Fridge No More Review: Everything Couriers Need to Know

A few days ago, I was making one of my favorite desserts, an easy-to-make, quick no-bake cookie. After starting the process of making my no-bake cookies, I discovered at the very end that I didn’t have enough oatmeal to finish the dish.

While I should have checked beforehand, this is a scenario that happens across kitchens every single day! What are people to do when it’s too late to order on Instacart (or Instacart blocks are full and you can’t get a delivery!)

While I had to drive myself to Walgreens, inconveniences like this may be a thing of the past if new ultra-fast delivery services continue to expand.

One of those companies looking to expand nationwide? FridgeNoMore.

What is Fridge No More?

Fridge No More is a fast grocery delivery service based in New York.

If you’re thinking of something like Instacart, Fridge No More is similar but so much faster. In fact, Fridge No More says they can deliver to you in 15 minutes or less.

How is that possible?

FridgeNoMore keeps their delivery area small, provides bikes and scooters for their delivery couriers, and their stores (or “cloud stores”) are within a mile of the delivery addresses. This allows them to deliver within their 15-minute delivery time.

Another great thing about Fridge No More keeping everything small is that this allows them to not charge a delivery fee, and to have no minimum.

Finally, Fridge No More does not hire gig workers. Instead, they hire employees to do the shopping and other employees that actually do the deliveries. Not hiring gig workers allows them to ensure they have couriers whenever they need.


In March 2021, Fridge No More announced that they finished a round of funding. They received funding from Insight Partners.

Founded in 1995, Insight Partners has invested in more than 400 companies worldwide and has raised, through a series of funds, more than $30 billion in capital commitments.


Though I would love to have been able to use Fridge No More the other night, unfortunately, it isn’t in my area yet. So where can you find FridgeNoMore?

Fridge No More is currently available in New York City, in the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas. See the map below from their website. If you aren’t able to get it now in your area, just wait, as they continue to expand.

Become a Fridge No More Delivery Driver

If you’re looking for your next gig, and you live in New York, driving for Fridge No More could be for you. But just be aware that you are not going to be a “gig worker” with this platform. They hire employees!

This allows them to ensure they have workers to get food delivered quickly and on schedule. It also could be a good opportunity for your main job and to be able to have side gigs when not delivering or picking the groceries out for Fridge No More.

If you’re interested in applying, they have a Google doc where you can apply.

While they are only currently available in NYC, Fridge No More has job postings for Boston, MA and Secaucus, NJ.

To work as a courier for Fridge No More:

  • You have to be over 18 years old
  • Be able to pass a background check
  • Be confident while riding a bike or scooter
  • Be able to carry up to 40 lbs
  • Be tech-savvy enough to use Google Maps and other apps
  • Be punctual, reliable, attentive, detail-oriented, and, of course, fast!

For the courier posting for Boston, it says that you’ll receive $15/hr plus tips, and for the same position in Queens they are offering $16-$25/hr. Keep in mind, this wage may vary depending on the market.

Possible schedule options include 10-hour shifts, 12-hour shifts, 8-hour shifts, day shift, Monday to Friday, plus overtime, and weekend availability, depending on the current needs for the market.

Fridge No More vs Instacart

While I’m personally a fan of Instacart, both as a shopper and courier, in many cases, you can’t get Instacart as fast as FridgeNoMore promises.

FridgeNoMore is different from Instacart in that:

  • Delivery is 15 minutes, whereas Instacart delivery takes longer
  • Couriers are employees with FridgeNoMore, whereas they are independent contractors with Instacart
  • FridgeNoMore is only available in a small area, whereas Instacart is available nationwide

There is also no delivery fee with FridgeNoMore.

Fridge No More vs Jokr

Fridge No More is by no means the only company that can promise delivery in a speedy time. Jokr is another great option. Both companies have a 15-minute delivery time.

One difference is that Jokr is available in other cities, whereas FridgeNoMore isn’t… yet!

In the United States, Jokr is currently available in New York City, like Fridge No More. However, Jokr is available in other countries and cities around the world.

Looking for more on Jokr? Check out our review of Jokr here.

Fridge No More vs Gorillas

Another option for fast delivery is Gorillas. Like Fridge No More, it also delivers quickly to those in New York.

The main difference is that they claim their delivery can be done within 10 minutes, vs 15 minutes like FridgeNoMore.

Gorillas drivers are also full-time employees and are supplied bikes to deliver, like FridgeNoMore.

Check out our review of Gorillas here.

Fridge No More Summary

Fridge No More is a delivery service that allows those who live in the delivery area—New York City, for now—to get groceries delivered in 15 minutes.

One big difference between FridgeNoMore and other delivery companies is drivers are employees, not gig workers.

Frankly, I don’t anticipate FridgeNoMore can expand without charging a delivery fee, and I’m curious to see how having employees will work out for them. Is the demand there? FridgeNoMore and other comparable companies think so!

Do you live in the NYC area and have you seen or worked for any of these ultra-fast delivery companies? What are your thoughts on them?

-Tyler @ RSG