What Is Carma Project?

Carma Project

Carma Project is a real-world, real-time car-finding platform designed to protect individuals, communities, and companies.

Through their work, Carma Project helps bring to light important vehicle recalls so vehicle owners can get the updates they need. They work with auto manufacturers like Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, and Ford to help drive repairs for their outstanding automotive safety recalls.

Traditional mailers don’t seem to do the trick. People will throw them away without reading them, or 40-50% of the time, the addresses are old or incorrect, so the information doesn’t even reach the correct person.

With the Carma Project, “Each safety recall notice is hand-delivered by one of our trained drivers, all of whom are equipped to have recall and safety conversations with affected community members.”

What’s in It for the Drivers?

Carma Project uses drivers like you to deliver the information. To ensure its success, drivers are equipped with an iPhone 13/14 and a mobile printer, all setup and ready to go.

The iPhones are set up with Carma Project’s software for easy troubleshooting. The phone is used to scan license plates to ensure the information is going to the correct person (e.g., the owner of the vehicle).

After scanning, if there is a recall, the driver will print a recall notice and place it onto the windshield. For each vehicle notified, the driver receives $3 compensation.

It’s a great way to add more income if you’re already out on the road making deliveries. Just a few minutes in a parking lot could mean up to $9 per hour in additional income.

With all the gear provided, there’s no reason not to jump in. It’s a great compliment to other gig work you may already be doing.

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Customer Support

Carma Project offers real time tech support for their drivers. Drivers will be added to their company Slack channel to help provide a consistent communication channel to the support personnel. Response time is consistently within the hour of initial inquiry.

Pros and Cons of Carma Project


  • Great way to add supplemental income for gig drivers
  • Can help combat the wasting of gas by minimizing downtime
  • Drivers are given an iPhone with a built-in app for license plate scanning app and a mobile printer
  • The current fleet of 25 drivers with full kits average $28/hr when driving for Carma Project
  • Helping auto manufacturers like Toyota, BMW, and Ford to check over 90 million vehicles for recalls
  • Helps the community stay safe


  • iPhone application has limitations — cameras aren’t great at picking up license plates when going over 20 mph
  • Best utilized in parking lots and apartment complexes
  • 3.4 Trustpilot score (but only one review total)
  • Not available in all markets yet

What Drivers Think of Carma Project

One driver, in Southern California, has said, “When I first got the kit, I was intrigued by the idea of using my free time to make extra money. But I didn’t fully appreciate the life-saving nature of our actions until I saw the gratitude from people I alerted.

It made me feel like a guardian angel. Now, it’s a fun game for my kids and me, and it makes me feel good about contributing to safety. In just an hour or two of driving, I can easily make $20, which covers my gas and more.”

Over six months, this driver earned over $4,000 through the Carma Project, far exceeding their initial goal of covering gas expenses. This endeavor not only provided financial benefits but also instilled a sense of pride and responsibility, enhancing their awareness of road safety issues.

Another driver shared:

“Edward here! DoorDash/Instacart/Uber Eats driver. I signed up for The Carma app and got the system in the mail. It isn’t too much, an iPhone, and a printer with a few printer rolls. Easy to set up! I started prior to the holiday season and scan between pick up and deliveries.

If it’s a pick up at the supermarket, I drive slowly down the parking lot lanes and try to scan as many cars as I can while I wait. When I find one, I hit the print button on the app and leave a notice on the car.

It’s so simple and I can usually get 1 or 2 notices per parking lot. At the end of the night, I’ve been able to walk away with $20-$30 extra dollars. Carma helps cover my gas cost while I make money with the deliveries. I’m so glad I found Carma!”

Final Thoughts

Carma Project is a great way to earn a little extra income during the day, especially if you’re already making deliveries for another gig economy platform.

It’s not a full-time gig where you can cover everything, but the extra cash you make working with Carma Project can be enough to cover your gas expenses while driving for DoorDash or Instacart or other delivery platforms, helping you work smarter instead of harder.

Drive, Save Lives, & Earn Money.

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