RSG254: Curbivore Preview With Jonah Bliss

Join Harry as he speaks with Jonah Bliss as they discuss this year’s Curbivore Conference, a key conference held annually to discuss how the world can adapt to today’s immense need for delivery while sharing limited ‘curb space’ in Los Angeles.

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Quick Takeaways

  • The biggest change for the conference this year is that it’s held at a new venue in the hip Arts District in downtown Los Angeles near 7th Street in a warehouse where they are building out a stage and essential security
  • The venue will have a 25,000 square foot parking lot, be held indoors, have great sound, and most importantly, be protected from elements
  • Air Garage is providing the parking lot
  • The conference will be held the evening of March 28 and all day of March 29, 2024
  • So far, the event is 30% ahead of ticket sales from last year
  • Thursday is the opening reception, where attendees can network, eat, and talk, and is sponsored by CurbIQ
  • Mobility component on Thursday and retail opportunities
  • Friday kicks off with coffee and networking
  • Deputy Mayor Randall Winston starts the conference by discussing things needed for mobility delivery and how streets and transportation can help the changes businesses are seeing in LA
  • The opening panel includes Shin-Pei Tsay, Uber’s Global Head of Policy on how to move goods in a safer and cleaner way, Lauren Sweeney, head of Delivery Zero, a sustainable packaging company, and Chef Richard from Butcher’s Daughter, a veggie-friendly cuisine company
  • The conference focuses on how we can make delivery more sustainable from all accounts. It’s not just about delivery; it’s about all aspects of it, including cooking, bosses, suppliers, and delivery
  • The panel is very food focused panels, with top chefs and panels on the fleet of the future, including Starship and Waymo (giving rides without drivers)
  • Attendees will have hands-on views from all speakers, such as chefs serving their food and Waymo giving rides
  • Other speakers include Sam Polk, founder of Every Table; Laura Friedman, California State Rep; Jordan Justus, founder of Automus; and Gene Oh from Tranzito
  • The panels will focus on workers, loyalty, and drivers
  • There will be topics on safety and financial services as well as getting drivers, keeping them happy, and providing value
  • There will also be DoorDash speaking on a panel and a great delivery driver meet-up with big drivers on site, including four or five big Uber drivers from LA