Lyft Vehicle Inspection & Lyft Inspection Form Information

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  • Lyft Vehicle Inspection

    Lyft makes the sign-up process pretty easy for most new drivers, but one area where you may get caught up is with your vehicle inspection. Now I got my first vehicle inspection a long time ago but recently I got an e-mail saying I needed to renew it.

    Lyft Inspection Form

    If you go to a designated Lyft inspection location, they should have inspection forms on hand, but if not here they are:

    If you’re looking for a  fast and convenient inspection, check out Rideshare Mechanic which offers rideshare inspections via video chat.

    How to Find Free Vehicle Inspections For Uber and Lyft Drivers
    Lyft Inspection Forms and Lyft Vehicle Inspections Near You

    I personally use a local auto shop that charges $20 for an inspection.  Now obviously that’s not a lot but if you’re a new driver or even an existing one who needs an inspection, Lyft offers free inspections in most major cities. Remember, you have to get an inspection on your vehicle annually!

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    Free Vehicle Inspections From Lyft

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    Lyft doesn’t offer free vehicle inspections but they should send you a link to local repair shops in your area where you can pay to get your car inspected. Here’s the link for Los Angeles for example. I’ve heard from some drivers that they were able to take their car in to a free Uber vehicle inspection site (see above) and have the mechanic fill out both Uber and Lyft inspection forms since the forms are nearly identical. Lyft has partnered with Pep Boys in some cities, so check with your local Pep Boys to see if they are offering discounts for Lyft vehicle inspections.

    Car Inspections At Your Home with Rideshare Mechanic

    Now, I actually just moved to Long Beach so none of these free inspection locations were nearby (Long Beach is technically in LA but it’s really in the middle of LA and OC and often gets left out) but Rideshare Mechanic is a mechanic service that I use to do the inspection via video chat.

    Drivers, have you got your Lyft vehicle inspection yet?  Please tell us about your experience in the comments below. -Harry @ RSG

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