not the only one – and delivery companies are listening.

    DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery services out there, and it offers some seriously sweet deals to entice new customers and retain existing ones. DoorDash offers a ton of options, from your local restaurants to big chains, and brings delivery straight to your door.


    Below, we’re going to provide you the best valid DoorDash promo codes available right now. Use these codes to save money on your next order!

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    DoorDash Promo Codes for New and Active Users

    Being a DoorDash customer comes with a lot of perks. If you use promo codes and shop deals, you’ll get your food delivered with discounted or no delivery fees. You can even get special discounts sent from DoorDash to get a percent or dollar amount off your order.

    As of the writing of this article, the current new DoorDash customer deal is the new customer will get $5 off each of their first 3 orders. These deals change often, so keep your eyes out for them.

    As far as DoorDash promo codes for existing customers, you can get discounts, too! I’ve been emailed for the past several weekends from DoorDash reminding me to shop local restaurants. During the pandemic, those are the ones that are hurting the most.

    Here’s one of the ads I received:

    doordash promo code

    Before the pandemic, I had left DoorDash behind for a bit because I didn’t order fast food often. So I got a deal emailed to me from DoorDash encouraging me to come back with a pretty awesome DoorDash promo code.

    Keep an eye out for expiration dates and any caveats that require you to order from a certain restaurant (such as local) or if you have to have a minimum order.

    How to Apply DoorDash Promo Codes

    To use your DoorDash promo codes, it’s very simple. Just follow these steps:

    Step 1: Open your app. And find the restaurant you want to order from.

    Step 2: Pick out your food and add to your cart.

    Step 3: Open your cart and scroll to the bottom. There you’ll see “Promo Code.”

    doordash promo code

    Step 4: That will bring up a separate screen where you can enter your promo code.

    doordash promo code

    Once you’ve used your new customer DoorDash promo code, you’re now a DoorDash existing customer. This means you can share your referral code with friends and family to earn more – and get a DoorDash sign up bonus if you decide to drive for DoorDash, too.

    My DoorDash Promo Code Doesn’t Work!

    If for some reason your promo code doesn’t work, double check to make sure there aren’t any expiration dates attached to it or any other restrictions, such as a minimum purchase. Also, keep in mind promo codes are case sensitive.

    If you believe you’ve met all of the criteria and it’s still not working, go into your app, click on Account and scroll to Frequently Asked Questions. From there, you’ll be able to either start a chat with a DoorDash support agent or you can search through the frequently asked questions to find an answer that may help you.

    There’s even one specifically geared toward your promotion code not applying correctly. You’re able to click on that question and file a support case if their steps to resolve it do not work.

    This will likely only work if you do continue to place the order despite not having the promo code discount. You’re to take a screenshot of the promotion and terms and to submit information about the date and restaurant of the order.

    Save More with DashPass

    DashPass is a way for you to save more if you intend on using DoorDash at least 3 times a month. For $9.99 a month you receive free deliveries on orders from eligible restaurants. In my experience, all restaurants in my area participate or are eligible, but keep an eye out for this in your area.

    Your first month is completely free and then there will be a $9.99 a month fee from there.

    Without DashPass, delivery fees vary from restaurant to restaurant. There are some restaurants that allow free delivery all the time. Some only charge $2.99 per delivery. Others are upwards of $6.99 per delivery. And others still charge a premium delivery fee during peak business times (think lunch and dinner hours).

    With DashPass they sometimes cut the service fee down as well, giving you even more of a discount. This makes it an epic DoorDash promo code, of sorts!

    An order without DashPass – note the delivery and service fees


    An order with DashPass – the delivery fee is gone and the service fee is reduced


    As you can see in these examples, the delivery fee was removed and the service fee was cut down by more than half. They were not identical orders, so that is why the total is slightly more on the DashPass one—we were extra hungry that day.

    DashPass for Chase Cardmembers

    To go a step further, if you’re a Chase cardmember, you’ll receive exclusive DashPass benefits when you link and use an eligible Chase credit card to your DoorDash account.

    Benefits may vary depending on which Chase credit card you add. To find out more, you can go under the Frequently Asked Questions in your Account and search “DashPass for Chase Cardmembers.”

    According to the FAQs section, each type of Chase credit card is broken down into what you will receive when using that card for your DoorDash purchases. The most common benefit among those cards is free DashPass benefits on eligible orders. For more information and to find your specific Chase card benefits, visit DoorDash for Chase Cardmembers here.

    DoorDash Customer FAQs

    Is there a promo code for DoorDash?

    Yes! You can use a DoorDash promo code like the ones mentioned above to save $5 on your first three orders (new customers only).

    Are DoorDash prices the same as restaurant prices?

    DoorDash is likely to be more expensive than just ordering from the restaurant and picking it up yourself. The reason being, they need to pay their drivers somehow.

    There are delivery fees and service fees added to the order. On top of the cost of the food and the taxes, you’ll be paying the service and delivery fees.

    In order to cut down on those fees, consider getting DashPass as described above to eliminate delivery fees and possibly cut down on service fees.

    You’re paying for a service, so if you like the convenience of not having to leave your home to get fast food, you’ll have to determine if the added fees make it worth your while.

    Can I stack promo codes on DoorDash?

    According to their terms for use of promotional codes “Offers cannot be combined unless otherwise indicated.” So, there’s a possibility that you can “stack” your offers but chances are, it’s one and done.

    However, keep in mind, if you have the DashPass, you can get free delivery on your orders, so if you have a promo code that offers something else, you will be able to use that and still get your free delivery with the DashPass.

    Can my referral bonuses change?

    YES! The referral bonuses are often changing. If you send someone a code and they wait to use it, it’s very likely that the bonus you’ll each receive will be different from when you’d originally sent it.

    In order to ensure you’re getting the referral bonus that you want, have your friend use it right away.

    Summary – Always Use a DoorDash Promo Code as a New Customer

    Using DoorDash is a great way to get your favorite fast food and restaurant orders delivered directly to your door. If you follow the tips and tricks in this article, you can even score discounts on delivery and service fees or a general discount on your total order.

    If you plan on using DoorDash somewhat regularly, consider signing up for DashPass—free for the first month—to get free delivery and possibly a discounted service fee. Have fun ordering and don’t forget to tip your drivers!

    Readers, what’s your favorite food delivery app to order from restaurants?

    -Paula @ RSG


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