DoorDash Statistics: Revenue, Usage Statistics & More

For most of us, having food from our favorite restaurant delivered straight to our door has become part of our new normal.

Even before Covid-19, more and more people had been signing up for food delivery services. Then and now, DoorDash has claimed more of the market share than any other food service—more than double its closest rival.

DoorDash is a mobile app that connects customers with restaurants for meal deliveries. Originally created in California, DoorDash is now in over 7,000 cities and is a publicly-traded company.

Below, we’ve compiled the most important DoorDash statistics from our proprietary data and trusted third parties.

DoorDash Key Statistics

  • DoorDash’s reported revenue in 2022 was $6.58 billion.
  • DoorDash has nearly two thirds of the food delivery market share.
  • In late 2022, DoorDash reported having a record breaking 34 million active users.
  • DoorDash is available in more than 7,000 cities across four countries.
  • In 2021, DoorDash reportedly supported 6.8 million dashers and workers worldwide.

DoorDash Timeline

Here’s a timeline with some key points in DoorDash’s history:

  • October 2012: DoorDash was founded under the name Palo Alto Delivery by Evan Charles Moore, Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, and Tony Xu
  • January 2013: DoorDash made its very first delivery. At this time it didn’t have an app, just a landing page with restaurants around Stanford’s campus and a phone number.
  • March 2013: Palo Alto Delivery raised $120,000 in seed funding.
  • May 2013: The company incorporated in Delaware as DoorDash.
  • June 2020: By 2020, DoorDash raised over $2.5 billion.
  • December 2020: What started as some college kids trying to build technology for small business owners became a publicly traded international food and grocery delivery service company.
  • March 2023: DoorDash has over 34 million users. It’s headquartered in San Fransisco, and Tony Xu is the CEO.

DoorDash Financial Performance

In this section, we’ll look at DoorDash’s revenue, profitability, and market performance.

DoorDash Revenue

DoorDash finished 2022 with $6.583 billion in annual revenue, up from $4.888 billion in 2021. We dug into DoorDash’s financial reports to compare their revenue from 2018 to 2022.

DoorDash Revenue
DoorDash Revenue Statistics

Pre-pandemic growth can be attributed to a growing market, and restaurants nationwide.

However, the 2020 revenue boost is most likely due to the effects of the pandemic, when the general public was more likely to order food, amid shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders.

When the pandemic hit, DoorDash saw a major increase in revenue, going from $885 million in revenue in 2019 to $2.886 billion in 2020.

DoorDash Profitability

While DoorDash’s revenue continues to increase, it’s only profitable quarter was in Q2 in 2020, a the height of the pandemic. Between April and June of 2020, DoorDash earned a $23 million profit.

In 2022, DoorDash reported a $1.4 billion net loss for the entire year. This marked DoorDash’s first loss of over $1 billion.

We’ve discussed before whether delivery companies will ever be profitable. It’s interesting to note that DoorDash continues to grow in valuation, and revenue, without making a profit.

It’s also interesting to note that the only time DoorDash has been able to make a profit was during a global pandemic when millions were using delivery for the first time and as a necessity, along with others who had used delivery in the past but started to use it even more.

DoorDash Valuation & DoorDash Stock

The valuation of a company can be made up of money it has raised and what its assets are actually worth (absolute valuation), or it can be based on the performance of similar models and their worth (relative valuation).

DoorDash is now a publicly-traded company. Its ticker symbol is DASH. When it went public in December 2020, DoorDash was valued at $72 billion. In March 2023, its market cap is $20.92 billion.

DoorDash Fundraising

Here’s a look into DoorDash’s funding, acquired through Crunchbase.

Date Amount Raised Number of Investors
June 2020 $400 million 3
November 2019 $100 million 1
May 2019 $600 million 8
February 2019 $400 million 9
August 2018 $250 million 2
March 2018 $535 million 4
March 2016 $127 million 6
March 2015 $40 million 9
May 2014 $17.3 million 5
September 2013 $2.4 million 11

DoorDash Users & Subscribers

According to DoorDash’s Q4 Investor Letter, there were more than 32 million active DoorDash users on the food delivery platform in December 2022. In December 2021, there were just over 25 million users.

A lot of DoorDash’s revenue also comes from its premium subscription, DashPass, which eliminates delivery fees on orders over $12. DoorDash claims DashPass saves users $4-5 per order, on average.

In 2022, DoorDash acquired Wolt, a European delivery service that has a similar paid subscription, called Wolt+. At the end of 2022, DoorDash reported having over 15 million DashPass and Wolt+ subscribers, an increase of over 5 million members since 2021.

DoorDash Drivers

Here are some key stats on DoorDash drivers.

How Much Do DoorDash Drivers Work?

According to CNBC, 90% of DoorDasher drivers work 10 hours a week or less. The average is 4 hours a week.

How Many DoorDash Drivers Are There?

In 2017, DoorDash reported having around 100,000 DoorDash couriers, or Dashers.

In February 2021, a DoorDash spokesperson said it had added 1.9 million new drivers between mid-March and September 2020.

Again, the pandemic likely had a large effect on these numbers. When more people started using the service, they needed more Dashers to deliver the food. Not only that, with such a large unemployment rate, people were looking for ways to make money.

How Much Do Dashers Earn?

DoorDash’s 2022 Q4 letter to investors revealed that its dashers earned $13 billion in 2022.

The amount you can earn varies based on tips, the demand in your area, and when you make deliveries. The DoorDash employees who deliver food for the delivery app work as independent contractors and set their own hours.

DoorDash Availability

DoorDash started out operating in 20 cities in the US. Today, it’s available in more than 7,000 cities across multiple countries.

DoorDash is striving to be available in more cities than any other delivery service. It is lacking in some smaller, more rural areas, but continues to grow. In some areas of the United States, DoorDash is the only delivery service currently available.

Top DoorDash cities include:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Toronto
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Brooklyn
  • San Diego
  • Las Vegas
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle

You can use DoorDash in the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico. Currently, DoorDash partners with more than 390,000 restaurants and stores.

DoorDash US Market Share vs Competitors

According to a 2022 publication by Koen van Gelder on Statista, DoorDash leads with 59% of the market share of the food delivery industry.

As you can see, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Postmates account for 99% of the food delivery market share.

DoorDash market share is 35% higher than its closest competitor, Uber Eats.

Food Delivery Market Share Statistics
Food Delivery Market Share Statistics

In some markets, it shows a stronger lead than others. In San Francisco, for instance, DoorDash statistics have the company claiming approximately 65% of the market.

When it comes to actual orders filled, DoorDash Q4 financials show that there were 467 million total DoorDash orders in the final months of 2022. That’s a 27% increase year over year from 2021.


Going from a small delivery service named Palo Alto Delivery to the well-known DoorDash, this company has kept a sure footing in the delivery market space.

The creators of Palo Alto Delivery probably did not start their vision with the end goal of becoming a billion-dollar publicly-traded company. But through hard work, funding rounds, and a global pandemic, they have solidified their stake.

DoorDash statistics show the food delivery company has continued growing its business, expanding to 7,000 cities worldwide.

It has the largest stake in the food delivery market and is continually moving with the times to keep customer interest and engagement, including creating a virtual convenience store DashMart.

The last piece of the puzzle is for DoorDash to become profitable outside of the boom associated with a global pandemic.