Rideshare Mechanic Review – Is The Virtual Inspection Worth It?

Before you can even get on the road as a rideshare driver, you have to go through the potentially very time-consuming inspection process. In our Rideshare Mechanic Review, senior RSG contributor Jay Cradeur shares how he got an online inspection with Rideshare Mechanic – a great option, particularly if you live too far from an Uber or Lyft hub!

Rideshare Mechanic Review

Each year, drivers have to get their vehicles inspected if they intend to continue driving for Uber and/or Lyft. This is a requirement, and there is no way around it.  Without your vehicle passing the annual inspection, your Uber and Lyft app will not allow you to accept rides. Luckily, there are more options for getting inspections beyond the Uber and Lyft hubs.

One option is Rideshare Mechanic.  This service allows you to get an automobile inspection within a couple of hours without even leaving your home. While it is more expensive than driving down to the Uber or Lyft hub, it is convenient if you don’t want to leave home.

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Scheduling An Inspection with Rideshare Mechanic

On the home page, you start by clicking on the green button “Schedule An Inspection.”  This will take you to the next page:

Fill in your information and then click on “Submit.”

At this screen, you will select the day and time that works for you.  As you can see, you can book the same day, next day, and on the weekend.  As today is Thursday afternoon, I am booking my session for tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM.

The confirmation page shows my video inspection is at 6:45 AM in my time zone.  On this page, once you have verified everything is accurate, click on “Schedule Event.”

Rideshare Mechanic Cost

If you drive for both Uber and Lyft, as I do, then the total cost is $55. However, I don’t understand why you would need to pay for two. During the past three years, I have had my car inspected at Uber, then sent the approved inspection form off to Lyft.

My suggestion is to order one inspection form from the company with which you do the most driving, and then you can use that same form for the other company.

During my Rideshare Mechanic review I found out that any approved inspection form will fly with both Uber and Lyft.  I do not like this tactic of charging an extra $25 for a second form. One inspection is all that is needed and one signed and approved inspection form is all that is needed. Don’t waste your money on a second form.

Rideshare Mechanic Inspection

Now that I have gone through the process, I will admit the steps involved were not as easy as I had originally thought.  Let me break down all that goes into the Rideshare Mechanic review process.  A few hours before the scheduled inspection, I received a text with initial instructions:

Next, I was instructed to complete an online form:

Once this was done, I was sent an instruction sheet that provided further detailed tasks.   My job was now to take five videos and three photographs.  The videos are of you doing your own inspection of your car. The photographs confirm your car’s identification.

You will not be able to read the video instructions and take a video from one phone at the same time.  In my case, I had to take out my printer, plug it in, and print out the instructions.  If you have someone kind enough to assist you, that would be ideal.  Your assistant can read what is required in each video, and you can complete the tasks.

It was a bit challenging to be reading and making the video and measuring the tire depth all at the same time.  Regardless, with my penny, iPhone, flashlight, and task list, I ventured out into the garage at 6:45 AM and followed all the instructions. The entire process took about 30 minutes.

You will need to make a video of your car in motion.  To do this, I turned on the video on my Iphone and put it on the ground propped up against the flashlight so I could get the shot of the brake lights.

Again, an assistant would make the process much simpler, although it is not required.  Once you have your videos and photographs complete, you will upload them from your phone to a Dropbox account provided by Rideshare Mechanic.

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Update: April 2021 Inspection with Rideshare Mechanic

Scheduling and completing a Rideshare Mechanic inspection to drive for Uber and Lyft is now even easier – it only took Harry 15 minutes! Here’s what you need in order to complete the inspection process with Rideshare Mechanic via Zoom:

  1. Zoom downloaded on mobile device
  2. Your vehicle
  3. Your keys
  4. Smartphone (charged at 20%+)
  5. A penny (to measure tire tread)
  6. Your vehicle registration (to read VIN only)
  7. A way to prop up your phone or someone to help check brake lights
  8. Prior to start time, please be at your vehicle with all seat belts buckled, headlights and hazards on, keys, a penny and bluetooth off.

rideshare mechanic inspectionI Failed The Test!

Rideshare Mechanic failed me on the test because my tires do not show a deep enough groove.  Even though my tires are not even close to the tread wear bar, apparently Uber and Lyft require that half of Lincoln’s head on the penny go into the tire groove.

The good news here is that unless you pass your test with Rideshare Mechanic, you do not have to pay. Paying is dependent on passing the inspection, and getting an approved and signed inspection form.

Key Takeaways for Using Rideshare Mechanic

Here’s my overall findings from my Rideshare Mechanic review.

Driving to the Uber Hub from my home is a 30-minute drive. Round trip, that is an hour, plus about another half hour at the hub to get the inspection and paperwork. That is 90 minutes. My work with the Rideshare Mechanic took about 60 minutes in total.

Are 30 minutes worth $30 (or $55 if you opt to pay for both)? In my situation, it is not. I will drive to the Uber hub. I won’t have to make any videos, print forms, type answers to questions nor cram a penny into my tires.

The other thing about going to the Uber Hub, or Lyft Hub, is that I always learn something new.  I will chat it up with a few drivers, or the personnel at the hub will tell me something of interest.  I often pick up new trade dress as well.

However, if you are not close to a Hub and would have to drive, for example, over an hour each way, then the Rideshare Mechanic is a viable option. It will take some work, but you can get your car approved and a signed inspection form within a few hours and stay on the road.  Be safe out there.

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Readers, have you ever tried Rideshare Mechanic? Is this something you would try?

-Jay @ RSG