RSG010: What Can We Learn From The Black Car Guy?

Today’s guest is someone you guys may already be familiar with and since so many of you enjoyed his posts I wanted to bring the Black Car Guy on to the podcast and talk some rideshare.  BCG as I like to call him started off as a taxi driver and has now become one the top paid and rated UberBlack/SUV drivers.  I know most of you aren’t Black/SUV and don’t have any intention of switching but I think there is still a lot that we can learn from the BCG.

Today’s podcast will cover a lot of interesting topics and if you’d like some more background on BCG before listening to this podcast, you can check out his first guest post here: From Low Paid Cab Driver To $10,000 A Month Uber Driver


BCG’s Story

  • Professional driver to salesman to taxi driver to Sidecar driver to UberX driver
  • Now an UberBlack/SUV driver
  • BCG’s mentor and how he found him
  • How BCG and I met

What To Do When Adversity Hits

  • Rate cuts really cut into BCG’s earnings as an UberX and Lyft driver
  • What it’s like to be a black car driver
  • Why business travelers are good for business
  • Not going to wait around for Uber and Lyft to make things better

Analyzing The Situation

  • Looking at industry wide trends
  • Sales background is a big help for entrepreneurs

Taking Your Game To The Next Level

  • Get up early and do some airport rides!
  • You can make a lot more doing longer rides
  • Drivers need to be able to adapt to their situation
  • Don’t get too comfortable
  • The industry is seeing radical and rapid change and you have to adapt as a driver

What Works and What Doesn’t Work?

  • Learning the flows of people
  • Working smarter, not harder
  • You have to be willing to do what other people aren’t willing to do

Working For Multiple TNC’s

Advice From BCG

  • How to boost your ratings
  • Be safe out there

Our Next Podcast Will Be Released Dec. 16

I’m definitely psyched to announce that our next podcast will be a dual release.  I’ll be a guest on John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire podcast and he will also be coming on my show to talk some rideshare.  So make sure you tune in on Dec. 16 or subscribe to our e-mail list and you’ll be notified when that podcast goes live!

Show Notes

  • Leave a review on iTunes and I’ll try and give you a shout-out on air!
  • Get an oil change from YourMechanic for $20 when you use the code ‘RSG15’
  • Serial podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig of This American Life fame
  • Startup podcast by Alex Bloomberg from Planet Money
  • A list of all of BCG’s articles (and podcast appearances too)
  • “There is a poetic randomness to how everything works” -BCG
  • “If you’re willing to be creative and try things, you’d be surprised what you can learn” -BCG
  • “A lot of what client service is, is what doesn’t happen.  A great ride is a non-eventful ride.” -BCG

What do you guys think of our interview with BCG?  How can BCG’s story inspire you or help you to become a better driver?

-The Rideshare Guy