Uber Vehicle Inspection – What To Expect & Tips For Success

One of the potentially most time-consuming aspects of becoming an Uber driver is the vehicle inspection. You have to get the correct forms and information, take your car to be inspected, upload your documents and… wait. It can trip new Uber drivers up, so we had RSG contributor Chonce Maddox Rhea outline everything you need to know about your Uber vehicle inspection.

Uber vehicle inspection is mandatory and it’s even common that current Uber drivers will be asked to get an updated inspection each year.

I’ll show you where to get your inspection, including free options.

Uber vehicle inspection information
Uber vehicle inspection information

How does the Uber Vehicle Inspection work in 2019?

As of 2019, the Uber vehicle inspection is performed to ensure your vehicle meets the company’s requirement. If you drive for Lyft, you will still need to have your car inspected according to their terms as well.

The inspection will check to ensure certain features on your car work properly like your headlights, tail-lights, brakes and speedometer.

If your vehicle does not pass the inspection, you will not be approved to drive until you address the issues that came up during the process.

How much does an Uber vehicle inspection cost?

An Uber vehicle inspection is free so long as you get one at an Uber Greenlight Hub. Otherwise, you can get your vehicle inspected by an Uber partner like Jiffy Lube or Firestone. The cost for this may run you anywhere from $20 – $30.

If you prefer to go the free route, visit Uber’s Help page (make sure you’re signed in) to search for the nearest Greenlight Hub location in your area then make an appointment. You can also go to an Uber-approved mechanic for the inspection if there are no Greenlight Hubs or Uber partners near you. Uber provides you with an inspection form that you’ll need to bring with you.


Uber vehicle inspection requirements

Before you start preparing for your Uber vehicle inspection, make sure you meet the minimum requirements to drive in your area. You can review the basic requirements to drive here.

In short, you need to be at least 21 years old, have an in-state driver’s license, insurance, and a clean driving record. Uber’s background check will review the past 7 years of your driving record.

Uber Inspection Form

To learn more about what Uber will require during the Uber vehicle inspection, you can download and print out the Uber inspection form.

Uber Inspection Form

It’s best to check your car out and use the form prior to your scheduled inspection. This way, you can save time by determining whether your car is ready to pass or not.

Here’s what the Uber inspection form will look like when you download it.

Uber inspection form
Uber inspection form

What to expect during the Uber inspection

For the Uber vehicle inspection, you’ll need to share the year, make, and model of your car along with details like your VIN number and mileage. You will also need to perform different functions like:

  • Turning the headlights on and off
  • Using your signals
  • Honking the horn
  • Testing the brakes
  • Windshield wipers
  • Making sure the doors lock

The mechanic will also likely check to make sure your brakes pads are in good condition, your windshield doesn’t have any cracks, your tires have lots of tread, and your car has seat belts among other things.

Overall, the process can take 5-15 minutes. If you pass, you can be approved to drive on the app in as little as an hour. If you visit a Greenlight Hub, your form will automatically be uploaded to your driver profile. If you visit another Uber partner for the inspection, you will have to upload your completed form on your own.

What to do if your car doesn’t pass the Uber car inspection

Your Uber vehicle inspection usually won’t take long at all so you’ll find out whether you passed or failed rather quickly. If the mechanic tells you that you failed your inspection, they will provide a reason why.

If the reason is something small like one of your brake lights or headlights being out, you’ll have the option to go get it fixed the same day and return to the Greenlight center or mechanic shop to verify that the issue has been resolved.

If you are unable to fix it right away, you will have to schedule another time to come back and retake the vehicle inspection all over again. In that case, you’ll want to be proactive about getting your vehicle fixed and you can even ask the mechanic if they have any recommendations for you.

One good option if your car doesn’t pass the inspection is to rent a car with Fair. You can read more about how Fair works at our Fair app review article, but basically Fair is a rental car program for Uber drivers. For one weekly price, you get everything you need for a vehicle rental including:

  • Insurance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Routine maintenance
  • And more

Get started with Fair using our links below:

Uber vehicle inspection locations

Finding Uber vehicle inspection locations is easy because you have so many options. You can use the app to find the closest Greenlight Hub. Just go to help.uber.com to start your search and make sure you’re logged in.

My husband is an Uber driver and we live in the suburbs of Chicago and there are three Greenlight Hubs in the city.

Unfortunately, my husband has never actually gone to a Greenlight hub for his inspection since we’re about 45 minutes away and it would save time to just go to a Jiffy Lube down the street and pay $20.

However, I like how Uber also provides a list of approved vehicle location in your area to choose if you can’t make it to a Greenlight Hub.

Alternatives to the Uber vehicle inspection locations

If you can’t make it to a Greenlight Hub or an approved inspection location but still want to start driving ASAP, consider giving Rideshare Mechanic (affiliate link) a try.

Rideshare Mechanic allows you to submit a virtual rideshare vehicle inspection report so you can get approved and on the road in no time. Just schedule a date and time through the site and use your smartphone camera to record and submit the full 19-point vehicle inspection.

It’s free for new Uber drivers and $30 for one Lyft of Uber inspection. If you need a vehicle inspection performed for both Uber and Lyft, you can buy the bundle for $55. Rideshare Mechanic is pretty flexible as well since they are open from 9 am to 9 pm PST, 7 days per week.

Scheduling your Uber inspection

Be diligent about scheduling your Uber vehicle inspection and sticking to your appointment so you can start driving sooner. If you’re a brand new driver or have been driving for at least a year, you’ll likely need to get an inspection and without one, you can’t make money.

Schedule your appointment early in the day, especially if you’re going to a Greenlight Hub in order to avoid excessive wait times. Also, don’t forget to prepare by printing out and reviewing your form beforehand.

Once you pass, make sure your results reach Uber reps and get updated in the app so you can start accepting trips.

Uber car inspection tips

There are a few things to keep in mind for a smooth Uber car inspection.

1)If you’re visiting a Greenlight Hub, try to go during the day and preferably on a weekday.

2) You can always ask to get your paper inspection form back – I’ve heard of drivers getting those forms back and being able to use them with Lyft, but it definitely depends! Let me know in the comments if you’ve gotten your form back, and what city you’re in – you might be able to help other drivers out there.

3) Try to fill out your form ahead of time as much as possible – include your name, address, etc. before you get in line or while you’re waiting in line. This way, once the mechanics are done inspecting your car and filling out the form, you can just provide it to the Uber reps for them to scan and be on your way.

Any questions or comments about your Uber vehicle inspection? Let us know below.

-Chonce @ RSG

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