McDonald’s negotiated new terms with Uber Eats and DoorDash. Also, DoorDash has expanded to the European market for the first time. Meanwhile, is Uber rebranding itself in some way? Stay tuned for this week’s roundup with senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins.

    McDonald’s Announces New Deals with DoorDash and Uber Eats (Restaurant Business Online)

    Summary: Saying that demand for delivery continues to grow and add sales to its restaurants, McDonald’s on Monday announced a pair of deals with two of its largest providers, DoorDash and Uber Eats.


    The new agreements provide better terms to the company’s franchisees, the company said. Terms were not disclosed, but McDonald’s said operators should be able to generate more profit and cash flow because of the new agreements.

    The contracts will also enable McDonald’s to integrate delivery into its mobile app through the providers’ “white label” services….

    My Take: I never order McDonald’s but it surprises me to think they didn’t have delivery options on their app prior to this new deal with Uber Eats and DoorDash. I imagine they’ll be getting a lot more orders once that feature is fully integrated into their app.

    As McDonald’s stated, they are the largest restaurant company in the world. Giving their customers more delivery options will only be beneficial. On the other hand, will couriers see an increase in tips with this partnership? McDonalds meals can notoriously be low-cost, meaning drivers will take home less in pay.

    DoorDash Launches in Germany (DoorDash)

    Summary: DoorDash has arrived in Germany. The largest on-demand local delivery platform in the United States is launching in Stuttgart, expanding to Europe for the first time after Australia, Canada and Japan…

    Using the DoorDash app, consumers in Stuttgart can now order from a variety of local restaurants as well as national favorites, including Masseria, Carls Brauhaus, Enchilada, Mela Kaffee, Frittenwerk, Wirtshaus Drive and key enterprise players popular across Germany, such as KFC, Burger King, Back Werk & L’Osteria….

    My Take: Another surprise to me. I don’t know why, but I thought DoorDash was already in Europe. I had no idea this was their first expedition into the European market. I’m sure it will take hold quickly and they will continue expanding across Europe.

    It’s nice to know that they are doing what they can to keep their carbon footprint low in Europe as well. The article went on to say their couriers will be using e-bikes and that DoorDash has partnered with Watershed, which is an organization that helps companies balance their carbon footprint.

    LegalRideshare Opens Offices in Ohio to Help Injured Drivers & Gig Workers (Globe News Wire)

    Summary: LegalRideshare, the first law firm in the United States to focus exclusively on Uber, Lyft and app-based accident and injury claims, has opened offices in Ohio to support the local driver and gig worker community.  

    Greening, a native of Columbus, Ohio, and an Ohio University alumnus, founded LegalRideshare LLC, in 2015, in Chicago, Illinois. The firm has recently expanded to Ohio, partnering with the Columbus-based law firm Barkan Meizlish DeRose, LLP.

    As the leading law firm for gig economy workers, LegalRideshare has secured millions of dollars for injured drivers, passengers, and victims. The firm serves as the national voice on gig economy law, policy and safety issues, having been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CNN, and many other national media outlets….

    My Take: Not only is LegalRideshare expanding to Ohio, it’s also branching out to Arizona as well. Their base is in Illinois, but they also help people across the nation.

    The service they provide is exclusive to gig economy workers and they work with injury and accident claims. Harry is a big fan of their work. Learn more about LegalRideshare in Harry’s podcast RSG074: Bryant Greening on Dealing with Uber and Lyft Accidents.

    The 2021 Uber Eats Cravings Report (Uber Newsroom)

    Summary: The Uber Eats Cravings Report is our annual snapshot of the most popular, most unusual, and most unique delivery order requests we see each year. Over the past twelve months, our customers have relied on Uber Eats to get everything from sandwiches to sunflowers to screwdrivers – and everything in between. As you’ll see below, you really can get *anything* on Uber Eats!

    Over the last few months, we’ve seen some trends that might surprise you…

    • Grocery delivery is on the rise. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of grocery delivery by several years – and we only expect it to grow. Of the more than 1,000+ active grocery stores on Uber Eats in the U.S., weekends were the most popular days to order delivery, with the 5-7pm timeframe the most popular time to schedule orders. And one person even ordered $7,719.82 worth of groceries, containing over 218 individual items!
    • That sh*t is bananas. Bananas are the #1 selling grocery item in the U.S. – in fact, we sold more than 25,150 pounds of bananas in the U.S. in September alone.
    • It’s always 5:00 PM on Uber Eats. As we expanded into alcohol delivery this year, folks across the world raised a glass. Thirsty customers in Sacramento, Palm Springs and Tampa Bay ordered the most alcohol delivery. Without a doubt, large margaritas, Tito’s vodka, White Claw variety packs, Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon and Corona were the most popular orders….

    My Take: Some of the statistics in this report are super fun and cute. But others are a little worrisome. Are people actually requesting these things?

    “If you could please thoroughly saturate the pulled pork with the barbecue sauce – I just want to make sure that the pulled pork is fully covered in barbecue sauce, as opposed to just putting unsauced meat on the bun and then some barbecue sauce on the top.”

    Like, what? Most delivery drivers I’ve spoken to would cancel on this person because if it wasn’t done precisely the way they want, they’d be more likely to take it out on the driver instead of the restaurant.

    I’m sure this report was meant to be more light-hearted than anything, but some of what they are putting in here is part of the problem. The customers will enter requests in the wrong spot and blame the driver for mistakes the restaurant made.

    Uber Knows How to Move People and Products. Next: Showing Up (AdWeek)

    Summary: Telling people to avoid its service during the pandemic, wear a mask and not be racist won Uber several Adweek Media Plan of the Year awards.

    But can the ride-hailing and courier service maintain that message and expand service while avoiding the #deleteUber debacles of its past?

    Uber CMO Thomas Ranese admits he was once among the company’s critics. But now, he’s the one explaining how Uber’s marketing will embrace the rideshare and delivery company’s new voice and identity….

    My Take: If you make it to the very end of the interview, there’s a bit of a tease about a possible rebrand of Uber Eats. Specifically this was said, “As we expand, Uber Eats may not be the brand that you think of when you think about diapers.”

    Which, to be honest, is weird to me. Uber Eats is not currently the brand I would think of when I think about diapers. So, hmmm. It is definitely making me think though. We’ll just have to see what they have in store with their Super Bowl ad this year and go from there.

    What kind of rebranding do you think Uber Eats is doing? What do you think they should be doing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

    -Paula @ RSG

    Paula Gibbins

    Paula Gibbins

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