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    Being in an enclosed car for 15+ minutes with passengers, with little air circulation, is a daunting prospect for Uber and Lyft drivers. We had senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins look into the PuraShield Mini, a tiny yet powerful air purifier that easily fits into your car and helps keep you safe while on the road.

    Now more than ever, we value clean air, especially in compact spaces. If you haven’t felt comfortable getting back out there and rideshare driving because of the pandemic, I’m with you.


    However, with the PuraShield Mini, my mind is starting to be put at ease. With this little device, I might just be OK with having strangers in my car on a regular basis again.

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    Note: Purashield is offering readers of The Rideshare Guy an exclusive discount. To receive 40% off your Purashield Mini, use promo code Rideshareguy40 at checkout.

    Why is it Important to Have an Air Purifier in Your Car?

    We all know that there’s a pandemic going on. Some people are taking it more seriously than others – which can be alarming if you’re a driver taking it seriously, dealing with passengers who are not. Beyond what’s recommended (like mask-wearing), let’s look at the science behind why having an air purifier in your car is a good idea right now.

    According to the latest research, COVID-19 is an airborne virus. Wiping down surfaces is great, but the virus has been shown to stay floating in the air on aerosol particles, which carry both viruses and bacteria.  That means you want a lot of fresh air flow to move particles that become airborne out of a vehicle.

    According to the CDC’s recommendation when ridesharing, “Improve the ventilation in the vehicle if possible — for example, by opening the windows or setting the air ventilation/air conditioning on non-recirculation mode.”

    In many areas of the U.S. in winter (or summer either), it’s not feasible to have the windows open. And no one enjoys having the window down when driving 70 mph on the freeway.

    Here are the CDC’s top recommendations for ridesharing:

    • Avoid riding with unmasked drivers or passengers
    • Avoid touching surfaces — including offered water bottles, magazines, etc.
    • Social distance — this is difficult in a vehicle, but if able, passengers should sit as far away from the driver as possible
    • Improve ventilation when possible (like with an air purifier!)
    • Practice hand hygiene — use hand sanitizer and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

    In order to help with the ventilation situation, consider an air purifier for your car, especially if you live in a part of the country that gets dangerously hot or cold throughout the year. Your passengers will appreciate the added measure.

    This is especially important considering, “It is unknown how long the air inside a room occupied by someone with confirmed COVID-19 remains potentially infectious,” according to the CDC. Having an air purifier won’t just help you while passengers are in the car, but also long after they’re gone.

    What is the PuraShield Mini?

    The PuraShield Mini is an air purifier made for small spaces, such as your vehicle. This sleek, small, and portable air purifier is designed to scrub the air inside vehicles. Its manufacturer has tested the technology and says it can remove more than 99.9% of aerosols that carry viruses.

    The PuraShield Mini uses a disposable 4-layer filter combined with UV light and completes 2 air changes per hour in an average-sized sedan. It is powered by USB to easily be used in vehicles.

    It is compact to fit almost anywhere in your vehicle:

    For more specs, check out the product bulletin.

    The regular cost of the PuraShield Mini is $99.99, although for a limited time only, PuraShield is running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on the Mini.

    If you are shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you will receive a 15% discount on top of the current Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale of 25% off (for a total of 40% off) using code RideshareGuy40.

    Reading this article after Black Friday or Cyber Monday? You can still get 40% off using the promo code: Rideshareguy40 when you use the link through our site: PuraShield Mini.

    The replacement filters are $29.99 and PuraShield recommends replacing them every 6 months. You can purchase them from the PuraShield website.

    Purafil, the company that produces the PuraShield Mini, has been producing these types of technically advanced products for 50 years for environments such as NASA laboratories, the Sistine Chapel, hospitals, and airports.

    I’m told that the company’s other new, compact system, which is designed to scrub the air in a room, has become very popular in places like cafes, medical waiting rooms, dentists’ offices, and classrooms. These folks have a lot of experience making air safer.

    What Are People Saying About the PuraShield Mini?

    There aren’t a ton of reviews out there for this product yet, but the reviews that are there are glowing. All are 5-stars with no complaints.

    On Amazon, 7 reviewers gave the PuraShield Mini 5 stars. One states in her review, “Quiet, and the science behind how the filter works is really compelling. This is the first time I’ve felt like I have protection during this pandemic. I want ALL Uber and Lyft cars to have this product in them, now that I know it’s available!”

    Another whose review was titled “This is a MUST have for Uber and Lyft Drivers” said:

    “I drive for both Uber and Lyft, I added this purifier to my car for both my protection and my passengers.

    It’s amazing the response I have been receiving from my passengers, the thanks is overwhelming – They truly appreciate the little extra to make them feel a bit safer during their rides.

    It’s super easy to install,(I have it on my headrest) – It’s quite and portable if you work in an office and put it on your desk .

    Absolutely a MUST have during these time”

    A Target reviewer also gave the PuraShield Mini 5 stars and said:

    “Loving this mini air purifier in my car. It has really been filtering the air in my car. I usually have food smells stuck in the car or the smoky smell after the California fires. But using this attached to the back of the headrest works great. It’s not loud on the fastest fan setting. The unit connects to a USB port if you have any in your car. The filter is easy to replace when it comes to that. Overall it’s a great air purifier and would recommend it to anyone that hates odd smells in your car.”

    Why Use an Air Purifier in Your Car?

    There are many reasons to consider having an air purifier for your car…more than just the current threat of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses and bacteria.

    Air purifiers can also help filter out unwanted smells such as smoke, perfume, food, etc. No one likes getting into a stinky car, especially if they are paying for a clean rideshare vehicle. And I know, as a driver, I hate when passengers reek of smoke as they get into my car. Having an air purifier helps eliminate those unwanted odors.

    The device is even designed to help with eliminating allergens from the air such as pollen and mold. The PuraShield Mini also claims to remove “toxic and damaging gaseous pollutants,” keeping the air in your car clean and breathable.


    As you know, many of us here at The Rideshare Guy have put a pause on rideshare driving. Some of us have switched to delivery, and some of us are pursuing our Plan Bs.

    Joe (who reviews products at the RSG YouTube channel) and I are in the process of testing out PuraShields in our vehicles, and honestly, this is the only thing that is making me feel safe enough to go out and drive again. In Minnesota, you can’t have the windows down in the winter, but with a PuraShield installed, I would feel much safer.

    As I mentioned at the beginning, I haven’t felt comfortable with driving during the pandemic. One reason is that I am part of the vulnerable population, and I would not enjoy being hospitalized if I were to contract coronavirus. With a PuraShield, not only would it keep the air purified, but it would also reduce smells and allergens.

    If I didn’t already have an air purifier for my living room, I’d consider getting this for my desk to help keep my indoor allergies in line, as well.

    Readers, what do you think of an air purifier like the PuraShield Mini? Is this something you would get for your car as a rideshare driver?

    Don’t forget to use code RideshareGuy40 to get 40% off your PuraShield Mini!

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    -Paula @ RSG

    Paula Gibbins

    Paula Gibbins

    Paula Gibbins, a graduate of Augustana University, Sioux Falls, is a part-time rideshare driver and a full-time proofreader. She is based in Minneapolis/St. Paul. In her free time, Paula enjoys reading, playing board games and participating in trivia nights.